World Coins

3548Afghanistan 2 Dinars 1497-1505, VF35, ANACS, bronze, Amir of Qunduz, Khushro, full deer, scarce.125.00
3549Andorra 10 Diners 2008, PR66, silver, KM#244, Leonardo daVinci Mona Lisa, in case, super.125.00img1, img2
3550Angola 5 Escudos 1972, MS65, CN, KM#81, gorgeous orig golden toning, gem, scarce high grade.100.00img1, img2
3551Australia Penny 1928 (m), AU50, bronze, KM#22, even brown red tone, very attractive coin.287.00img1, img2
3552Australia 1 Penny 1911 (L), EF45, bronze, KM#23, lustrous chocolate brown color, PQ for grade.130.00img1, img2
3553Australia 1 Penny 1927 (m), VF30, bronze, KM#23, light even original brown toning, nice.18.00img1, img2
3554Australia 1 Penny 1931 (m), EF40, bronze, KM#23, even original light chocolate brown, nice.125.00img1, img2
3555Australia 1 Penny 1932 (m), EF40, bronze, KM#23, light orig. chocolate brown, darker at edges.60.00img1, img2
3556Australia 1 Penny 1934 (m), EF45, bronze, KM#23, light carmel brown tone, micro edge dings.62.00img1, img2
3557Australia 1 Penny 1936 (m), AU50, bronze, KM#23, nice creamy brown hue color, lustrous coin.70.00img1, img2
3558Australia 3 Pence 1912 (L), F15, silver, KM#24, light golden grey toning, a better date coin.28.00img1, img2
3559Australia 3 Pence 1916 M, EF45, silver, KM#24, bright, light tone, light scr. in obv field.238.00img1, img2
3560Australia 3 Pence 1919 M, EF45, silver, KM#24, bright, lustrous, slight golden tone, nice.115.00img1, img2
3561Australia 3 Pence 1921 M, EF40, silver, KM#24, even orig. golden toning, colorful edge hues.40.00img1, img2
3562Australia 3 Pence 1924 (m&sy), VF30, silver, KM#24, dark even grey toning, a better date.88.00img1, img2
3563Australia 3 Pence 1934 (m), VF30, silver, KM#24, bright, lt. tone, lt. insignificant obv. scrs.17.00img1, img2
3564Australia 6 Pence 1920 M, VF35, silver, KM#25, bathed in golden tone, light red & blue edges.123.00img1, img2
3565Australia 6 Pence 1935 (m), EF40, silver, KM#25, dark almost steel grey, low mintage date.125.00img1, img2
3566Australia 6 Pence 1939 (m), EF45, silver, KM#38, golden grey with some pretty lilac hues.55.00img1, img2
3567Australia 1 Shilling 1927 m, AU53, silver, KM#26, lightly golden toned throughout.200.00
3568Australia 1 Shilling 1944 (m), AU55, silver, KM#39, bright, lots of luster, light cheek scuff.47.00img1, img2
3569Australia 1 Florin 1914 (L), VF20, silver, KM#27, pretty original light golden grey hues.30.00img1, img2
3570Australia 1 Florin 1927 (m), AU58, silver, KM#31, bright, tons of mint luster, lt. date scrape.93.00img1, img2
3571Australia 1 Florin 1927 (m), AU55, silver, KM#31, bright, lustrous, light orig. golden tone.82.00img1, img2
3572Australia 1 Florin 1936 (m), EF45, silver, KM#31, bright, light original golden hues, nice.73.00img1, img2
3573Australia 1 Florin 1939 (m), EF45, silver, KM#40, bright, lusrtrous, light golden hue, scarce.625.00img1, img2
3574Australia 1 Florin 1954 (m), BU, silver, KM#55, brilliant, light original golden toning.46.00img1, img2
3575Australia 1 Crown 1937 (m), VF30, silver crown, KM#34, lt grey, hairlines from old cleaning.50.00img1, img2
3576Australia 1 Sovereign 1911 S, UNC, GOLD, KM#29, lustrous 1st year of issue.400.00
3577Australia 1 Sovereign 1912 P, UNC, GOLD, KM#29, Perth, lustrous, better mint, 2nd year.390.00
3578Australia 1 Sovereign 1918 P, UNC, GOLD, KM#29, Perth, lustrous, better mint.375.00
3579Australia 20 1969, MS64, CN, KM#66, bright, pale original peachy & golden hues, very pretty.45.00img1, img2
3580Australia 20 1971, MS64, CN, KM#66, brilliant, pretty even original golden yellow tone.75.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3581Austria-Olmutz 3 Kreuzer 1669, VF20, silver, KM#227.1, slightly granular surfaces, light tone.85.00img1, img2
3582Austria-Salzburg Batzen 1533, VF30, silver, Saur#891, slightly uneven strike, light toning.125.00img1, img2
3583Austria-Salzburg 1 Kreuzer 1696, AU50, NGC, silver, KM#248, Johann Ernst, unusual high grade.160.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3584Austria-Salzburg 3 Kreuzer 1691, AU50, silver, KM#249, lt. orig. grey color, full details.140.00img1, img2
3585Austria-Salzburg 10 Kreuzer 153?, VF20, silver, Saurm#878/379, some slight obverse verdigris.165.00img1, img2
3586Austria 1 Heller 1902, UNC, bronze, KM#2800, dark brown hue, bold dramatic die clashing.25.00img1, img2
3587Austria 2 Pfennig (1)610, VF30, silver, KM#14, Holy Roman Empire, uniface, dark hues, w/rose.80.00img1, img2
3588Austria 3 Kreuzer 1665 (ca), MS63, NGC, silver, KM#1169, Leopold I, Vienna, very lightly toned.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3589Austria 30 Kreuzer 1765, VF25, silver, KM#1834, some lt corrosion, weak edge, lt. grey color.275.00img1, img2
3590Austria Thaler 1756 HA, VF20, silver, KM#2036, obverse is a bit weak, light golden hues.320.00img1, img2
3591Austria 1 Thaler 1780 SF, BU, silver crown, KM#T1, Restrike, Maria Theresia, brilliant, fresh.50.00img1, img2
3592Austria 1 Schilling 1932, MS63, NGC, silver, KM#2840, Key Date, slightly undergraded, golden violet iridescents, cannot get much better for this issue.450.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3593Austria 500 Schilling 1982, MS67, NGC, silver, KM#2956, St. Severin, blast white, highest grade.300.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3594Austria 1 Euro 2008, BU, silver, KM#3159, brilliant, full mint luster, very nice coin.54.00img1, img2
3595Azores 5 Reis 1830, MS64, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#5, deep lustrous original chocolate brown color, a jaw dropping beauty, highest graded, choice quality coin, super.580.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3596Azores 20 Reis 1866, MS64, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#15, 150k Mintage, lustrous, mostly chocolate, approximatly 20% red mint luster remains underneath, gorgeous, a scarce coin.450.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3597Bahamas $5 1966, MS63, silver crown, KM#210, cartwheel of luster, frosty, bright, very nice.84.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3598Bahamas $5 1969, BU, silver crown, KM#10, brilliant, large silver crown, outstanding quality.90.00img1, img2
