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The Origin Of The Postage Stamp.

Prior to the 1840's, couriers delivered all mail. There were no uniform stamp rates worldwide. In many countries payment was made on the honor system. A letter was placed in a pickup box with payment. Then when the collector of the post picked up the mail, he would either hand stamp the letter paid or writes the rate amount on the letter. In many instances the writing was illegible and even written in by the sender without making payment. In 1840, Sir Rowland Hill adopted a uniform stamp system in Great Britain. This system set a fixed rate for distances from one point to another. To insure the proper rate was paid an adhesive label with the appropriate value was placed on the letter. Thus the name Postage Stamp was born. The lettered stamp was then cancelled with a cork engraved device, showing the name of the town it was sent from thus showing the next receiving office that the proper rate was paid. This practice of affixing a stamp to a letter was adopted worldwide. Each county whom adopted the practice of placing a stamp on its letters joined the newly established Universal Postal Union (UPU). This gave the world a uniform, internationally recognized rate for stamped letters.

From its inception, the first stamp produced in Great Britain, had the likeness of Queen Victoria placed on it with the words "One Penny". They elected the color to be black. Then immediately following, a Two-Penny stamp in Blue with the Queens similar portrait was adopted. It became the practice in all countries to place the likeness of each country's monarch on its stamps. By the 1860's the stamp designs began to change. Propaganda entered the picture. Instead of the monarch's portrait on the stamp they started to put pictures of products that the country made, famous ships they built, or famous personages. They also placed dates on the stamp depicting when that country was first colonized or got its independence. The stamp was used to highlight the history and patriotism of that country for the entire world to see and admire.

Stamp collecting has become one of the premier hobbies in the world. Royalty and commoners alike collect stamps. Both the design and history of the stamp intrigues the collector and the hunt to complete a collection keeps them coming back for more.

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US Stamps

  • 6000 9X1 O XF stamp, Used, neat ACM red sign. cancel, fresh color, full 4 margins. 1300.00
  • 6001 10 O FINE, Used, very fresh color, neat black grid cancel, very pretty 100.00
  • 6002 14 O XF, Used, very fresh color, tiny part black cancellation, super.- 225.00
  • 6003 25,26a O FINE, Used, nice colors, 1 w/bold 5/10 part CDS, very attractive. 140.00
  • 6004 26 O FINE, Unused, lt. impression, 2 nice margins, always popular iss. 30.00
  • 6005 32 O FINE, Used, fresh color, perfs touch @ left, very lt. part cancel 275.00
  • 6006 33 O F/VF, Used, lt. green color, lt. part SF,CA cancel, very pretty.- 275.00
  • 6007 35 O XF, Used, rich green color, lt. part black cancel, sm thin, super 65.00
  • 6008 63 * FINE, OG, Hinged, slightly toned color, centered high, sm. thin.- 325.00
  • 6009 63 O VF, Used, deep fresh color, lt. part blk. circular cancel, pretty 32.50
  • 6010 63 O FINE, Used, decent color, lt. part black CDS, perfs touch at top. 32.50
  • 6011 63 O AVE/FINE, Used, OK color, lt. part black CDS, perfs cut at left.- 32.50
  • 6012 68 O VF, Used, rich color, very lt. part black cancel, well centered.- 50.00

Foreign Stamps

  • 7270 THAILAND 121-123 O F/VF, Used, high values of the set, lt. cancels.---- 182.50
  • 7275 TRISTAN Da CUNHA J1-J5 * F/VF, OG, Hinged, complete set, fresh colors.-- 20.25
  • 7280 TURKEY 875-894 * VF, OG, Hinged, complete set, on a looseleft page.-- 29.90
  • 7285 VATICAN CITY 46 * XF, OG, NH, top value of set, lt. gum edge toning.--150.00
  • 7290 VIETNAM,N. 32-34 * VF, Unused, NG, fresh colors, large margins, pretty. 85.00
  • 7295 WURTTEMBURG 39A O VF, Used, rich color, lt. SON cancel, small tear.--- 47.50
  • 7296 WURTTEMBURG 50-51 O VF/XF, Used, short set, lt. cancels, #51 w/sm. tear. 53.50
  • 7300 YUGOSLAVIA 214 * VF/XF, OG, NH, full mint sheet of 100 stamps, nice.- 90.00
  • 7256 SWITZERLAND B12-B14,B15-B17 * VF/XF, OG, LH/Hinged, #B16 w/thin, popular 19.75

Coins and Stamps Large Lot

  • 8500 US Stamp Collection, 1929-1995, in a nice Scott national album, all stamps are
    Used, a decent beginner collection, should prove popular, nice.----- 275.25
  • 8501 US Stamp Collection, 1993-1996 all are XF, OG, NH, includes 23 full panes & 7
    SS's, some dups, some in orig. wrappers, includes Legends of Music,
    Space, M.Monroe, James Dean, Olympics, 1st Moon Landing, 144.81 face 320.10
  • 8502 US Stamp Collection, 8 diff. panes of 15-35 stamps each, all are VF, OG, NH,
    includes 2637-41,3000,3068,3142,3143-46,3151,3152, face is $51.75.-- 93.00
  • 8503 US Stamped Envelopes, Wrappers & Postcard Collection, all are Airmails
    or Officials, MINT & entires, w/dups, 61 pieces in all, clean lot.-- 91.90
  • 8504 US Postcard Collection, 1962-1989, all are MINT, 182 postal cards, in-
    cludes UX48(12), UX55(5), UX112(15), UX113(24), UX114(50), UX127(25)
    UX128(25), UX130(25), & UXC8(1), all are fresh, a decent grouping.-- 117.15
  • 8510 USPS Souvenir stamp pages, 1972-1985, FDC, lot of 26 panels, few dups, Airmail 188.50
  • 8511 USPS Souvenir pages, #1453, 3/1/1972, FDC, Yellowstone Park iss, scarce. 100.00
  • 8512 USPS Souvenir stamp pages, #1455, 3/18/1972, FDC, Family Planning iss, scarce. 750.00
  • 8513 USPS Souvenir stamp pages, #1448-1451, 4/5/1972, FDC, Cape Hatteras blk. of 4. 85.00
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