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Coin collecting is the finding and studying of coins, paper money, tokens and medals, and indeed these are the most widely collected and studied numismatic materials.

Coin collecting is studied for many reasons, including their historical significance and artistic merits, as well as their role in commerce. When significant demand exists, they may obtain coin collecting value beyond their current monetary value.

What types of coins the coin collector wants to collect is entirely up to the collector. Sometimes collectors collect coins because of special interest or because of budget constraints.

Among the most popular types of coin collecting are world coin collecting (coins from several countries), rare coins, and coins of a particular country. Some specialization within these categories is ordinarily helpful. If coin collecting from a certain country, you can have one or more series, a type set, commemoratives, errors, die varieties, paper money, etc. You may also want to set bounds on the grades of coins you collect. At American Coin and Stamp Brokerage, Coin Collecting is our business. We will help you collect the coins you want to collect.

Coin Collecting By Series
The goal of a series coin collecting is to acquire one of each date and mintmark made, usually including any major design differences.

Coin Collecting By Type
Coin collecting types simply means that the collector strives to have one of each series and design variation within each series.

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