World Coins

4083Afghanistan 500 Afghanis 1996, BU, CN, KM#1030, World Food Summit, Gate of Zafar.18.00img1, img2
4084Alderney 5 Pounds 19956, MS65, CN crown, KM#14, Queen Mother with children, pale yellow edge tones.31.00img1, img2
4085Angola 2 Macutas 1785, VF30, BN, copper, KM#51.2, counter mark EF, choice dark brown, huge.160.00
4086Argentina-Buenos Aires 1 Real 1840, AU50, copper, KM#7, crude strike, scarcer in higher grades.145.00img1, img2
4087Argentina 2 Centavos 1890, AU58, BN, bronze, KM#33, drk chc brn,lustrous,scarce high grade.115.00img1, img2
4088Australia ½ Penny 1930 (m), EF45, bronze, KM#22, even orig brn toning, key date! Scarce.250.00img1, img2
4089Australia 1 Penny 1922 (p), AU50, BN, NGC, copper, KM#23, chocolate brown, scarce high grade.360.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4090Australia 1 Penny 1931 (m), AU50, BN, NGC, copper, KM#23, chocolate, key date, 494k mintage.750.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4091Australia 1 Penny 1941 (p), AU55, BN, NGC, copper, KM#23, K.G, lustrous chocolate brown.475.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4092Australia 1 Penny 1941 (m), MS62, BN, NGC, copper, KM#36, chocolate, scarce high grade.275.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4093Australia 1 Sovereign 1866, EF40, GOLD, KM#4, Victoria, lustrous legend, tougher type.625.00img1, img2
4094Australia 1 Sovereign 1902 P, AU55, GOLD, KM#15, Edward VII, scarce first year, choice.475.00img1, img2
4095Australia 1 Sovereign 1905 P, EF40, GOLD, KM#15, Edward VII, lt lustrous legends, better mint.400.00img1, img2
4096Australia 1 Sovereign 1911 m, AU55, GOLD, KM#29, George V, first year, lustrous choice.450.00img1, img2
4097Australia 50¢ 1970, BU, CN, KM#69, blue hues at rim, Captain Cook & map.19.00img1, img2, img3
4098Australia $10 1985, MS67, silver, KM#85, original holder and box with COA, very pretty.50.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4099Australia $10 1989, MS66, silver, KM#114, original folder and sleeve, 49K minted great pick.52.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4100Australia $10 1990, MS66, silver, KM#137, in original packaging, brilliant, choice quality.45.00img1, img2, img3
4101Australia $10 1991, MS67, silver, KM#153, brilliant, original packaging, 27K minted, choice.50.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4102Austria-Olmutz 20 Kreuzer 1820, AU58, NGC, silver, KM#490, Rudolph Johann Bishopric, 1 YR Type.480.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4103Austria 2 Kreuzer 1848 A, MS61, BN, copper, KM#2188, lustrous beautiful surfaces evn tn.120.00img1, img2
4104Austria 6 Kreuzer 1686, VF20, silver, KM#1322, clipped edge; medium grey, choice.320.00img1, img2
4105Austria 1 Kronenthaler 1788 B, VF20, silver, KM#32, colorful hues, full sharp legend, good detail.145.00img1, img2
4106Austria 1 Thaler 1652 (c), F15, NGC, silver crown, KM#977, lt orig golden grey hue, nice.580.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4107Austria 1 Florin 1872, EF40, silver, KM#2222, bright, light original golden grey toning, nice.96.00img1, img2
4108Belgium 5 Francs 1873, EF40, silver, KM#24, pretty gldn tone, a bit baggy, luster remains.45.00img1, img2
4109Bermuda $25 1975 FM(U), BU, CN, KM#23, orig red card, specimen, brilliant, 1193 minted.95.00img1, img2
4110Bolivia 2 Reales 1775 PTSJR, F12, silver, KM#53, even,pretty med orig tn,Unknown Mintage!.150.00img1, img2
4111Bolivia 4 Soles 1858, VF35, silver, KM#123.2, olive golden grey, scarce higher grade.100.00img1, img2
4112Bolivia 50 Centavos 1899 PTSMM, MS62, NGC, silver, KM#161.5, old holder, BU lightly toned.160.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4113Bolivia 50 Centavos 1900 PTSMM, MS64, NGC, silver, KM#161.5, old holder, blast white gem.200.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4114Bolivia 50 Centavos 1906 PTSAB, MS61, NGC, silver, KM#175.1, old holder, blast white gem.130.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4115Bosnia-Herzegovina 500 Dinara 1994, MS65, PL, CN crown, KM#20, Eohippus.30.00img1, img2
4116Bosnia-Herzegovina 500 Dinara 1994, MS65, PL, CN crown, KM#23, Gray Wolf.30.00img1, img2
4117Bosnia-Herzegovina 500 Dinara 1994, MS65, PL, CN crown, KM#24, Black Bear with cub.30.00img1, img2
4118Bosnia-Herzegovina 500 Dinara 1997, MS65, PL, CN crown, KM#95, Tyrannosaurus Rex.36.00img1, img2
4119Brazil 40 Reis 1829 R, EF40, copper, KM#436.1, COUNTERMARK, nice rddish brn, choice.225.00img1, img2
4120Brazil 40 Reis 1762(1809), F15, bronze, KM#189?, Bahia, counterstmpd 1 yr type,crude issue.60.00img1, img2
4121Brazil 40 Reis 1778(1809), F15, bronze, KM#203?, Lisbon, counterstamped 3yr type,183k mntd.75.00img1, img2
4122Brazil 40 Reis 1781(1809), VF25, bronze, KM#203?, Lisbon, countrstmpd 3yr type, 92k mntd.125.00img1, img2
4123Brazil 60 Reis (1643), EF40, ANACS, silver, KM#1, Countermarked Coinage (Type I) Rare.550.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4124Brazil 640 Reis (1679), VF35, ANACS, silver, KM#53, Sea Salvage, Countermarked (Type VI) Rare.875.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4125Bulgaria 1 Grosh (1331-71), F12, silver, Ivan Alexander & Mikhail Asen, weak strike,lt tn.90.00img1, img2
4126Cambodia 4 Riels (1988), MS65, copper crown, KM#75, Standing, William Tell and his son.24.00img1, img2
4127Canada 1¢ 1859/8, AU58, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#1, Wide 9, very tough in higher grade, lustrous dark chocolate brown, affordable & popular key variety.650.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4128Canada 1¢ 1897, AU58, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#7, lustrous, looks UNC+, violet steel blue, CH.160.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4129Canada 1¢ 1899, AU55, bronze, KM#7, extreme mottled toning, even lustrous brown, RP9-1.110.00img1, img2
4130Canada 1¢ 1900, AU53, ICG, bronze, KM#7, we grade AU55; dark choc brown with luster.125.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4131Canada 1¢ 1907, MS62, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#8, even lustrous brown, sparse orig red glimmers.180.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4132Canada 1¢ 1908, UNC, BN, copper, KM#8, mahogany,very lt mint red peaks throughout, choice.115.00img1, img2
4133Canada 1¢ 1908, MS64, BN, ICG, bronze, KM#15, rare high grade,lustrous mint red striation.250.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4134Canada 1¢ 1911, MS64, BN, ICG, bronze, KM#15, scarce solid high grade,lustrous mnt rd edges.170.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4135Canada 1¢ 1918, MS63, BN, ICG, bronze, KM#21, solid grade, lustrous beauty.75.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4136Canada 1¢ 1924, MS62, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#28, semi key date, scarce in higher grades.450.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4137Canada 5¢ 1896, MS63, NGC, silver, KM#2, mottled dark violet pink blue toning.450.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4138Canada 5¢ 1906, AU55, NGC, silver, KM#13, choice PQ, violet edge toned beauty.140.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4139Canada 5¢ 1933, EF45, ICG, nickel, KM#29, light/med grey tone, extremey light gold hues.75.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4140Canada 5¢ 1934, AU58, ICG, nickel, KM#29, light grey tone, almost no tone, solid grade.140.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4141Canada 25¢ 1899, AU58, NGC, silver, KM#5, lustrous, true 58, choice light golden toning.550.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4142Canada 25¢ 2006, PR68, nickel plated Steel, KM#632, QE 80th birth, orig Card still sealed.35.00
4143Canada 50¢ 2004, PR69, UCAM, NGC, silver, KM#606, no hologram, gold plated,15,281 minted.80.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4144Canada $1 1952, MS62, PL, silver, KM#46, brilliant, blast white, short water lines variety.170.00img1, img2