3599Bahamas $5 1991, MS70, NGC, silver, KM#132, Christopher Columbus, 750 mintage looks matte.250.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3600Bahamas $10 1974 FM, PR60, silver crown, KM#68a, 1st Ann. Commem., brilliant, a bit baggy.79.00img1, img2
3601Barbados $10 1973 FM(P), Proof, silver, KM#17a, brilliant, super quality coin, Cameo surfaces.80.00img1, img2
3602Belgium-Yves (1313-22), EF40, ANACS, silver, Roberts#8599, Gaucher of Chatillon, imitation of French penny, well struck, excellent example of type, grey toning, rare.700.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3603Belgium 50 Centimes 1886, VF30, silver, KM#27, pretty even original golden grey toning, super.50.00img1, img2
3604Belgium 5 Francs 1868, EF45, silver, KM#24, Position A, lustrous lt. orig. golden edge toning.70.00img1, img2
3605Belgium 5 Francs 1873, EF45, silver, KM#24, Position A, lt. orig. gold tone, traces of luster.52.00img1, img2
3606Belgium 5 Francs 1873, EF40, silver, KM#24, Position A, bright, couple of small toning areas.45.00img1, img2
3607Bermuda 1 Crown 1964, BU, silver crown, KM#14, bright, frosty, a hint of light toning.22.00img1, img2
3608Bohemia 1 Denar (1100-1120), AU55, NGC, silver, Cach#419, Duke Borivoj II, obv:Duke seated facing spear/shield rev:Saint sitting right, holding ball, ball in right field.850.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3609Bolivia 2 Reales 1736 PE, F15, silver, KM#29a, some porosity, possibly sea salvage, nice.325.00img1, img2
3610Bolivia 1/2 Sol 1830 JL, MS62, NGC, silver, KM#93.2a, typical flat strike, white & lustrous.225.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3611Bolivia 4 Soles 1858 PTSFJ, EF40, silver, KM#123.2, lustrous, some light obverse scratches.110.00img1, img2
3612Bolivia 2 Centavos 1883 EG, MS65, RD, NGC, bronze, KM#E4, ESSAI (trial/pattern), lustrous beauty.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3613Bolivia 1 Boliviano 1867 PTSFE/P, AU Details, NGC, silver, KM#152.2, looks like edge toned UNC.300.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3614Brazil-Maranhao 80 Reis 1830, EF45, Like KM#405, scarce M countermark, reeding on edge, superb.260.00img1, img2
3615Brazil 20 Reis 1775(1809) R, VF20, bronze, KM#270, EF countermark, even chocolate brown.65.00img1, img2
3616Brazil 20 Reis 1775(1809) R, F15, bronze, KM#270, VF+ countermark, chocolate brown, porous.40.00img1, img2
3617Brazil 20 Reis 1776(1809) R, VF30, bronze, KM#270, EF+ countermark, light chocolate brown.115.00img1, img2
3618Brazil 20 Reis 1776(1809) R, VF25, bronze, KM#270, EF/AU countermark, chocolate brown, beauty.115.00img1, img2
3619Brazil 20 Reis 1776(1809) R, VF25, bronze, KM#270, EF countermark,rich chocolate hue, obv flaw.90.00img1, img2
3620Brazil 20 Reis 1778(1809) R, F15, bronze, KM#272, EF countermark, chocolate & walnut brown.55.00img1, img2
3621Brazil 37 1/2 Reis 1827, VF20, copper, KM#362, Minas Gerais Mint, wavy flan, scarce, brown.220.00img1, img2
3622Brazil 40 Reis 1821 R, VF35, BN, bronze, KM#319.1, porous, great detail, vertical hit reverse.40.00img1, img2
3623Brazil 40 Reis 1889, EF45, copper, KM#491, stress split from countermark divino with loop; scarce countermark, even original lustrous chocolate brown color, very attractive coin.125.00img1, img2
3624Brazil 40 Reis 1762(1809), VF25, bronze, KM#189?, Bahia, counterstamped 1 yr type, crude issue.72.00img1, img2
3625Brazil 40 Reis 1773(1809), VF20, bronze, KM#280.1, double countermark error ? 17X3 or 17X5 ?.75.00img1, img2
3626Brazil 40 Reis 1776(1809), VF25, bronze, KM#280.1, EF+ countermark, choice choc. brown beauty.75.00img1, img2
3627Brazil 40 Reis 1778(1809), VF20, bronze, KM#282, EF+ counterstamp, dark chocolate brown.60.00img1, img2
3628Brazil 40 Reis 1778(1809), F15, bronze, KM#203?, Lisbon, counterstamped 3 year type, 183k mint.75.00img1, img2
3629Brazil 40 Reis 1781(1809), VF35, bronze, KM#203?, Lisbon, counterstamped 3 year type, 92k mint.145.00img1, img2
3630Brazil 40 Reis 1821(1835) R, EF40, bronze, KM#319.1, countermark, unusual edges & cm has no denom.70.00img1, img2
3631Brazil 40 Reis ND(1700-02)P, F12, silver, KM#86.2, Pernambuco, Pedro as Pedro II, holed, Extremely Rare.325.00img1, img2
3632Brazil 80 Reis 1821 B, EF40, BN, bronze, KM#342.1, Bahia, slightly weak center, unusually nice.120.00img1, img2
3633Brazil 80 Reis 1786(1809), VF30, copper, KM#290.2, small rim dings, even medium brown, nice.90.00img1, img2
3634Brazil 100 Reis 1923, MS63, CN, KM#518, rich original golden grey toning, rim cud 6:00.60.00img1, img2
3635Brazil 200 Reis 1854, AU50, silver, KM#469, grey tn, golden hue, a bit baggy.65.00img1, img2
3636Brazil 200 Reis 1889, AU55, CN, KM#484, 511k 4 YR series, some luster, high grade for type.75.00img1, img2
3637Brazil 200 Reis 1901, MS63, CN, KM#504, lustrous, gorgeous, orininal toning, great choce.70.00img1, img2
3638Brazil 400 Reis (1932)ND, MS64, CN, KM#529, brght, lt gldn gry,scarce high grade,lustrous.45.00img1, img2
3639British N. Borneo 1 1886 H, EF40, bronze, KM#2, cleaned patchy toning.70.00img1, img2
3640British N. Borneo 1 1907 H, F15, bronze, KM#2, light brown, washed in red hue.180.00img1, img2
3641British Virgin Islands $1 1974, MS66, CN, KM#6, gldn yellow orig tn, lustrous, great.66.00img1, img2
3642Bulgaria Grosh (1365-1393)ND, VF30, silver, Ivan Shishman, rough edges, decent quality.90.00img1, img2
3643Bulgaria 1 Grosh (1331-71), VF20, silver, Ivan Alexander & Mikhail Asen, nice orig toning.115.00img1, img2
3644Bulgaria 10 Leva 1975, Proof, PL, silver, KM#93.1, 10th Olympic Congress, 50k minted.48.00img1, img2