4145Canada $1 2005, PR69, UCAM, NGC, silver, KM#549b, Colorized National Flag,4,898 Mntd!RARE.350.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4146Canada $1 2006, PR69, UCAM, NGC, silver, KM#583a, Victoria Cross Gilt, 53,822 minted,RARE.100.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4147Canada $5 2005, PR69, SF, NGC, silver, KM#556.1, 60th Ann.WWII-Verterans,25K mintd!Scarce.125.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4148Canada $5 2006, PR69, UCAM, NGC, silver, KM#658, Breat Cancer Awareness, colorized pink ribbon, 11,048 minted.150.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4149Canada $8 2005, PR67, UCAM, NGC, silver, KM#598, partcial gilt,Chinese Memorial,9892 Mntd.105.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4150Cayman Islands $25 1972, BU, silver, KM#9, 25th wedding ann. Queen Elizabeth/Prince Philip, orig red card.100.00img1, img2
4151Cayman Islands $25 1978, PR69, silver, KM#36, 25th Wed Ann, orig. plastic, Ampulla, 5000 minted.120.00img1, img2
4152Cayman Islands $25 1978, PR69, silver, KM#37, 25th Wed Ann, orig. plastic, Royal orb, 5000 minted.120.00img1, img2
4153Cayman Islands $25 1978, PR69, silver, KM#38, 25th Wed Ann, orig. plastic, Edward's crown, 5000 minted.120.00img1, img2
4154Cayman Islands $25 1978, PR69, silver, KM#39, 25th Wed Ann, orig. plastic, Coronation chair, 5000 minted.120.00img1, img2
4155Cayman Islands $25 1978, PR69, silver, KM#40, 25th Wed Ann, orig. plastic, Royal sceptre, 5000 minted.120.00img1, img2
4156Cayman Islands $25 1978, PR69, silver, KM#41, 25th Wed Ann, orig. plastic, spoon, 5000 minted.120.00img1, img2
4157Central American Republic 8 Reales 1846/2 NGAE, MS61, PCGS, silver, KM#4, Guatemala City, double error, ultra choice gem PL.1600.00
4158Ceylon 1 Massa (1273-84), VF30, copper, Mtch#851-52, BhuvanaikaBahu, verd, corrosion.65.00img1, img2
4159Chile 1 Peso 1876, AU58, silver, KM#142.1, bright & lustrous, pretty.100.00img1, img2
4160China-Kansu 100 Cash 15(1926), F12, copper, Y#409, mult rim hits,sm digs/scratches, dk tn.65.00img1, img2
4161China-Yunnan 20 Cash 38(1949), EF40 Details, ANACS, silver, Y#493, Corroded, scarcer issue.240.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4162China $1 10 (1921), VF35, silver, Y#329.6, hairlines, mottled grey toning, looks EF.95.00img1, img2
4163China 2¢ 29(1940), MS63, ANACS, brass, Y#358, claims to higher grade, bright gem.90.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4164Colombia 1 Escudo 1823 FM, AU53, PCGS, GOLD, KM#81.2, Popayan, scarce condition, choice.485.00
4165Colombia 1 Escudo 1826 FM, EF45, PCGS, GOLD, KM#81.2, Popayan, scarce condition, choice.350.00
4166Congo, Peoples Republic 100 Francs 1992, MS65, copper crown, KM#22, Congolese peacock, Protection of Nature.60.00img1, img2
4167Congo, Peoples Republic 100 Francs 1993, MS65, copper crown, KM#20, Four elephant, tusks below.55.00img1, img2
4168Crusader-Antioch 1 Denier (1163-1201), F15, billon, Mal#50a, Bohemund III, obv: helm hd rt btwn crescent & star, annulet chain mail, rev: cross, crescent in second angle, rare.325.00img1, img2
4169Crusader-Antioch 1 Denier (1163-1201), F15, billon, Mal#66e, Bohemund III, obv: helm hd rt btwn crescent & star, rev: cross, crescent in second angle, Os w/pellets, v lt porosity.195.00img1, img2
4170Crusader-Rhodes 1 Denier (1319-60), VF20, billon, Malloy#9, Anonymous, wk edge, scarce.215.00img1, img2
4171Crusader 1 Dirham c.1200s, VF20, silver, imitation of Ayyubid dirham of Aleppo, wk strike.240.00img1, img2
4172Cuba 1 Peso 1989, MS65, copper crown, KM#396, Armored figure on rearing horse right, Red.40.00img1, img2
4173Cuba 1 Peso 1989, MS65, copper crown, KM#436, Alexander von Humboldt & Condors, Red.40.00img1, img2
4174Cuba 1 Peso 1992, MS65, copper crown, KM#437, 25th Anniversary - Death of Ernesto Che Guevara.60.00img1, img2
4175Cuba 1 Peso 1993, MS65, copper crown, KM#397.2, 40th Ann. Attack on Moncada by revolutionaries, Fidel Castro on July 26, 1953.60.00img1, img2
4176Cuba 1 Peso 1993, MS65, copper crown, KM#509, Abraham Lincoln, map of United States.40.00img1, img2
4177Danish West Indies 1¢ 1913 (h), EF40, bronze, KM#83, even orig brn,few scatches,key date!.55.00img1, img2
4178Danzig 10 Pfennig 1920, MS61, NGC, zinc, KM#Tn1, Poland, Free City, scarce grade.300.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4179Denmark 1 Skilling 1771, VF20, copper, KM#616.1, dark even choc brwn, some porosity, nice.120.00img1, img2
4180Denmark 1 Skilling 1771, VF20, copper, KM#616.1, light brn with darker brn toning spots.155.00img1, img2
4181Denmark 2 Skilling 1715 CW, VF20, silver, KM#502, dark toning, rare.275.00img1, img2
4182Denmark 4 Skilling 1630, VF20, silver, KM#121, Christain IV, dark tn,wavy planchet,scarce.440.00img1, img2
4183Denmark 8 Skilling 1695 (c), F15, silver, KM#465, Dei Gra, dark tone, irreg planchet.275.00img1, img2
4184Denmark 1 Ore 1879 (h)CS, F15, bronze, KM#792.1, drk brn, slight por hints og lt brn.68.00img1, img2
4185Denmark 1 Ore 1888 (h)CS, EF40, bronze, KM#792.1, even light brown.120.00img1, img2
4186Denmark 5 Ore 1882 (h)CS, EF40, RB, bronze, KM#794.1, cleaned, some light tone.171.00img1, img2
4187Denmark 2 Kroner 1906 (h)VBP;GJ, MS61, silver, KM#803, darker edge tn, gldn hue,very nice.148.00img1, img2
4188Denmark 5 Kroner 1964 (h)CS, MS63, silver, KM#852, Silver Wedding Anniversary, bright.80.00img1, img2
4189Dominican Republic 1 Peso 1939 (p), AU Details, NGC, silver, KM#22, ligtly toned, scarce.600.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4190Dominican Republic 1 Peso 1952, MS63, silver, KM#22, tons of mint luster,lt orig tn,gem.115.00img1, img2
4191Dominican Republic 1 Peso 1955, AU50, silver crown, KM#23, fantastic org gldn tn,lustrous.60.00img1, img2
4192Dominican Republic 1 Peso 1963, MS63, silver crown, KM#30, brght,tons luster,lt gldn hue.60.00img1, img2
4193Ecuador 1 Sucre 1884 HEATON, AU55, silver, KM#53.1, mottled gold pink tone, high detail.180.00img1, img2
4194Ecuador 1 Sucre 1897 LIMATF, AU55, silver, KM#53.3, bright, light golden grey, nice.110.00img1, img2
4195Ecuador 1 Sucre 1944 Mo, AU58, silver, KM#79, bright, light grey, few contact marks.65.00img1, img2
4196Eritrea $1 1995, BU, CN, KM#28, Dhow, camel and palm tree, Lions.28.00img1, img2
4197Finland 10 Pennia 1912, AU50, ANACS, bronze, KM#14, brown hue, a key date.140.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4198France-Aquitaine 1 Hardi dArgent (1377-99), VF25, NGC, silver, Roberts#6834, Anglo-Gallic, Richard II, orig golden grey hue, rare British-French issue.750.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4199France-Burgundy 1 Denier (1162-93), VF25, billon, Hugh III, weak edge, orig grey toning.120.00img1, img2
4200France-Carolingian 1 Denier 840-52, EF40, NGC, silver, Roberts#1872, Pepin II, Melle.795.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4201France-Maguelonne 1 Denier (11th-13th C), VF20, silver, Rob#4336, rough edge, grey tn.50.00img1, img2
4202France-Melle 1 Denier 11-13thC, VF30, silver, Roberts#3862, CARLVS REX R, MET / ALO, rare.285.00img1, img2
4203France-Metz 1 Denier (1047-72), F15, NGC, silver, Rob#8902, Bishopric, Adalbert III, typically crude with a weak, flat strike, even darker grey toning, rare.320.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4204France-Provence 1 Denier (1148-1249), EF45, NGC, silver, Rob#4355, Raymond V-VII, some strong gold toning, good example of a crudely struck coin, scarce in higher grades.425.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4205France-Roman Senate 1 Obol 12-13thC, F12, silver, Roberts#4734, imitation of Champagne coin, clipped edges, dark toning.265.00img1, img2
4206France-Strasbourg 1 Denier 14-16th C, VF30, silver, Rob#9052, uniface bracteat, plan flw.115.00img1, img2
4207France-Strasbourg 1 Denier 14-16th C, F12, silver, Rob#9064, uniface bracteat, gold hue.100.00img1, img2
4208France-Vienne 1 Denier 12-14th C, F15, silver, Roberts#5045v, crude, tiny verd spot.100.00img1, img2
4209France 1 Guenar (1380-1422)ND, VF20, silver, Rob#2982, Charles VI, colorful hues, pretty.250.00img1, img2
4210France 1 Guenar 1380-1422, VG8, silver, Rob#2982, Chas VI, stronger legend, some clipping.160.00img1, img2