3645Canada 1 1876 H, MS62, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#7, lustrous mottled interesting die cracks CH.300.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3646Canada 1 1888, MS63, BN, ANACS, bronze, KM#7, lustrous, some red peaks, repunched last two 8s.225.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3647Canada 1 1890 H, AU58, ICG, bronze, KM#7, choice, we grade UNC, mostly brown tough year.160.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3648Canada 1 1891, AU55, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#7, Large Date Large Leaves, choice chocolate brown.160.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3649Canada 1 1893, MS64, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#7, very lightly toned, PL reverse, very tough date.440.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3650Canada 1 1893, MS62, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#7, toned, red peaks throughout, lustrous tough date.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3651Canada 1 1895, MS60, BN, ANACS, bronze, KM#7, tougher year, lustrous light brown.190.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3652Canada 1 1896, MS63, BN, ANACS, bronze, KM#7, choice 63 through and through, tough high grade.340.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3653Canada 1 1897, MS62, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#7, slightly striated toning, lustrous, peaks of red.200.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3654Canada 1 1899, MS62, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#7, chipped slab rev, light toning, frosty and lustrous.275.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3655Canada 1 1899, MS60, BN, ANACS, bronze, KM#7, choice light & even chocolate brown.150.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3656Canada 1 1900 H, MS62, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#7, even plum brown, lustrous beauty, choice.175.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3657Canada 1 1901, MS63, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#7, true red brown, 70% red, choice lustrous beauty.300.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3658Canada 1 1901, MS61, BN, ANACS, bronze, KM#7, even chocolate brown, choice for grade.220.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3659Canada 1 1902, MS64, RB, PCGS, bronze, KM#8, 1st Edward VII, even toning throughout, 70% red.395.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3660Canada 1 1902, MS63, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#8, rich lustrous red and light brown hues, satiny choice.225.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3661Canada 1 1902, MS62, RB, ANACS, bronze, KM#8, 1st Edward VII, even toning throughout, 55% red.110.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3662Canada 1 1903, MS64, BN, ANACS, bronze, KM#8, even chocolate brown, red peaks at edge.225.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3663Canada 1 1903, MS60, BN, ANACS, bronze, KM#8, even chocolate brown, choice for grade.100.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3664Canada 1 1905, MS64, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#8, 50% red and 50% brown, frosty and lustrous.280.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3665Canada 1 1905, MS61, BN, ANACS, bronze, KM#8, even choice light chocolate brown.110.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3666Canada 1 1906, BU, bronze, KM#8, brn w/ red highlights, lots of mint luster, attractive.175.00img1, img2
3667Canada 1 1907, MS62, BN, ANACS, bronze, KM#8, even dark chocolate brown, very choice.150.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3668Canada 1 1907, MS61, RB, ANACS, bronze, KM#8, mostly red, light brown hues throughtout.125.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3669Canada 1 1909, MS62, RB, ANACS, bronze, KM#8, mottled, sharp strike, lustrous.90.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3670Canada 1 1909, MS61, RB, ANACS, bronze, KM#8, mottled, lustrous steel blue edge, pretty.90.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3671Canada 1 1911, MS65, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#15, 1 year type, lustrous extreme high grade.450.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3672Canada 1 1911, MS64, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#15, lustrous mottled beauty, choice 1st gen holder.340.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3673Canada 1 1912, MS65, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#21, choice light violet blue hues over red.420.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3674Canada 1 1913, MS63, BN, ANACS, bronze, KM#21, even chocolate brown throughout.100.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3675Canada 1 1913, MS63, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#21, lustrous peaks of red throughout.100.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3676Canada 1 1914, MS64, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#21, satiny surfaces with original red edges, choice.240.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3677Canada 1 1915, MS63, RB, ANACS, bronze, KM#21, lustrous colorfully toned obverse.95.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3678Canada 1 1916, MS65, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#21, frosty shimmering luster, ultra PQ, scarcer year.375.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3679Canada 1 1916, MS62, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#21, fiery red edge luster rev, choice.75.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3680Canada 1 1916, MS62, BN, ANACS, bronze, KM#21, frosty & lustrous chocolate brown, very nice.140.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3681Canada 1 1917, MS65, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#21, frosty ultra PQ, blue violet orange hues, CH.480.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3682Canada 1 1917, MS63, bronze, KM#21, brown, couple rim hits, hints of red, lots of luster.75.00img1, img2