4211France 1 Double Parisis 1322-28, F15, silver, Rob#2664, Charles IV, clip, few sm corr spot.145.00img1, img2
4212France 1 Gros Tournois (1285-1314), VF30, silver, Roberts#2461, Round O, Philip IV, original even grey tone, slightly clipped edge, some orange verdigris on rev, nice.275.00img1, img2
4213France Double Tournois 1589, VG10, copper, Henry III, light brown, uncommon.95.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4214France 1 Sol Parisis 1584, F12, silver, Rob#3583, Henry III, doublestruck.145.00img1, img2
4215France 5 Sols 1792, EF45, bronze, KM#Tn31, Token Issue Choice Grade Choclate Tone.150.00img1, img2
4216France 1 Franc 1993, PR67, DCAM, silver, KM#1014, 150K minted, Normandy Invasion,orig box.100.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4217France 5 Francs 1848 A, AU50, silver, KM#749.1, bright, a bit scratchy.155.00img1, img2
4218France 5 Francs 1868 BB, EF45, silver, KM#799.2, luster remains, lt orignal tn, pretty.140.00img1, img2
4219France 5 Francs 1871 K, F12, silver, KM#820.2, gold hue w/some grey toning, tiny rim ding.100.00img1, img2
4220France 5 Francs 1873 A, EF45, silver, KM#820.1, rich original toning,some edge dings,nice.45.00img1, img2
4221France 5 Francs 1873 A, EF40, silver crown, KM#820.1, darker golden gry original toning.50.00img1, img2
4222France 5 Francs 1877 A, UNC, silver, KM#820.1, bright, a little scratchy.115.00img1, img2
4223French Indochina 1 Paistre 1900 A, EF45, silver, KM#5a.1, bright, lt tn, popular type.170.00img1, img2
4224French Indochina 1 Paistre 1900 A, EF40, silver, KM5a.1, brght,ltly cleaned,slight toning.150.00img1, img2
4225Germany-Baden 1 Albus 1625, F12, silver, KM#5, red w/yllw gldn hues;pretty w/full details.480.00img1, img2
4226Germany-Baden 12 Kreuzer 1747, VF20, silver, KM#92, dark grey; pastel hues throughout, very pretty.250.00img1, img2
4227Germany-Bamberg 1 Kreuzer 1786, VF30, billon, KM#142, Franz Ludwig, drk gldn gry, choice.125.00img1, img2
4228Germany-Bamberg 4 Kreuzer 1630 F, F12, silver, KM#23, St. Heinrich; Legend completely readable; nice.120.00img1, img2
4229Germany-Bavaria 15 Kreuzer 1717, VF30, silver, KM#384, rolled, light gold grey tn, nice.225.00img1, img2
4230Germany-Bavaria 20 Kreuzer 1778, F15, silver, KM#557.2, almost a VF; orig. golden grey, madonna & child.170.00img1, img2
4231Germany-Bavaria 1 Thaler 1774 A, AU58, PCGS, silver, KM#519.1, Maximilian III, Josef, lightly toned, very scarce condition, ultra choice.525.00
4232Germany-Bavaria 5 Marks 1903 D, VF20, silver crown, KM#274, some pastel hue,lt org toning.90.00img1, img2
4233Germany-Brunswick-Lune-Celle 1/8 Thaler 1646, F12, silver, KM#172.1, medium grey, straight bust variety, nice.220.00img1, img2
4234Germany-Brunswick-Wolfen 1 Flitter (1621), F15, copper, KM#242, crumbling edge, rare.100.00img1, img2
4235Germany-Brunswick-Wolfen 3 Flitter 1622, F12, copper, KM#335, crumbling edge, rare.60.00img1, img2
4236Germany-Brunswick-Wolfen 2 Mariengroschen 1633, VF25, silver, KM#264, even light gldn gry.100.00img1, img2
4237Germany-Frankfurt Am Main 1 Kreuzer 1773 B.N., VF30, billon, KM#253, rough obv edge, grey.95.00img1, img2
4238Germany-Frankfurt Am Main 6 Kreuzer 1854, UNC, silver, KM#350, fully lustrous, central toning.110.00img1, img2
4239Germany-Fulda 1 Groschen 1724, VF25, silver, KM#51, orange & violet hues, 1 yr type, scarce german state.180.00img1, img2
4240Germany-Fulda 3 Pfennig 154Z, F15, silver, MB#15, slightly off center, dark toning.85.00img1, img2
4241Germany-Hamburg 4 Schilling 1725 IHL, F15, silver, KM#359.1, orig grey golden,nice choice.70.00img1, img2
4242Germany-Henneberg 1 Dreier 1661, F12, silver, KM#31, Partition of Henneberg / Wilhelm IV, even medium grey.125.00img1, img2
4243Germany-Hesse-Cassel 8 Heller 1733, F15, silver, KM#416, soft edges, golden with some violet, nice, scarce.70.00img1, img2
4244Germany-Lippe-Detmold 1 Mattier 1769, VF20, billon, KM#196, light orig folden grey toning.50.00img1, img2
4245Germany-Prussia 1 Thaler 1829 D, EF40, silver, KM#419, ecru green, dark gray toning.150.00img1, img2
4246Germany-Prussia 1 Groschen 1530, F15, silver, Saur#5665, Sigismund I of Poland, grey tone.195.00img1, img2
4247Germany-Prussia 1 Groschen 1541, EF45, NGC, silver, Saur#5075?, Albrecht v. Brandenburg, scarce.300.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4248Germany-Prussia 3 Marks 1907 A, EF45, silver, KM#523, med org gry,pastel edge,lt polished.100.00img1, img2
4249Germany-Prussia 3 Marks 1911 A, MS65, NGC, silver, KM#531, Breslau University golden toning,.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4250Germany-Prussia 3 Marks 1913 A, BU, silver, KM#535, bright, sm scratch in field, nice.65.00img1, img2
4251Germany-Prussia 5 Marks 1901 A, EF45, silver, KM#526, pretty,rich orginal toning,vry nice.135.00img1, img2
4252Germany-Regensburg 1 Hand Heller 1748, AU50, copper, KM#237, crimped edge, uniface.110.00img1, img2, img3
4253Germany-Regensburg 1 Kreuzer 1732 IMF, VF20, billon, KM#228, low mintage, grey tone.85.00img1, img2
4254Germany-Saxe-Weim-Eisen 3 Pfennig 1758 FS, F15, billon, KM#86.1, silvery grey, uncommon.75.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4255Germany-Saxony 1 Thaler 1850 F, EF40, silver, KM#1175, light grey, almost pink tone.125.00img1, img2
4256Germany-Schles-Holst-Gott 1/16 Thaler (1)6Z8, F15, silver, KM#69, wk at dt, golden grey.85.00img1, img2
4257Germany-Schles-Holstein 60 Schilling 1808 MF, EF40, silver, KM#138.1, tiny dig, lt tn.425.00img1, img2, img3
4258Germany-Schweidnitz ½ Groschen 1518-26, F15, silver, Saur#214-22, date filed off, scarce.75.00img1, img2
4259Germany-Stolberg-Stolberg 1/3 Thaler 1718, EF45, silver crown, KM#149, colorful hues, rim rub @ 12 obv&rev, scarce denom.250.00img1, img2
4260Germany-Wurttemberg ½ Gulden 1844, F15, silver, KM#573, golden grey, a little scratchy.206.00img1, img2
4261Germany-Wurzburg 1/28 Thaler 1644, F15, silver, KM#130, light toning, weak spots, scarce.160.00img1, img2
4262Germany 1 Mark 1899 E, AU50, silver, KM#14, bright,pale golden toning,mint luster remains.210.00img1, img2
4263Germany 1 Mark 1910 J, UNC, silver, KM#14, deep blue violet grey hues, scarce mint.350.00img1, img2
4264Germany 3 Marks 1922 A, MS65, alum, KM#29, gorgeous choice,dripping w/ luster,spectauclar.40.00img1, img2
4265Germany 3 Marks 1922 A, MS63, alum, KM#29, brilliant,die crack reverse, lt orig tn,choice.45.00img1, img2
4266Germany 5 Reichsmark 1925 G, EF45, silver, KM#47, cleaned but attractive golden grey.425.00img1, img2
4267Germany 5 Reichsmark 1927 F, AU58, NGC, silver, KM#55, University of Tübingen, toned.750.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4268Germany 5 Marks 1927 D, AU55, silver crown, KM#56, Weimar Republic, eagle & oaktree, lustrous golden grey.500.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4269Great Britain 1 Farthing 1722, VF25, copper, KM#556, even brown, getting scarce, very choice.180.00img1, img2
4270Great Britain 1 Farthing 1821, AU55, copper, KM#677, Dot After Date, sm x graf in rev fld.200.00img1, img2
4271Great Britain 1 Farthing 1903, MS65, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#792, Blackend at Mint, Ultra Gem.375.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4272Great Britain ½ Penny 1723, F15, copper, KM#558, even med brown tn, cpl lt rev scratches.250.00img1, img2
4273Great Britain ½ Penny 1826, EF40, copper, KM#692, George IV, choc tn rev striated toning.225.00img1, img2
4274Great Britain ½ Penny 1853, AU58, copper, KM#726, chocolate Tone sml rev planchet flaw.225.00img1, img2
4275Great Britain ½ Penny 1855, AU58, copper, KM#726, chocolate tone beautiful surfaces CH.225.00img1, img2
4276Great Britain ½ Penny 1857, MS61, copper, KM#726, lustrous frosty light blue hues CH.300.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4277Great Britain ½ Penny 1859, MS60, copper, KM#726, lustrous evn tn Rev die clash beautiful.300.00img1, img2
4278Great Britain ½ Penny 1884 BN, AU50, copper, KM#754, beautiful peaks of mint red choice.175.00img1, img2
4279Great Britain ½ Penny 1891 BN, MS64, copper, KM#754, lustrous peaks mint red CH, rev scr.300.00img1, img2
4280Great Britain ½ Penny 1893 BN, MS63, copper, KM#754, lustrous peaks mint red CH, rev scr.265.00img1, img2