3683Canada 1 1917, MS63, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#21, frosty & lustrous, red peaks throughout.125.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3684Canada 1 1917, MS63, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#21, true RB, some red fire toning throughout.125.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3685Canada 1 1918, MS64, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#21, 85%++ red, we would have called red, ultra choice.260.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3686Canada 1 1918, MS64, RD, bronze, KM#21, brilliant, 90% red.lustrous, outstanding choice.200.00img1, img2
3687Canada 1 1918, MS62, BN, ANACS, bronze, KM#21, frosty, much closer to 63, choice.115.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3688Canada 1 1919, MS65, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#21, lustrous beauty, mostly RED, light plum tn, CH.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3689Canada 1 1919, MS63, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#21, lustrous and lightly toned throughout, pretty.125.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3690Canada 1 1919, MS63, bronze, KM#21, red/brown, nice original toning.55.00img1, img2
3691Canada 1 1920, MS62, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#21, lustrous red peaks at edge, frosty.100.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3692Canada 1 1923, AU55, BN, bronze, KM#28, lustrous chocolate brown, choice key date.240.00img1, img2
3693Canada 1 1939, MS64, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#32, mottled planchet, pretty almost wood pattern.70.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3694Canada 5 1900, MS62, NGC, silver, KM#2, Small Date, Narrow 0s, Blast White.250.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3695Canada 5 1927, AU58, nickel, KM#29, orig tn,exceptionally lustrous,could grade higher!.69.00img1, img2
3696Canada 5 2006, PR70, UCAM, NGC, CN, KM#491b, brilliant, deep contrast, a absolute gem.80.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3697Canada 25 1904, VF Details, NGC, silver, KM#11a, Mount Removed; on both sides light solder remains, our grade is VF30; Key Date; toned, darker at edges, very pretty.425.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3698Canada 25 1913, AU50, silver, KM#24, even golden toning, lustrous, bright.210.00img1, img2
3699Canada 25 1914, AU55, silver, KM#24, bright, drkr orig toning spots, luster remains.320.00img1, img2
3700Canada 25 1936, AU55, silver, KM#24a, briliant white and lustrous.170.00img1, img2
3701Canada 25 1936, AU50, silver, KM#24a, multi colored pastel tn, lot of luster, nice.140.00img1, img2
3702Canada 25 2004, MS63, nickel plated Steel, KM# 510, 1st Day Minted, Poppy, sealed folder.30.00
3703Canada 50 2006, PR69, UCAM, NGC, GOLD, KM#926, cowboy and bronco rider, brilliant, super.225.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3704Canada $1 1950, MS63, NGC, silver crown, KM#46, 3 Waterlines, SWL, proof like, burnt orange edge.250.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3705Canada $1 1960, UNC, silver crown, KM#54, a little baggy, bright.35.00img1, img2
3706Canada $1 1963, BU, silver crown, KM#54, brilliant, frosty, well struck, lt. toning.37.00
3707Canada $1 1964, BU, silver crown, KM#58, brilliant, frosty, lt. orig. golden toning.37.00img1, img2
3708Canada $1 1964, MS63, silver crown, KM#58, brilliant, still sealed in original cello.38.00img1, img2
3709Canada $1 1964, AU50, silver crown, KM#58, Charlottetown, brilliant, frosty, a bit baggy.33.00img1, img2
3710Canada $1 1965, BU, silver crown, KM#64.1, brilliant, frosty, well struck, lt. toning, surfaces a bit scratchy.37.00img1, img2
3711Canada $1 1965, UNC, silver crown, KM#64.1, bright, well struck, lt. toning, bit baggy.36.00img1, img2
3712Canada $1 1966, MS63, silver, KM#64.1, bight,pretty original toning,very nice,well struck.40.00img1, img2
3713Canada $1 1966, BU, silver crown, KM#64.1, brilliant, frosty, well struck, lt. toning.37.00img1, img2
3714Canada $1 1987, Proof-PR66, silver crown, KM#154, Ship, John Davis, Cameo, COA & Black Box.40.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3715Canada $1 1987, Proof-PR65, aureated bronze, KM#157, Loon right, Blue velvet box & sleeve.15.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3716Canada $1 1988, Proof-PR66, silver crown, KM#161, Ironworkers, Cameo, COA & Black Box.40.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3717Canada $1 1989, Proof-PR66, silver crown, KM#168, MacKenzie River, Cameo, COA, Box & Sleeve.40.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3718Canada $1 1991, Proof-PR66, silver crown, KM#179, S.S. Frontenac, Cameo, COA, Box & Sleeve.40.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3719Canada $1 1992, Proof-PR66, silver crown, KM#210, Stagecoach, Cameo, COA, Box & Sleeve.60.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3720Canada $1 1995, Proof-PR66, silver crown, KM#259, Hudson Bay Co, Cameo, w/COA & Black Box.60.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3721Canada $1 2005, PR69, UCAM, NGC, silver, KM#549b, Colorized National Flag,4,898 Mntd!RARE.350.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3722Canada $1 2006, MS66, NGC, silver, KM#718, brilliant,some orig toning, super.85.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3723Canada $5 2005, PR69, SF, NGC, silver, KM#556.1, 60th Ann. WWII-Verterans,25K mntd!Scarce.125.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3724Canada $5 2006, PR69, UCAM, NGC, silver, KM#658, Breat Cancer Awareness, colorized pink ribbon, 11,048 minted.150.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3725Canada $10 1973, MS63, silver crown, KM#86.1, Oly World Map, in black plastic holder/Cap.76.00img1, img2, img3
3726Canada $10 1973, MS64, silver crown, KM#87, Olympic Skyline Comm.80.00img1, img2
3727Cayman Islands $5 1974, PR69, CAM, silver, KM#8, in original holder.85.00img1, img2
3728Cayman Islands $25 1972, Proof, silver, KM#9, Wedding of Philip and Eliz II, case w/COA.100.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3729Central Asia-Bukhara 1 Tenga AH1336, VF30, copper, KM#46.1, weak strike, crude, rare.125.00img1, img2
3730Ceylon 1 Massa (1197-1211), EF40, copper, Mtch#837-9, Lilavati Queen, green patina, nice.95.00img1, img2
3731Ceylon 1 Massa (1197-1211), F12, copper, Mtch#837-9, Lilavati, tiny hole, irreg planchet.40.00img1, img2
3732Ceylon 1 Massa (1200-2), EF40, copper, Mtch#840-41, SahasaMalla, some earthen residue.90.00img1, img2
3733Ceylon 1 Massa (1200-2), VF30, copper, Mtch#840-41, SahasaMalla, even dark brown, nice.70.00img1, img2
3734Ceylon 1 Massa (1208-9), EF40, copper, Mtch#842-4, DharmasokaDeva, orange earth res,prtty.75.00img1, img2
3735Ceylon 1 Massa (1236-71), EF45, copper, Mtch#845-47, ParakramaBahu II, darker field tn, choice.85.00img1, img2
3736Ceylon 1 Massa (1273-84), VF25, copper, Mtch#850, BhuvanaikaBahu, even choc tn.60.00img1, img2
3737Ceylon 1 Massa (1273-84), VF30, copper, Mtch#851-52, BhuvanaikaBahu, lt verd, lt brown.65.00img1, img2
3738Ceylon 1 Stiver ND(ca1712), F15, copper, KM#19.1, very crude, weak strike, scarce.130.00img1, img2, img3
3739Chile Decimo 1881 SO, MS62, NGC, silver, KM#137.3, blast white toning, pop 1 of 1, no others graded.195.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3740Chile 1 Peso 1877, UNC, silver, KM#142.1, small scratch rev, lustrous re-engraved legend.120.00img1, img2
3741Chile 1 Peso 1877, EF40, silver, KM#142.1, toned, strike doubling at date, golden hue.65.00img1, img2
3742Chile 1 Peso 1880, AU58, silver, KM#142.1, re-engraved date, lustrous weak strike.145.00img1, img2
3743Chile 1 Peso 1884, MS62, silver, KM#142.1, blast white and lustrous, 2nd 8/8, interesting.180.00img1, img2
3744Chile 5 Pesos 1927, AU58, silver, KM#173.1, 1 year type, blast white, full rev luster.125.00img1, img2
3745China-Fukien 10 Cash (1901-05)ND, MS61, NGC, copper, Y#100.2, brown;full of luster;scarce.675.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3746China-Fukien 10 (1912)ND, VF25, ANACS, silver, Y#380, rich golden edge tone, choice & scarce.250.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3747China-Hupeh 10 (1895-1907), AU50, ANACS, silver, Y#124.1, clash die, lustrous white, 90% scales.260.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3748China $1 1914, EF40, silver, Y#329, Republic, aka fatman dollar, toning spots, nice.115.00img1, img2
3749China 2 29(1940), MS65, ANACS, brass, Y#358, high grade ultra gem, lightly toned.115.00
3750China 5 Yuan 1993, BU, PL, silver, KM#483, Panda on tree branch 1/2 ozt in cap.95.00
3751China 5 Yuan 1994, BU, PL, silver, KM#483, Panda approaching water 1/2 ozt in cap.95.00
3752China 5 Yuan 1995, BU, PL, silver, KM#?, Large Date, Panda hugging tree branch 1/2 ozt in cap.95.00
3753China 10 Yuan 1995, BU, PL, silver, KM#732.1, large twig variety, in Cap, small date.120.00
3754China Bao Yuan 1985, Proof, CAM, GOLD, KM#?, 1/10th ozt Vault Protector in capital holder.350.00
3755Colombia 8 Reales 1821, VG10, silver, KM#C6, very scarce 3 year type, Pomegranate rev.180.00img1, img2
3756Colombia Decimo 1881, EF40, silver, KM#143.2a, Narrow Date, rare,unknown mintage, lt tn.60.00img1, img2
3757Colombia 20 Centavos 1951 B, MS64, silver, KM#208.2, brilliant,re cut 1951,slight orig tn.35.00img1, img2
3758Colombia 50 Centavos 1874, VF30, silver, KM#172.2, 1 yr type, scarce, golden choice in every way.145.00img1, img2
3759Colombia 50 Centavos 1887, AU55, silver, KM#185, light hairlines, very difficult 1yr type.350.00img1, img2
3760Colombia 50 Centavos 1932, AU53, silver, KM#193.2, Round top 3, no M, better variety, white.135.00
3761Crusader-Antioch 1 Denier (1163-1201), F15, billon, Mal#65, Bohemond III, lt verd,wk lgnd.130.00img1, img2
3762Cuba 10 Centavos 1920, MS62, NGC, silver, KM#A12, tough in high grade, lustrous light golden.350.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3763Cuba 1 Peso 1953, UNC, silver, KM#29, blast white, hairlines, lustrous.60.00img1, img2
3764Curacao Gulden 1900, F15, silver, KM#35, lt grey, some toning,hairlines,pale golden hue.50.00img1, img2
3765Cyprus 1 Pound 2006, PR67, CN, KM#77, Akamas Centaurea flowers, gold hue, pretty, 6k minted.55.00img1, img2
3766Denmark-Gluckstadt 1/16 Speciedaler 1668, VF25, NGC, silver, KM#57, Frederik III, Rare; evenly toned grey & orange/pink hues.250.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3767Denmark RigsbankSkilling 1857 (o), AU55, bronze, KM#767, lt brown carmel tn, very nice.38.00img1, img2
3768Denmark 1 Skilling 1771, VF20, copper, KM#616.1, choc brn, OBV 2 darker tn spots,even tn.120.00img1, img2
3769Denmark 1 Skilling 1771, VF20, copper, KM#616.1, dark brown some light porosity.120.00img1, img2
3770Denmark 1 Skilling 1771, F15, copper, KM#616.1, dark chocolate brown throughout.80.00img1, img2
3771Denmark 1 Skilling 1771, VF30, copper, KM#616.2, choc brn, pitted, bubbling REV, even tn.625.00img1, img2
3772Denmark 1 Skilling Rigsmont 1856 (o), AU50, bronze, KM#763, pastel rnbw tn,sm edge defect.30.00img1, img2
3773Denmark 2 Skilling 1711, VF Details, NGC, silver, KM#502, Semi Key, Environmental Damage on tag; uneven surfaces; nice for type overall; even color.430.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3774Denmark 12 Skilling 1719 CW, F12, NGC, silver, KM#504, Rare Key Date, violet blue hues.380.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3775Denmark 16 Skilling 1814, VF20, bronze, KM#Tn3, choppy, solid grade, even chocolate brown.130.00img1, img2