4281Great Britain 1 Penny (1199-1216), VF20, silver, Spink#1351, King John, moneyer: Ilger, mint: London, weak strike, slightly off center, orig grey toning.335.00img1, img2
4282Great Britain 1 Penny (1302-10), VF20, silver, Spink#1419, Edward I, 'EDWARR' variety, sm corr spot on rev.150.00img1, img2
4283Great Britain 1 Penny 1846, AU58, copper, KM#739, very CH example exceptional surfaces.280.00
4284Great Britain 1 Penny 1855, MS63, BN, NGC, copper, KM#739, Ornamental Trident, frosty choice.700.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4285Great Britain 1 Penny 1863, AU58, copper, KM#749.2, deep chocolate toning Sharp Detail CH.275.00img1, img2
4286Great Britain 1 Penny 1882 H, MS62, BN, ANACS, bronze, KM#755, Flat Shield, some red, pretty.500.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4287Great Britain 1 Penny 1908 BN, AU55, copper, KM#794.2, beautiful evn chocolate tn choice.85.00img1, img2
4288Great Britain 1 Penny 1909 BN, AU55, copper, KM#794.2, beautiful evn chocolate tn rev scr.70.00img1, img2
4289Great Britain 1 Penny 1919 BN, AU58, bronze, KM#810, lustrous obverse mint RD peaks nice.60.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4290Great Britain 2 Pence 1797, F15, copper crown, KM#619, small cud rev rim 8:00,even brn tn.230.00img1, img2
4291Great Britain 3 Pence 1944, AU55, silver, KM#848, light grey golden hue, some toning.85.00img1, img2
4292Great Britain 1 Groat (1413-22), VF25, NGC, silver, S#1765, Henry V, class C, even dark grey, slightly clipped edges.1100.00
4293Great Britain 6 Pence 1575, F15, silver, S#2563, Elizabeth I, mm: eglantine, lt scrts.350.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4294Great Britain 6 Pence 1787, EF45, silver, KM#606.1, golden yellow hues, pretty.280.00img1, img2
4295Great Britain 1 Crown 1890, VF30, silver, KM#765, dark purple toning, nice surfaces.145.00img1, img2
4296Guatemala ¼ Real 1889, EF40, silver, KM#158, med grey, interesting die crack through date.16.00img1, img2
4297Guatemala ¼ Real 1899, EF45, silver, KM#162, bright, possibly a higher grade.18.00img1, img2
4298Guatemala 1 Peso 1869 (1894) YB, AU53, silver, KM#224, peru sol counterstamp KM#196, blast white, both are AU53, frosty white counter, early type.215.00img1, img2
4299Guatemala 1 Peso 1870 R, EF40, silver crown, KM#190.1, even dark grey, nice surfaces.140.00img1, img2
4300Guatemala 1 Peso 1871 (1894) YJ, AU55, silver, KM#224, peru sol counterstamp KM#196, blast white, both are AU55, choice for type, very light toning.225.00img1, img2
4301Guatemala 1 Peso 1882 AE, EF45, NGC, silver, KM#208, scarce high grade, AU surfaces white.375.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4302Guatemala 1 Peso 1884 (1894) RD, AU55, silver, KM#224, peru sol counterstamp KM#196, white.225.00img1, img2
4303Guatemala 1 Peso 1885 (1894) RD, AU50, silver, KM#224, peru sol counterstamp KM#196, colorful.160.00img1, img2
4304Guatemala 1 Peso 1887 (1894) TF, AU55, silver, KM#224, peru sol counterstamp KM#196, white.225.00img1, img2
4305Guatemala 1 Peso 1892 (1894) TF, AU58, silver, KM#224, peru sol counterstamp KM#196, blast white, counter is UNC, contact marks on host.260.00img1, img2
4306Guatemala 1 Peso 1894 (1894) TF, AU53, silver, KM#224, peru sol counterstamp KM#196, colorful.180.00img1, img2
4307Guatemala 1 Peso 1896, BU, silver crown, KM#210, brilliant dripping with luster, nice.115.00img1, img2
4308Guatemala 1 Peso 1894(1885), EF40, silver, KM#224, well struck countermark on Peru host.125.00
4309Guernsey 5 Pounds 2002, Proof, silver, KM#121a, Golden Jubilee Gold gilt head.75.00img1, img2
4310Guernsey 5 Pounds 2002, Proof, silver, KM#143a, Golden Jubilee Gold gilt head.75.00img1, img2
4311Guinea-Bissau 5 Centavos 1933, MS63, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#1, mottled seafoam green edge, pretty.280.00img1, img2
4312Guinea 500 Francs 1970, PR66, UCAM, NGC, silver, KM#26, 4330 Ramses III, light pink edge hues.175.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4313Guinea 500 Francs 1970, PR68, UCAM, NGC, silver, KM#28, 4120 mint Queen Teyi, blast white.200.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4314Guyana 1 Stiver 1813, AU55, copper, KM#10, evn chocolate tone beautiful scarce this nice.140.00
4315Haiti 1887 (a), AU55, silver crown, KM#46, a nice affordable example, bright and nice.240.00img1, img2
4316Hong Kong 1¢ 1902, MS64, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#16, red peaks, rare grade, unbroken luster, choice.380.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4317Hong Kong 1¢ 1919 H, MS64, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#16, deep brown satin, red peaks, beautiful & scarce.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4318Hong Kong 1 Tael (ca. 19??), GOLD, X#?, Rectangle Ingot, .9999 Rare 37.5g or 1.2ozt, 25mm x 23mm.2300.00
4319Hong Kong 1 Tael (ca.1970), GOLD, X#B32, Horse Sadle, .9999 Rare 37.4g or 1.2ozt.2700.00
4320Hungary 1 Denar 1603 KB, EF45, silver, KM#16, tiny verd spot, light tone.170.00img1, img2
4321Hungary 500 Forint 1980 BP, PR68, CAM, silver, KM#619, Lake Placid Olympics Figure Skaters.90.00img1, img2, img3
4322India-Bahawalpur 1 Paisa AH1342, AU50, copper, Y#8, red brown, sharp details, nice.60.00img1, img2
4323India-Bahawalpur 1 Paisa AH1343, AU50, copper, Y#8, nice red brown, defined rim.60.00img1, img2
4324India-Bengal Presidency 1 Rupee AH1202/19, VF20, silver, KM#84.2, frozen date, lt grey tn.60.00img1, img2
4325India-Bengal Presidency 1 Rupee AH1215//46, EF45, silver, KM#224, even grey, light toning.75.00img1, img2
4326India-Bikanir 1 Rupee VS1994(1937), AU58, NGC, silver, KM#73, slightly mottled, lustrous, CH for type.290.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4327India-Bombay Presidency 1 Rupee (1810-13), VF30, silver, KM#220, attractive gold grey.150.00img1, img2
4328India-Danish-Tranquebar 4 Cash 1763, F12, copper, KM#145, light porosity, off ctr, rare.350.00img1, img2
4329India-Gwalior ¼ Anna VS1986(1929), MS65, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#176.2, satiny brown, ultra choice.180.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4330India-Gwalior ¼ Anna VS1999(1942), MS63, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#178.1, very scarce, satiny, cobras.145.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4331India-Khwarazmian Dynasty 1 Jital (1200-20), G6, billon, crude, sm flan crack, grey tone.40.00img1, img2
4332India-Kutch 5 Kori 1884//VS1940, AU53, silver, Y#37.4, scarce type, top condition, white.120.00img1, img2
4333India-Madras Presidency 1 Rupee AH1172//6 Frozen, VF35, silver, KM#415.1, cord milling.70.00img1, img2
4334India-Magadha 1 Karshapana 5-2thC BC, VF20, silver, obv: multiple (at least 4) punchmarks including caduceus, sun, animal, plant, rev: single, small, shallow punch.125.00img1, img2
4335India-Magadha 1 Karshapana 5-2thC BC, VF20, silver, obv: multiple (at least 4) punchmarks including sun, rev: Taxila symbol.115.00img1, img2
4336India-Magadha 1 Karshapana 5-2thC BC, VF20, silver, obv: multiple (at least 5) punchmarks including sun, dharmacakra, 3 arched hill, humped bull, rev: Taxila symbol.125.00img1, img2
4337India-Magadha 1 Karshapana 5-2thC BC, VF20, silver, obv: multiple (at least 5) punchmarks including sun, plant, taurine symbols, rev: bull heads surrounding pellet?.125.00img1, img2
4338India-Mughal Empire ½ Rupee AH11xx/21, EF40, silver, KM#433.4, sm edge test cut, lt tone.115.00img1, img2, img3
4339India-Mysore 1 Paisa (1761-1782)ND, F12, copper, KM#5.2, obv: elephant, rev: legend.35.00img1, img2
4340India-Portuguese-Diu 1/8 Tanga 1768, VG10 Details, ANACS, bronze, KM#37, Jose I 1/2 Atia.90.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4341India-Portuguese-Goa 1/8 Rupia 1881, AU Details, NGC, silver, KM#309, golden violet, scarce high grade, we suggest usage over hairlines as slab states: surface hairlines.500.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4342India-Ratlam 1 Paisa 1885, EF40, copper, KM#23, choice even brown, 1 year type, unusual.90.00img1, img2
4343India-Satavahana Dynasty 1 Karshapana (39BC-107AD), VF30, billon, sm edge chip,orig dk tn.100.00img1, img2
4344India-Vaghela Dynasty 1 Drachm (1210-1300), EF40, silver, Indo-Sassanian, crude stylization of Sassanian drachm, light clay, nice.100.00img1, img2
4345India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (3rd C), EF40, copper, MACW#4711-15, obv: Kartitkeya leaning. rev: goddess left, lotus in field.60.00img1, img2
4346India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (3rd C), EF40, copper, MACW#4711-15, obv: Kartitkeya straight. rev: goddess left, lotus in field.60.00img1, img2
4347India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (3rd C), VF20, copper, MACW#4711-15, obv: Kartitkeya leaning. rev: goddess left, lotus in field.55.00img1, img2
4348India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (3rd C), VF20, copper, MACW#4711-15, obv: Kartitkeya straight. rev: goddess left, lotus in field.55.00img1, img2
4349India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (3rd C), VF20, copper, MACW#4716-18, obv: Kartitkeya w/sceptre. rev: goddess left, conch in field.55.00img1, img2
4350India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (4th C), VF20, copper, MACW#4719-21, obv: Kartitkeya facing forward. rev: goddess left, blank fields.45.00img1, img2
4351India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (4th C), VF20, copper, MACW#4719-21, obv: Kartitkeya slightly left. rev: goddess left, blank fields.45.00img1, img2
4352India 1/12 Anna 1917 (c), MS65, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#509, most would call red, absolute gem.150.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4353India 1/12 Anna 1928 (b), MS65, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#509, this is red, seriously... spectacular.130.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4354India ¼ Anna 1931 (c), MS64, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#512, spectacular satiny throughout 2nd Key.280.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4355India 1 Anna 1907 B, AU58, NGC, CN, KM#504, choice violet orange hues, scarcer in high grades.200.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4356India 2 Annas 1896 C, MS63, NGC, silver, KM#488, rainbow bullseye on both sides, highest graded.575.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4357India 2 Annas 1905 C, MS64, NGC, silver, KM#505, violet blush throughout, choice toning.275.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4358India 2 Annas 1908 (c), MS62, NGC, silver, KM#505, slight golden edge toning, mostly white.165.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4359India 8 Annas 1919 (b), AU58, NGC, CN, KM#520, Mumbai (Bombay) Mint, scarce mint, tough grade.475.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4360India 1/8 Rupee (1905), AU58, BN, NGC, copper, Edward VII, Duncan Stratton & Co Bombay, Greenwood & Batley trial strike, very scarce.360.00
4361India ¼ Rupee 1928 (b), MS64, NGC, silver, KM#518, blast white almost proof like, frosty devices.230.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4362India 1 Rupee 1835 (c), EF40, silver, KM#450.3, medium golden grey hue, bright, nice.180.00img1, img2
4363India 1 Rupee 1891 B, MS61, NGC, silver, KM#492, deep golden toned PL edges, colorful edge rev.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4364India 1 Rupee 1904 (c), AU55, silver, KM#508, bright, some lt edge tone arc, tiny rim ding.90.00img1, img2
4365India 1 Rupee 1947 (b), MS61, NGC, nickel, KM#559, blast white, lustrous, should grade higher.350.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4366India 10 Rupees 1972 (b), MS63, NGC, silver, KM#187.1, 25th Anniversary blast white, fully lustrous, unusual high grade, 2nd highest graded.180.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4367Iran 10 Rials MS2535 (1976), MS65, NGC, CN, KM#1208, cool steel violet tone, die polishing rev.80.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4368Iran 10 Rials SH1323 (1944), MS63, NGC, silver, KM#1146, light golden, full strike, lustrous.95.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4369Iran 20 Rials MS2535 (1976), MS65, NGC, CN, KM#1209, cool steel violet tone, frosty luster.125.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4370Iran 50 Dinars SH1358(1979), MS65, NGC, brass clad-steel, KM#1231, lustrous, extra unusual grade.140.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4371Iran ¼ Pahlavi SH1354 (1975), UNC, GOLD, KM#1198, 106k mintage, lustrous unusual type.125.00img1, img2
4372Iran 4 Pahlavi 1974 (AH1353), MS62, GOLD, obv: Shah facing left, rev: seventh Asian games Tehran badminton. From set, medallic issue 32.9g slghtly ovr weight for denom. Scarce.1800.00
4373Ireland 1 Farthing 1744, AU58, BN, NGC, copper, KM#131, Large Letters, hints of red luster throughut, choice and scarce regardless of condition.450.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4374Ireland 1 Penny 1207-11, VF Details, NGC, silver, S#6228, King John 'Lackland', moneyer: Roberd, hairlines, light original grey toning, scarce coin from this infamous king.800.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4375Israel 25 Mils 1949, UNC, alum, KM#8, contact marks,proof like srfcs,rare emergency issue.95.00img1, img2
4376Israel 25 Pruta 1949, UNC, alum, KM#8, proof like luster, scare in condition, superb.120.00img1, img2
4377Israel 10 Lirot JE5727-1967, MS66, silver, KM#49, Victory, official black wallet, superb.80.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4378Italy-Ancona 1 Denaro 13th C, F12, billon, Bi#33, stronger rev, some obv porosity.70.00img1, img2
4379Italy-Lombardy,Venetia 1 Centesimo 1822 m, AU58, BN, NGC, copper, C#1.2, Milan, choice.65.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4380Italy-Lucca 5 Franchi 1808, F15, silver, KM#24.3, Felix Bacciocchi & Elisa Bonaparte.200.00img1, img2
4381Italy-Naples 1 Cavallo (1472-85), F15, bronze, MEC14#994v, Ferdinand I of Aragon L'Aquila mint, some verdigris, error var: upside down A in place of V on rev.165.00img1, img2
4382Italy-Naples & Sicily 120 Grana 1791, VG10, silver crown, KM#213, vlet & gldn hues, srctch area on earth.474.00img1, img2
4383Italy-Naples & Sicily 120 Grana 1834, VF35, silver crown, KM#309, nice surfaces could grade higher.150.00img1, img2
4384Italy-Naples & Sicily 120 Grana 1856, AU58, silver, KM#370, unusual lustrous white, maybe UNC, beauty.350.00img1, img2
4385Italy-Naples & Sicily 120 Grana 1857, AU58, silver, KM#370, lustrous white, unusual high grade maybe UNC.300.00img1, img2
4386Italy-Papal States-Gubbio 1 Quattrino 1724-30, VF20, copper, Ber#2594, Benedict XIII, por, rare.225.00img1, img2
4387Italy-Papal States 1 Grosso (1722)-II, VF20, silver, KM#779, Innocent XIII, lt gold, rare.200.00img1, img2
4388Italy-Parma 1 Soldo (1646-94)ND, VG10, copper, Ranuccio II Farnese, dk brown, slt clipped.70.00img1, img2
4389Italy-Sardinia 1 Centesimo 1826 P(a), MS62, RB, NGC, copper, KM#125.1, some darker edge tn.180.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4390Italy-Sardinia 5 Lire 1826 (a), G4, silver crown, KM#113, medium pleasant gray hard to find!.250.00img1, img2
4391Italy-Sardinia 5 Lire 1844 (p), F12, silver crown, KM#130.2, light gray,may have been cleaned?.95.00img1, img2
4392Italy-Venice 1 Mocenigo (1523-39)ND, VF25, silver, MB#50, Doge Andrea Gritti, tiny plugged hole at rim, rich golden hue, darker at edges, nice.350.00img1, img2
4393Italy 5 Lire 1869 MBN, EF45, silver crown, KM#8.3, Med gray slightly darker edges.145.00img1, img2
4394Italy 5 Lire 1870 MBN, EF45, silver crown, KM#8.3, Hints of luster, light med gray.150.00img1, img2
4395Italy 5 Lire 1873 MBN, EF45, silver, KM#8.3, light tone, some edge disturbance.137.00img1, img2
4396Italy 5 Lire 1876 R, EF40, silver crown, KM#8.3, Even medium gray, pleasant.95.00img1, img2
4397Italy 20 Lire 1882 R, MS63, NGC, GOLD, KM#21, Umberto, not called, clearly Proof Like & Cameo.750.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4398Italy 20 Lire 1927 R, AU53, NGC, silver, KM#69, darker edges, light grey radiant center.450.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4399Jamaica $10 (1972), Proof, silver, KM#60, orig plastic display, beautiful grape edge tn.100.00img1, img2, img3