3776Denmark 1 Ore 1878 (h)CS, EF45, bronze, KM#792.1, even orig chc brn tn,exceptional choice.460.00img1, img2, img3
3777Denmark 1 Ore 1879 (h)CS, VF20, bronze, KM#792.1, deep brown, very lt scrs,cpl edge dings.100.00img1, img2
3778Denmark 1 Ore 1880 (h)CS, EF40, bronze, KM#792.1, deep lustrous rich orig. brown.95.00img1, img2
3779Denmark 1 Ore 1883 (h)CS, EF40, bronze, KM#792.1, bright, cleaned long ago, nice.60.00img1, img2
3780Denmark 1 Ore 1886 (h)CS, AU53, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#792.1, Semi Key, even choc brown CH.525.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3781Denmark 1 Ore 1888 (h)CS, AU50, bronze, KM#792.1, even brn tn, cpl rims hits, key date.175.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3782Denmark 1 Ore 1889 (h)CS, AU58, bronze, KM#792.1, even rish chc brn, great choice.90.00img1, img2, img3
3783Denmark 1 Ore 1927 (h)N;GJ, AU50, bronze, KM#826.1, brn,key date,mint luster remains,great.120.00img1, img2
3784Denmark 2 Ore 1880 (h)CS, EF40, bronze, KM#793.1, rim bump, rev. @ 6:30, red auburn hues.155.00img1, img2
3785Denmark 5 Ore 1874 (h)CS, EF45, bronze, KM#794.1, choc bn lt tn spot rev,fantastic choice.200.00img1, img2
3786Denmark 5 Ore 1875 (h)CS, VF20, bronze, KM#794.1, once cleaned, retoned, weak date.155.00img1, img2
3787Denmark 5 Ore 1894 (h)VBP, EF40, bronze, KM#794.2, dark brown, could grade higher.135.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3788Denmark 5 Ore 1912 (h)VBP;GJ, EF45, bronze, KM#806, even choc brown, could grade higher.110.00img1, img2
3789Denmark 10 Ore 1897 (h)VBP, MS63, silver, KM#795.2, hairlines, bright, gold hue.130.00img1, img2
3790Denmark 25 Ore 1900 (h)VBP, F15, silver, KM#796.2, original toning, rim bump, porpoise.50.00img1, img2
3791Denmark Krone 1925 (h)HCN;GJ, EF40, alum-bronze, KM#831.1, gold color,edge tone,luster.60.00img1, img2
3792Denmark 1 Krone 1930 (h)N;GJ, EF40, alum-bronze, KM#824.2, bright, lt tone, lt scratches.200.00img1, img2
3793Denmark 1 Krone 1961 (h)CS, MS63, CN, KM#851.1, tons of luster, golden hue, gorgeous.50.00img1, img2
3794Denmark 2 Kroner 1906 (h)VBP;GJ, MS63, NGC, silver, KM#803, Accesion Frederick VIII; 151k mntg, 1 of 9 in MS63.250.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3795Denmark 2 Kroner 1923 (h)HCN;GJ, AU58, silver, KM#821, gldn tn, lots of luster, very nice.62.00img1, img2
3796Denmark 2 Kroner 1925 (h)HCN;GJ, AU58, NGC, alum-bronze, KM#825.1, lustrous golden; 4 Finer.250.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3797Denmark 2 Kroner 1926 (h)HCN;GJ, EF40, alum-bronze, KM#825.1, tnd,cpl minor tn spts,key date.85.00img1, img2
3798Denmark 2 Kroner 1930 (h)N;AH/HS, AU58, silver, KM#829, CH light edge tone; full luster, beauty.65.00img1, img2
3799Denmark 2 Kroner 1941 (h)N;GJ, VF30, alum-bronze, KM#825.2, bright gold, pretty,bit baggy.250.00img1, img2
3800Denmark 5 Kroner (1960) (h)CS, BU, silver, KM#852, brilliant, lots of luster, some toning.50.00img1, img2
3801Denmark 5 Kroner 1962 (h)CS, MS65, NGC, CN, KM#853.1, rose & golden, highest known grade!.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3802Denmark 5 Kroner 1964 (h)CS, AU55, CN, KM#853.1, lt. orig. golden toning, nice.29.00img1, img2
3803Denmark 5 Kroner 1965 (h)CS, MS61, CN, KM#853.1, lt. gold tone.37.00img1, img2
3804Denmark 10 Kroner 1900, BU, GOLD, KM#790.2, lustrous choice sharp strike beauty 204k mintage.500.00img1, img2
3805Denmark 10 Kroner (1967) (h)CS, BU, silver, KM#856, lustrous, light gold hue, nice.50.00img1, img2
3806Denmark 10 Kroner (1967)ND (h)CS, BU, silver, KM#856, lustrous, very nice.45.00img1, img2
3807Denmark 10 Kroner 1972 (h)S;S, MS65, silver, KM#858, bright, lustrous, slight gold hue.95.00img1, img2
3808Dominican Republic-Santo Domingo 4 Maravedis (1542-56), VF20, copper, Carlos & Juana, lt porosity & verdigris, weak, clipped edges.150.00img1, img2
3809Ecuador 1 Real 1833, F15, silver, KM#13, weakly struck, full rims, scarce well circulated.240.00img1, img2
3810Ecuador 2 Reales 1822 PO, VG8, silver, KM#A1, 1st coin of Ecuador very crude/weak part year 182X (1822), minted in Pasto, only colonial coin with spain royalty, interesting, scarce.300.00img1, img2
3811Ecuador Decimo 1897 LIMAJF, UNC, silver, KM#55.1, vry nice orig gry tn, lustrous fields, great.45.00img1, img2
3812Ecuador 2 Decimos 1914 FG LIMA., AU50, silver, KM#51.3, hairlines, bright, lt gold hue.60.00img1, img2
3813Egypt 1 Qirsh AH13273/3(1911), VF30, CN, KM#306, light gold, some darker grey toning.75.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3814Egypt 1 Pound 1968, MS64, silver, KM#415, Aswan Dam, satiny fully lustrous beauty.55.00img1, img2
3815El Salvador 1 Peso 1904 CAM, AU53, silver, KM#115.1, white 600k mintage.120.00img1, img2
3816El Salvador 1 Peso 1908 CAM, AU50, silver, KM#115.1, white slightly choppy surfaces.100.00img1, img2
3817El Salvador 1 Peso 1911 CAM, AU50, silver, KM#115.1, blast white, 500k mintage.125.00img1, img2
3818Finland 10 Markkaa 1882 S, BU, GOLD, KM#8.2, Nicholas II, 386k brilliant and lustrous.525.00img1, img2
3819Finland 10 Markkaa 1913 S, BU, GOLD, KM#8.2, Nicholas II, 396k brilliant, bright & lustrous.500.00img1, img2
3820France-Aquitaine 1 Sterling (1355-75), VF20, silver, Roberts#6807, Anglo-Gallic, Edward the Black Prince, Poitiers, good for issue, cpl weak spots, clipped edge.350.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3821France-Bearn 1 Denier (11-15th C), EF45, NGC, silver, Roberts#4181, Centulle I-V, immobilized design, rare in higher grades, 'Centvllo Come', 'Onor Forcas' w/Pax in ctr, nice!.300.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3822France-Burgundy 1 Denier (1305-1315)ND, G4, silver, R#5784, Hugh V, well centered,lt por.125.00img1, img2
3823France-Burgundy 3 Patards 1624, VG8, silver, KM#10, well used, slightly clipped edges.170.00img1, img2