4400Jamaica $10 1972, MS65, silver crown, KM#60, 42K minted, frosty, brilliant, gem.100.00img1, img2
4401Japan-Ryukyu Islands 1/2 Shu ND(1863), EF45, C#115, Provincial, sharp, mottled, scarce.300.00img1, img2
4402Latvia 5 Lati 1929, AU58, silver, KM#9, bright, lustrous, hint of toning.80.00
4403Latvia 5 Lati 1931, AU58, silver, KM#9, bright, lustrous, hint of toning.80.00
4404Liechtenstein 1 Krone 1900, MS65, +, NGC, silver, Y#2, Prince John II, 50k, ultra gem 1st year.375.00
4405Madeira 100 Reis (No Date), MS62, PCGS, brass, P-111, Krohn Token, colonial, very unusual, seldom offered.350.00
4406Malaya & British Borneo 50¢ 1961, MS63, NGC, CN, KM#4.1, scarce high grade, very light toning.180.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4407Maldive Islands ½ Larin AH1292(1874), AU58, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#35.1, very high grade, books stops EF.160.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4408Malta-Order of 1 Grano 1757, EF45, BN, NGC, copper, KM#239, even brown, very scarce condition.195.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4409Malta 2 Pounds 1972, MS65, PL, silver, KM#14, lustrous, very light toning, super.85.00img1, img2
4410Malta 5 Liri 1984, PR66, CAM, silver, KM#67, Maritime: Strangier, 15K minted! In cap,gem.120.00img1, img2
4411Malta 5 Liri 1984, PR66, CAM, silver, KM#70, Maritime:Providenza, 15K mntd! In cap,super.120.00img1, img2
4412Malta 5 Liri 1985, PR66, CAM, silver, KM#73, Maritime:Tagliaferro, 15K mntd! In cap,great.120.00img1, img2
4413Malta 5 Liri 1985, PR66, CAM, silver, KM#75, Maritime:Maria Dacoutros, 15K mntd! In cap,great.120.00img1, img2
4414Mexico-Rev-Durango 8 Reales 1819, VG10, silver, KM#111.2, overstruck on Chihuahua 8 Reales (KM-123), both royalist coinage, an extreme oddity, neat hole at 12 oclock.450.00img1, img2
4415Mexico ¼ Real 1859, VF20, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#365, Hermosillo, nicer then grade suggests, EF45 for type, even dark brown throughout, full feathers in wings.225.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4416Mexico 2 Reales 1767 m, VF30, silver, KM#87, nice strike great detail Scarce Coin rev scr.175.00img1, img2
4417Mexico 2 Reales 1775 FM, F15, silver, KM#88.2, some edge dings, pitting, double or possibly overstruck.120.00img1, img2
4418Mexico 2 Reales 1783 MoFF, NGC, silver, KM#88.2, El Cazador,ship wreck unknown mntg,RARE.200.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4419Mexico 2 Reales 1787 MoFM, F12, silver, KM#88.2a, lt/med gry, gldn hue, a little scratchy.80.00img1, img2
4420Mexico 8 Reales 1802 FT, F12, silver, KM#109, small rim bump, mostly even dark toning.180.00img1, img2
4421Mexico 8 Reales 1806 TH, VF35, silver, KM#109, light chopmarks, golden grey, Carlos IIII.140.00img1, img2
4422Mexico 8 Reales 1833 DoRM, VF30, silver, KM#377.4, Durango, small clip; full libertad/wings/head choice.225.00img1, img2
4423Mexico 8 Reales 1839 PiJS, VF30, silver, KM#377.12, Potosi, choice drk gry,full libertad.170.00img1, img2
4424Mexico 8 Reales 1873 DoCM, EF40, silver, KM#377.4, Durango, lt gry,tough yr,full libertad.260.00img1, img2
4425Mexico 8 Reales 1875 DoCM, AU53, silver, KM#377.4, Durango, lt gry,full libertad/feathers.205.00img1, img2
4426Mexico 8 Reales 1875 PiMH, EF45, silver, KM#377.12, Potosi, lt gldn throughout,lt spots rev.115.00img1, img2
4427Mexico 8 Reales 1877 PiMH, AU50, silver, KM#377.12, Potosi, weaker rev,full libertad & full breast feathers.125.00img1, img2
4428Mexico 8 Reales 1879 PiMH, F15, silver, KM#377.12, Potosi, choice med grey, full libertad.65.00img1, img2
4429Mexico 8 Reales 1880 PiMH, AU50, silver, KM#377.12, Potosi, mttld tn full libertad/full feathers.160.00img1, img2
4430Mexico 8 Reales 1880 PiMH, EF45, silver, KM#377.12, Potosi, light grey, full libertad & full breast feathers.115.00img1, img2
4431Mexico 8 Reales 1881 PiMH, F15, silver, KM#377.12, mottled tone; strike through on eagle head Rev.80.00img1, img2
4432Mexico 8 Reales 1881 PiMH/R, AU50, silver, KM#377.12, bright,weak rev strike,full libertad.150.00img1, img2
4433Mexico 8 Reales 1882 DoMC, VF25, silver, KM#377.4, Durango, dark grey, scarce issue; full libertad.160.00img1, img2
4434Mexico 8 Reales 1884 DoMC, EF40, silver, KM#377.4, Durango, bright; full libertad; choice.115.00img1, img2
4435Mexico 8 Reales 1885 DoMC, VF20, silver, KM#377.4, Durango, golden tone, slightly heavier circulation.65.00img1, img2
4436Mexico 8 Reales 1886 PiLC, EF40, silver, KM#377.12, Potosi, medium grey tn, full libertad.95.00img1, img2
4437Mexico 8 Reales 1887 CaGR, F15, silver, KM#377.2, even medium grey, golden hue, pretty.82.00img1, img2
4438Mexico 8 Reales 1887 MoMH, F15, silver, KM#377.10, few scratches, rim dings, even tone.82.00img1, img2
4439Mexico 8 Reales 1889 MoMH, EF40, silver, KM#377.10, bright, orig toning, golden hue nice.98.00img1, img2
4440Mexico 8 Reales 1891 DoJP, AU50, silver, KM#377.4, Durango, full libertad/feathers bright, weak edge.165.00img1, img2
4441Mexico 8 Reales 1891 HoFG, EF40, silver, KM#377.9, lt edge tn,lt scratches,slght gldn hue.80.00img1, img2
4442Mexico 8 Reales 1892 PiMR, VF25, silver, KM#377.2, Potosi, choice med grey tn throughout.65.00img1, img2
4443Mexico 8 Reales 1893 AM, EF45, silver crown, KM#377.3, orignal tone, gldn hue, attractive.85.00img1, img2
4444Mexico 8 Reales 1896 GoRS, EF45, silver, KM#377.8, med gldn gry tn, slt chatter in fields.85.00img1, img2
4445Mexico 10 Centavos 1890/89 MoM, UNC Details, NGC, silver, KM#403.7, very light hairlines, grade 64+, choice colorful toning.180.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4446Mexico 1 Peso 1866 Mo, VF20, silver, KM#388.1, orig tn,pastel golden hues,very attractive.260.00img1, img2
4447Mexico 1 Peso 1919, EF40, silver, KM#454, hairlines, tangerine & violet hues, very pretty.140.00img1, img2
4448Minerva $35 1973 LM, Proof, silver, X#1, failed micronation, gold plated bust, 10.5k minted.190.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4449Morocco 500 Francs 1956 (a), MS63, silver, Y#54, bright, nice and a 1yr type.110.00img1, img2
4450Myanmar 1 Kyat 1852, EF45, silver, KM#10, Peacock, purple gold hue choice for grade burma.135.00img1, img2
4451Netherlands Antilles 2½ Gulden 1964, BU, silver, KM#7, bright, some very light tone.40.00img1, img2, img3
4452Netherlands Antilles 25 Gulden 1973, MS64, silver crown, KM#14, frosty, 40K minted,super.65.00img1, img2
4453Netherlands Antilles 25 Gulden 1976, PR69, DCAM, silver, KM#15.1, US Bicentennial, brilliant.90.00img1, img2, img3
4454Netherlands East Indies 2½¢ 1920, MS64, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#316, blazing beauty, unusual grade.90.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4455Newfoundland 20¢ 1882 H, VF20, NGC, silver, KM#4, dark even golden grey.140.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4456Newfoundland 20¢ 1890, VF35, NGC, silver, KM#4, golden toned lustrous edge, should be EF.225.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4457New Hebrides 100 Francs 1966 (a), BU, silver, KM#1, bright, low mintage, scarce.66.00
4458New Zealand ½ Crown 1937, EF45, silver, KM#11, bright, light gold hue.90.00img1, img2
4459New Zealand ½ Crown 1942, EF45, silver, KM#11, lt obv spots, bright, gold hue.70.00img1, img2
4460New Zealand ½ Crown 1944, EF45, silver, KM#11, obv hairlines, strong rev, key date.230.00img1, img2
4461Niue $50 1987, Proof, CAM, silver, KM#2, Boris Becker, 1988 Seoul Olympics, brilliant.40.00img1, img2
4462Niue $50 1987, Proof, CAM, silver, KM#6, Steffi Graf, 1988 Seoul Olympics, brilliant.40.00img1, img2
4463Niue $100 1988, Proof, DCAM, silver, KM#21, Soccer, Franz Beckenbauer, Germany VIII European Football Championship, large 5 oz coin, only 3000 minted, brilliant, rare!.250.00img1, img2, img3
4464Niue $100 1988, Proof, DCAM, silver, KM#77, Tennis, Steffi Graf, 1987 Masters Champion, XXIV Olympic Games, Seoul, large 5 oz coin, low mintage, brilliant, rare!.250.00img1, img2, img3