3824France-Chartres 1 Denier 10-11th C, VF30, ANACS, silver, Roberts#5071, Anonymous Counts, crude, stylized bust of Louis IV 'type chinonais', very light tone, superb example, rare.500.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3825France-Lorraine Teston 1538, VF25, ANACS, silver, Roberts#9573, Antoine le Bon (Anthony the Good), mint: Nancy, golden grey toning, dated on reverse, nice example of scarce coin.825.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3826France-Lorraine 3 Blancs (1508-44), EF40, ANACS, silver, Roberts#9437, Antoine le Bon (Anthony the Good), mint: Nancy, attractive light gold hue, typical re-engraved legend.215.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3827France-Maguelonne 1 Denier (11-13th C), F12, silver, Rob#4336, crude, orig dark toning.155.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3828France-Meaux 1 Denier (1120-34), VG10, silver, Rob#4652, Burchard, some residue, cpl clips.160.00img1, img2
3829France-Melle 1 Denier 11-13thC, VF30, silver, Roberts#3862, CARLVS REX R, MET / ALO, rare.285.00img1, img2
3830France-Metz 1 Denier (1179-1212), VF20, billon, Rob#8858, Bertram, lt grey tone, nice.125.00img1, img2
3831France-Metz 1 Bugne (14-16th C), MS64, NGC, silver, Roberts#8922, Civic Issue, also called a tiercelle (Saur#1891), St. Stephen, incredible grade for over 500 years old, superb.1650.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3832France-Nevers 1 Denier (1241-57), VF35, NGC, silver, Roberts#4691, Mahaut II (as Matilda), obv: bar, lis above, 2 stars below, rev: cross pattee, attractive steel grey hue, scarce.285.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3833France-Poitou 1 Denier (1189-99), EF40 Details, NGC, silver, Roberts#3887, Anglo-Gallic, Richard I (the Lionhearted), environ dmg, only issue where Richard's name is written out.435.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3834France-Seltz 1 Denier 12-13thC, MS63, NGC, silver, Rob#9008, obv: bishop flanked by cross & crosier, rev: building flanked by stars, extremely rare, amazing condition.1700.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3835France-Seltz 1 Denier 12-13thC, EF45, silver, Rob#9008var, obv: figure (bishop?) flanked by cross & crosier, rev: building flanked by stars, extremely rare crude coin from Alsace.300.00img1, img2
3836France-Strasbourg 1 Denier (1200-1300), AU50, ANACS, silver, Verb#255,41, anonymous bishops during the reign of Emperor Conrad IV Hohenstaufen, nice rich toning, choice pick.500.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3837France-Vienne 1 Denier 12-14th C, F15, silver, Roberts#5045v, crude,grey tone.100.00img1, img2
3838France 1 Douzain aux Croissants 1549 B, VF20, silver, Roberts#3183, Henry II, wk str, lt tn.195.00img1, img2
3839France 1 Douzain aux Croissants 1552 Z, EF40, silver, Roberts#3183, Henry II, sm edge cracks.300.00img1, img2
3840France 1 Blanc a la Couronne (1422-61), F15, silver, Roberts#3005, Charles VII, orig grey tone, some darker spots, wavy flan, lt scratches.300.00img1, img2
3841France 1 Guenar (1380-1422), F15, NGC, silver, Roberts#2981, Charles VI, dark tone, nice.200.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3842France 1 Karolus du Dauphine (1483-98), EF40, NGC, silver, Roberts#3363, Charles VIII, lis and dolphins, high grade and rare, slight clipping with weak spot, super.800.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3843France 1 Plaque (1422-61), VF20, ANACS, silver, Roberts#2906, Charles VII, also called double gros, even golden grey toning, couple small bends and scratches, rare coin.600.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3844France 2 Sols 1792 A, VF20, bronze, KM#603.1, brown gold color, minor pitting, even tone.50.00img1, img2
3845France 2 Sols 1792 AA, F15, bronze, KM#603.2, gldn peach hue, gouge obb, drk tn fields.40.00img1, img2
3846France 30 Sols 1682 BB, EF45, NGC, silver, KM#263, even gold, scarce full strike beauty.650.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3847France 1 Centime Lan6(1797-8) A, EF40, bronze, KM#646, chocolate brown, vlt lilac.180.00img1, img2
3848France 2 Centimes 1895 A, MS63, RD, PCGS, bronze, KM#827.1, scarce high grade, lightly toned.85.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3849France 2 Centimes 1902, MS63, RB, PCGS, bronze, KM#841, scarce high grade beauty.85.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3850France 50 Centimes 1895 A, MS63, PCGS, silver, KM#834.1, lightly toned, ultra choice beauty.125.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3851France 5 Francs 1811 K, AU50, NNC, silver, KM#694.8, rich orig gry golden toning,vry nice.450.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3852France 5 Francs 1814 I, F15, silver, KM#702.6, lt gldn gry, clnd/minor scratches, even tn.140.00img1, img2
3853France 5 Francs 1817 A, EF40, silver, KM#711.1, darker lilac/gold toning.180.00img1, img2
3854France 5 Francs 1822 A, VF20, silver, KM#711.1, sm plan flaw, grey toning.95.00img1, img2
3855France 5 Francs 1828 W, VF30, silver, KM#728.13, light grey, baggy, golden hue.100.00img1, img2
3856France 5 Francs 1830 A, VF30, silver, KM#724.1, mottled toning,nice strike,pretty gldn hue.95.00img1, img2
3857France 5 Francs 1830 A, EF40, silver, KM#728.1, little scratchy, lt orig gold toning.135.00img1, img2
3858France 5 Francs 1830 W, EF40, silver crown, KM#728.13, med gry, few rim dings, golden hue.150.00img1, img2
3859France 5 Francs 1831 B, F15, silver, KM#735.2, lt gold hue, darker edge toning.85.00img1, img2
3860France 5 Francs 1844 BB, AU50, silver, KM#749.3, little baggy, bright, light toning.150.00img1, img2
3861France 5 Francs 1848 BB, EF40, silver crown, KM#756.2, drkr tn obv,few rim dings,rev lt gry.125.00img1, img2
3862France 5 Francs 1850 K, EF40, silver, KM#761.3, a bit bright, nice golden toning.350.00img1, img2