4465North Mariana Islands $1 2004, Proof, silver, 2 coin WTC/Freedom Tower 2 set COA, 1 clad.85.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4466Norway 2 Skilling 1650 (c), VF20, silver, KM#30, slight wave, darker fields, low mntg.225.00img1, img2
4467Nova Scotia 1¢ 1861, EF45, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#8.1, Large Rosebud, even dark chocolate brown, choice.240.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4468Palestine 10 Mils 1934, EF40, CN, KM#4, a few light hairlines.75.00img1, img2
4469Panama 25 Centesimos 1904, AU55, silver, KM#4, full strike, light colorful hues.100.00img1, img2
4470Panama ¼ Balboa 1933, AU55, NGC, silver, KM#11.1, 120k mintage, lustrous, golden grey toning.240.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4471Panama 1 Balboa 1931, VF20, silver crown, KM#13, orig lt golden grey toning, key date.100.00img1, img2
4472Panama 1 Balboa 1947, MS63, silver crown, KM#13, beautiful satiny luster,brilliant choice.115.00img1, img2
4473Panama 1 Balboa 1953, MS62, silver, KM#21, lustrous, brilliant, very lt orig tn, pretty.115.00img1, img2
4474Panama 1 Balboa 1966, MS65, silver crown, KM#27, lustrous, excellent choice, brilliant.120.00img1, img2
4475Paraguay 300 Guaranies 1968, AU55, silver crown, KM#29, lots of luster affordable coin.35.00img1, img2
4476Peru-North Peru 8 Reales 1839 MB, EF40, silver, KM#155, darker grey, typical flat strike.250.00img1, img2
4477Peru 2 Reales 1787 LIMAEMI, VG10, silver, KM#76a, sm pitted spot, gold and grey toning.75.00img1, img2
4478Peru 2 Reales 1803 LIMAEIJ, VG8, silver, KM#95, some light pitting, dark tone.70.00img1, img2, img3
4479Peru 4 Reales 1839 AREQMV, VF Details, NGC, silver, KM#151.2, surface hairlines, a tough mint.220.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4480Peru 8 Reales 1806 LIMAEJP, VF30, silver, KM#97, lt gld edg tn Chopmarks clnd long ago.115.00
4481Peru 8 Reales 1847 LIMAEMB, G4, silver, KM#142.1, cpl scratches, some darker tone.80.00img1, img2
4482Peru 1/5 Sol 1907 FG, AU58, silver, KM#205.2, lustrous edge, very lightly toned, choice.75.00img1, img2
4483Peru 1/5 Sol 1910 FG, AU53, silver, KM#205.2, light edge luster, die cracks all over, semi key date.125.00img1, img2
4484Peru ½ Libra 1905 GOZF, AU55, GOLD, KM#209, Indian, very scarce mint 8k, lustrous legend.250.00img1, img2
4485Peru ½ Libra 1905 ROZF, AU55, GOLD, KM#209, Indian, scarce 8k mintage, not often available.225.00img1, img2
4486Peru ½ Libra 1908 GOZG, AU55, GOLD, KM#209, Indian, scarce 8180 mintage, lustrous legend.225.00img1, img2
4487Peru 1 Libra 1901 ROZF, AU55, GOLD, KM#207, Indian, 81k mintage, choice lustrous beauty.430.00img1, img2
4488Peru 1 Libra 1905 GOZF, AU58, GOLD, KM#207, Indian, 141k mintage, better mint.440.00img1, img2
4489Peru 1 Libra 1905 ROZF, AU58, GOLD, KM#207, Indian, 141k mintage, lustrous bloom, choice.440.00img1, img2
4490Peru 1 Libra 1906 GOZF, AU58, GOLD, KM#207, Indian, 201k mintage, frosty luster, choice.450.00img1, img2
4491Peru 1 Libra 1906 GOZF, AU55, GOLD, KM#207, Indian, 201k mintage, scarce trade coinage, semi PL.420.00img1, img2
4492Peru 1 Libra 1907 GOZG, AU58, GOLD, KM#207, Indian, scarcer mint, choice lustrous bloom.445.00img1, img2
4493Peru 1 Libra 1908 GOZG, AU55, GOLD, KM#207, Indian, 36k mintage scarcer year.480.00img1, img2
4494Peru 1 Libra 1913 POZG, AU58, GOLD, KM#207, Indian, scarce/rare year and mint, choice.480.00img1, img2
4495Peru 100 Intis 1986, MS66, NGC, silver, KM#298, Andres Caceres, 2nd highest, blast white.120.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4496Poland 3 Groschen (15)98 HR-K, VF35, silver, Saur#5401, Fraustadt mint, cpl weak spots.310.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4497Poland 3 Groschen 1684 B, VG10, silver, KM#130, very rare, weak strike, light toning.210.00img1, img2
4498Poland 6 Groschen 1623, VF30, silver, KM#42, little soft as issued, lt grey, nice.325.00img1, img2
4499Poland 6 Groschen 1624, VF30, silver, KM#42, little soft as issued, lt grey, nice.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4500Poland 6 Groschen 1626, VF30, silver, KM#42, little soft as issued, smaller variety, nice.325.00img1, img2
4501Poland 1 Ort 1624, VF25, silver, KM#37, wk strike, rev edge loop removed, lt tone.200.00img1, img2
4502Poland 100000 Zlotych 1991, Proof, DCAM, silver, Y#235, WWII Henryk Dobrazanski, brilliant.85.00img1, img2, img3
4503Poland 100000 Zlotych 1991, Proof, DCAM, silver, Y#236, WWII Defense of Narvik, brilliant.85.00img1, img2, img3
4504Poland 200000 Zlotych 1990, Proof, DCAM, silver, Y#250, General Komorowski, brilliant.80.00img1, img2, img3
4505Poland 200000 Zlotych 1991, Proof, DCAM, silver, Y#241, 1992 Barcelona Olympics Sailboats.100.00img1, img2, img3
4506Poland 200000 Zlotych 1991, Proof, DCAM, silver, Y#251, General Okulicki, brilliant.80.00img1, img2, img3
4507Poland 200000 Zlotych 1991, Proof, DCAM, silver, Y#252, General Tokarzewski - Karaszewicz.80.00img1, img2, img3
4508Poland 300000 Zlotych 1994 MW, PR69, UCAM, silver, Y#269, Warsaw Uprising Anniversary.90.00
4509Russia 1 Kopek 1977, MS64, CN, Y#143.1, 60th Ann. Of Bolshevik Revolution, red plastic holder.22.00img1, img2
4510Russia 2 Kopeks 1841, EF40, copper, C#145.3, light obverse scratch even tone better type.75.00img1, img2
4511Russia 5 Kopeks 1778 EM, EF40, copper, C#59.3, even orig brn toning, slt porosity, choice.180.00img1, img2
4512Russia 5 Kopeks 1779 EM, EF40, copper, C#59.3, orig brn color, lt vrdgrs spt obv, nice.180.00img1, img2
4513Russia 5 Kopeks 1784 EM, EF40, copper, C#59.3, even orig choc brn color,slt porosity,nice.180.00img1, img2
4514Russia 15 Kopeks 1923, MS64, NGC, silver, Y#81, USSR, ultra premium, frosty blast white.280.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4515Russia 20 Kopeks 1923, MS63, NGC, silver, Y#82, USSR, ultra premium, frosty blast white.175.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4516Russia 1 Rouble 1913 BC, EF40, silver, Y#70, Romanov Dynasty 300th Ann, grey hue, nice.275.00img1, img2
4517Russia 5 Roubles 1994, BU, bi-metallic, Y#367, Blind mole rat, red center, nice.75.00img1, img2
4518Russia 5 Roubles 1994, BU, bi-metallic, Y#368, Bison, red center, nice.75.00img1, img2
4519Russia 5 Roubles 1994, BU, bi-metallic, Y#369, Mongolian Gazelles, bight center, nice.125.00img1, img2
4520Russia 5 Roubles 1994, BU, bi-metallic, Y#371, Two flamingos,bright center, nice.75.00img1, img2
4521Russia 10 Roubles 1899, AU53, GOLD, Y#64, Nicholas II, .2489 ozt, fully lustrous edge.450.00
4522Russia 150 Roubles 1977 (L), MS69, NGC, Platinum, Y#152, Olympics 9910k mintage, modern rarity.1300.00
4523Saharawi Arab Demo Repub 100 Pesetas 1993, MS65, copper crown, KM#19, Tarbosaurus Bataar, Prehistoric.60.00img1, img2
4524Sarawak ½¢ 1863, EF45, PCGS, copper, KM#2, attractive brown toning, hint of red, scarce.500.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4525Sarawak 10¢ 1920 H, AU55, PCGS, silver, KM#15, bright & lustrous, pretty golden hue.280.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4526Saudia Arabia-Hejaz&Nejd Sult. ½ Ghirsh AH1343 1924, AU58, NGC, bronze, KM#2.1, silver washed, rarity, and high grade.650.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4527Saudia Arabia-Hejaz&Nejd Sult. ½ Ghirsh AH1343 1924, AU58, NGC, bronze, KM#2.1, silver washed completely, ultra choice for type, rich golden yellow hues throughout.775.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4528Saudia Arabia-Hejaz&Nejd Sult. ¼ Riyal AH1346, AU55, NGC, silver, KM#10, RARE pink golden hues.640.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4529Sierra Leone 1 Leone 1974, PR66, silver, KM#26a, 10th Ann, rare, official case, super.60.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4530Singapore $5 1982, BU, CN, KM#22, Benjamin Shears Bridge, blue holder.22.00img1, img2
4531Singapore $5 1983, BU, CN, KM#25, Games logo above waves, red holder.22.00img1, img2
4532South Africa ¼ Penny 1942, MS65, NGC, bronze, KM#23, farthing blackened 2nd highest, wow.125.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4533South Africa 6 Pence 1897, AU50, silver, KM#4, lutrous,cpl minor scrtchs rev,even orig tn.50.00img1, img2
4534South Africa 5 Shillings 1948, AU55, silver, KM#40.1, light circulation pale yellow bright.36.00img1, img2
4535South Africa 5 Shillings 1953, AU50, silver, KM#52, light circulation pale yellow bright.27.00img1, img2
4536South Korea 50000 Won 1987, PR66, NGC, GOLD, KM#69, Republic, 1988 Olymics, 30k, proof.1750.00
4537Spain 2 Reales 1740 JF, VF25, silver, KM#296, light original toning, nice.150.00img1, img2
4538Spain ½ Escudo 1788 SC, EF45, NGC, GOLD, KM#425.2, Seville Charles III, scarce, looks AU, choice.350.00
4539Spain 5 Pesetas 1898(98) SG-V, MS64, silver crown, KM#707, typically baggy, lustrous bright white.220.00img1, img2
4540Spain 10 Euro 2006, PR69, silver, KM#1114, Santa Maria, Deep Cameo, orig box, COA, 9960 minted.200.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4541Spain 10 Euro 2006, PR69, silver, KM#1115, Pinta, Deep Cameo, orig box & COA, 6188 minted.200.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4542Spain 10 Euro 2006, PR69, silver, KM#1116, Niña, Deep Cameo, orig box & COA, 6187 minted.200.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4543Spain 50 Euro 2006, PR67, CAM, silver, KM#1117, Columbus standing 3/4 left, on outline of South America, original box & COA, 4265 minted.550.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4544Spanish Netherlands-Overyssel 1 Filipsdaalder 1566, F15, silver, scrtch,nat fissions,lt tn.500.00img1, img2
4545Straits Settlements ¼¢ 1845, MS62, NGC, bronze, KM#1, lustrous chocolate brown, choice, scarce.675.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4546Straits Settlements ¼¢ 1916, AU55, bronze, KM#27, lustrous mottled brown, choice, scarce.75.00img1, img2
4547Straits Settlements 1¢ 1875 W, AU Details, NGC, bronze, KM#9, lustrous brown, we grade CH AU55, strike through reverse, aka NGC: Rev Planchet Flaw.550.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4548Straits Settlements 1¢ 1883, AU58, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#9, lustrous frosty toning, brown.650.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4549Straits Settlements 1¢ 1897, AU58, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#16, satiny frosty luster.360.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4550Straits Settlements 5¢ 1882 H, AU Details, NGC, silver, KM#10, small scratch rev, not unusual for type.420.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4551Straits Settlements 5¢ 1897, EF40, silver, KM#10, semi key date, mottled toning.130.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4552Straits Settlements 5¢ 1899, AU Details, NGC, silver, KM#10, "rev scratched", key date, violet hues & semi PL surfaces.380.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4553Sweden 1 Ore 1668, VF20, silver, KM#250, diamonds in crown, choice and scarce.90.00img1, img2
4554Sweden 1 Ore 1740, F15, copper, KM#416.1, light scratches, light porosity, dark toning.35.00img1, img2
4555Sweden 1 Ore 1745, F12, copper, KM#416.1, light porosity, weak strike, darker fields.40.00img1, img2
4556Sweden 1 Ore 1749, VF20, copper, KM#416.1, even moderate porosity, weak edge, med toning.50.00img1, img2
4557Sweden 1 Ore 1751, VF20, copper, KM#460, some scratches, lt pitting, lt tone, low mintage.90.00img1, img2
4558Sweden 1 Ore 1751, F15, copper, KM#460, porosity, weak strike, dark tone, low mintage.60.00img1, img2
4559Sweden 1 Ore 1758, F15, copper, KM#460, porosity, dark toning, low mintage.40.00img1, img2
4560Sweden 1 Ore 1759, VF20, copper, KM#460, pitting, dark toning, low mintage.60.00img1, img2
4561Sweden 1 Ore 1759, F15, copper, KM#460, porosity, dark field toning, low mintage.40.00img1, img2
4562Sweden 1 Ore 1760/59, VF20, copper, KM#460, porosity, light tone, low mintage.90.00img1, img2
4563Sweden 1 Ore 1760, F15, copper, KM#460, tiny mint clip, light tone, low mintage.45.00img1, img2
4564Sweden 1 Ore 1761, VF20, copper, KM#460, porosity, dark tone, low mintage.60.00img1, img2
4565Sweden 1 Ore 1761, F15, copper, KM#460, lt porosity, small mint clip, lt tn, low mintage.40.00img1, img2
4566Sweden 1 Ore 1763, VF20, copper, KM#460, porosity, mint clip, low mintage.60.00img1, img2
4567Sweden 1 Ore 1763, F15, copper, KM#460, even porosity, chocolate brown, low mintage.40.00img1, img2
4568Sweden 2 Ore 1743, F12, copper, KM#437, weak strike, brown toning.40.00img1, img2
4569Sweden 2 Ore 1744, F12, copper, KM#437, edge hits, light tone, very low mintage.30.00img1, img2
4570Sweden 2 Ore 1745, F12, copper, KM#437, moderate porosity, reddish hue, low mintage.36.00img1, img2
4571Sweden 2 Ore 1746, F15, copper, KM#437, mint clip, light toning, low mintage.50.00img1, img2
4572Sweden 2 Ore 1746, F15, copper, KM#437, porosity, dark hue, low mintage.50.00img1, img2
4573Sweden 2 Ore 1749, VF20, copper, KM#437, even moderate porosity, low mintage.60.00img1, img2
4574Sweden 2 Ore 1749, F15, copper, KM#437, scratch, hits and bangs, lt tone, low mintage.40.00img1, img2
4575Sweden 2 Ore 1750, F12, copper, KM#437, Slanted 5, digs, scratches,light tone,low mintage.35.00img1, img2
4576Sweden 2 Ore 1751, F12, copper, KM#461, some porosity, weak edge, low mintage.40.00img1, img2
4577Sweden 2 Ore 1758, VG8, copper, KM#461, even moderate porosity, sm mint clip, low mintage.45.00img1, img2
4578Sweden 2 Ore 1759, F12, copper, KM#461, porosity, small mint clip, low mintage.40.00img1, img2
4579Sweden 2 Ore 1760, F12, copper, KM#461, some porosity, weak edge, low mintage.40.00img1, img2
4580Sweden 2 Ore 1864, MS64, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#706, red in appearance, lamination@7 obv, gem.180.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4581Sweden 1 Krona 1907 EB, AU58, silver, KM#772, couple sm scratches, light toning.230.00img1, img2
4582Switzerland-Luzern 3 Kreuzer 1605, VF20, silver, KM#9, planch err, nat fiss, sm corr spot.80.00img1, img2
4583Switzerland-St. Gall 1 Thaler 1621, F15, silver, KM#61, bright, light gold hue.325.00img1, img2
4584Switzerland-Zug 3 Kreuzer 1600, MS63, NGC, billon, KM#17, sharp PL, very scarce high grade.475.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4585Switzerland 5 Francs 1881, AU55, silver, KM#S15, dark grey tone, 30k mntg, shooting taler.215.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4586Switzerland 10 Francs 1922 B, MS64, GOLD, KM#36, Confederation, lustrous gem, final year.250.00img1, img2
4587Tibet 1 Tangka 1912, AU58, NGC, billon, KM#F13.3, Rhodes F(vii), grey toning, rare type.750.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4588Tokelau 1 Tala 1978, MS64, CN, KM#1, Coconut, in light blue plastic holder.26.00img1, img2
4589Tokelau 1 Tala 1979, MS64, CN, KM#4, V-shaped tool, bucket, rope, green plastic holder.20.00img1, img2
4590Tokelau 1 Tala 1982, MS65, CN, KM#5, Outrigger canoed, redolde 10k Minted.33.00img1, img2
4591Tunisia 5 Francs 1946 (a), MS63, NGC, alum-bronze, KM#PE5, French Protectorate, ESSAI & PIEDFORT, 104 pieces, RARE.425.00
4592Turkey 500 Kurush 1923//20, MS61, NGC, GOLD, KM#858, Republic, very choice & scarce 1st year of 4.1950.00
4593Turkey 1 Yuzluk AH1203//8, AU53, silver, KM#507, Selim III, common corrosion at edges, white CH.140.00img1, img2
4594Uruguay 20 Centesimos 1840, EF40, copper, KM#2.1, obv rim chip at 10:30, only 2125 minted.430.00
4595Venezuela ca. 1970s, BU, PL, GOLD, X#?, map fo world & Bolivar, medal, 90% 7.6g or .22 ozt.385.00
4596Venezuela 5 Bolivares 1912 (a), AU50, silver, Y#24.2, luster reamains light gold tone.150.00
4597Venezuela 5 Bolivares 1919 (p), EF45, silver, Y#24.2, ultra choice light gold tone.125.00
4598Venezuela 5 Bolivares 1957, BU, PL, GOLD, X#MB128, Tamanaco, 90% 1.5g or .043 ozt, scarce.160.00
4599Venezuela 20 Bolivares 1957, BU, PL, GOLD, X#MB89, Naiguata, 90% 6.667g or .1929 ozt, scarce.385.00
4600Venezuela 60 Bolivares 1957, UNC, PL, GOLD, X#MB33, Franklin D. Roosevelt, 90% 22.2g or .6423 ozt, scarce.1100.00
4601Vietnam 5 Hao 1946 (v), AU55, alum, KM#2.1, very crude issue with natural fission, rare.95.00img1, img2
4602Vietnam 10 Dong 1996, BU, CN crown, KM#49, Rice harvesting scene, 10,000 minthe.32.00img1, img2
4603Zambia 50 Ngwee 1969, MS64, CN, KM#14, Norman Sillman, beautiful gun metal tone on edges.15.00img1, img2