3863France 5 Francs 1867 BB, EF40, silver, KM#799.2, lt gldn pstl like tone,some chatter nice.80.00img1, img2
3864France 5 Francs 1868 BB, EF45, silver, KM#799.2, attractive yellowish tn,minor chttr,nice.140.00img1, img2
3865France 5 Francs 1873 A, EF40, silver, KM#820.1, tiny rim dings, medium dark toning.50.00img1, img2
3866France 10 Francs 1967, AU50, silver crown, KM#932, tny edge ding, lt toning, very nice.50.00img1, img2
3867France 20 Francs 1878 A, AU53, GOLD, KM#825, angel & constitution, becoming scarcer.360.00
3868French Indochina 1 Paistre 1900 A, EF45, silver crown, KM#5a.1, lt gry,gldn brn edge,great.170.00img1, img2
3869French Indochina 1 Paistre 1901 A, AU55, silver crown, KM#5a.1, lt PVC damage, tiny pinpricks, lt gldn hue.184.00img1, img2
3870French Indochina 1 Paistre 1902 A, AU50, silver crown, KM#5a.1, lstr, spckld w/pvc dmg,.137.00img1, img2
3871French Indochina 1 Paistre 1908 A, VF30, silver crown, KM#5a.1, lt gry, some chatter flds.100.00img1, img2
3872Germany-Baden 5 Marks 1903 G, AU55, silver crown, KM#274, beautiful golden hue, lustrous.485.00img1, img2
3873Germany-Baden 5 Marks 1907, AU50, silver crown, KM#279, bright,lt. golden toning,lustrous.212.00img1, img2
3874Germany-Bamberg 1 Pfennig (1242-57), VF30, silver, Banhoff#2053var, Heinrich I von Bilversheim, obv: bishop facing, rosettes surround, rev: church, rosette below, weak strike.140.00img1, img2
3875Germany-Brandenburg-Bayreuth 4 Kreuzer 1631, EF40, NGC, silver, KM#39, unlisted denomination for year, rare.1250.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3876Germany-Brandenburg 1 Bracteate (1300-1400), AU50, ANACS, silver, Salzwedel mint, stylized eagle, even dark toning, uncommon coin in a rare higher grade, choice.295.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3877Germany-Brandenburg 18 Groscher 1698, F15, silver, KM#611, lt scratch, fissions.110.00img1, img2
3878Germany-Bremen 1 Groten 1744, F15, silver, KM#198, very slight porosity, grey toning.45.00img1, img2
3879Germany-Brun-Lune-Cal-Han 1/6 Thaler 1718 B, VF30, silver, KM#108, med gry/vlt, obv flan defect.246.00img1, img2
3880Germany-Brun-Lune-Cal-Han 1/6 Thaler 1778 LCR, VF20, silver, KM#348, even orig gold grey.80.00img1, img2
3881Germany-Brun-Lune-Cal-Han 4 Mariengroschen 1708 HB, AU50, silver, KM#53, St. Andrew, golden.160.00
3882Germany-Brun-Lune-Cal-Han 6 Mariengroschen 1700 ***, VF20, silver, KM#11, wk ctr strike.150.00img1, img2
3883Germany-Brunswick-Lune-Calen 1/3 Thaler 1697, VF25, silver, KM#404, saint & cross, bright w/toned edge.250.00img1, img2
3884Germany-Brunswick-Lune-Calen 2/3 Thaler 1684 IES, VF30, silver, KM#263, cut off loop, blush golden tone.400.00img1, img2
3885Germany-Brunswick-Lune-Calen 2/3 Thaler 1694, VF30, silver, KM#379, bruised rim, EF obv.280.00img1, img2
3886Germany-Brunswick-Lune-Calen 6 Mariengroschen 1689, VF20, silver, KM#258, drk gry & gldn.130.00img1, img2
3887Germany-Brunswick-Lune-Calen 6 Mariengroschen 1695, VF20, silver, KM#375, drk gry, middle bend.130.00img1, img2
3888Germany-Brunswick-Wolfen 2 Mariengroschen 1627 (h), EF40, silver, KM#264, md gry,mnr bend.200.00img1, img2
3889Germany-Brunswick-Wolfen 6 Mariengroschen 1742 IBH, EF40, silver, KM#872, even gold grey.240.00img1, img2
3890Germany-Brunswick-Wolfen 6 Mariengroschen 1779 C, EF40, silver, KM#872, even toning.240.00img1, img2
3891Germany-Emden 28 Stuber (1624-37), F12, silver, KM#10.1, wk strike, sm scrts, lt pitting.190.00img1, img2
3892Germany-Frankfurt Am Main 1 Kreuzer 1778, MS64, NGC, billon, KM#228.2, Free City, golden lustrous beauty, highest graded.440.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3893Germany-Frankfurt Am Main 1 Thaler 1796 HGBH, MS64, PCGS, silver, KM#288 D#2229, Free City, scarce ultra elite grade, mostly white, important year.1750.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3894Germany-Frankfurt Am Main 1 Pfennig 1819, EF45, copper, KM#Tn5, chocolate brown choice example.43.00img1, img2
3895Germany-Hamburg 1 Schilling 1763 OHK, VF20, silver, KM#354, lt orig tn, some darker grey.40.00img1, img2
3896Germany-Hamburg 2 Schilling 1727 IHL, F15, silver, KM#357, mult hits, grey tone.105.00img1, img2
3897Germany-Hamburg 32 Schilling 1748 IHL, VF30, silver, KM#402, mottled tone, lt. fissions.335.00img1, img2
3898Germany-Hamburg 3 Marks 1911 J, EF40, silver, KM#620, sm ding, grey field tn, nice.50.00img1, img2
3899Germany-Henneberg-Ilmenau 2 Groschen 1692 BA, VF20, silver, KM#8.1, med grey rev, silver washed obv.260.00img1, img2
3900Germany-Hesse-Cassel 1 Albus 1686, AU58, NGC, silver, KM#296 | GUM#548, Landgraviate government; Karl, Hessian Lion Left; Very Rare.480.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3901Germany-Hesse-Cassel 1/12 Thaler 1768 FU, VF25, silver, KM#474.32, weak ctr, lt grey tn.120.00img1, img2
3902Germany-Hesse-Cassel 1 Silbergroschen 1863, AU55, silver, KM#615, lustrous golden toning.75.00img1, img2
3903Germany-Lubeck 1/96 Thaler (16)66 (d), VF30, silver, KM#A50, lt orig golden grey hue.125.00img1, img2
3904Germany-Munster 6 Mariengroschen 1754 IK, F12, silver, KM#185, golden medium grey.80.00img1, img2
3905Germany-Nassau 1 Kreuzer 1964 IIE, VF20, billon, C#3, light porosity.60.00img1, img2
3906Germany-Oldenburg 1 Schwaren 1859, AU55, copper, KM#190, orig tone, hits of red, choice.50.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3907Germany-Osnabruck 9 Pfennig 1625 CD, F12, copper, KM#97, porosity, cpl sm attempted holes.50.00img1, img2
3908Germany-Ottingen 1 Halbbatzen 1518, VF20, silver, MB#10, light orig toning, scarce.225.00img1, img2
3909Germany-Pfalz-Neuberg 10 Kreuzer 1532, EF45, NGC, silver, MB#23, Philipp the Warlike, Palatine Countship; high grade & even tone.550.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3910Germany-Prussia 3 Marks 1909 A, AU58, silver, KM#527, lightly toned throughout, choice, lustrous.90.00img1, img2
3911Germany-Prussia 3 Marks 1911 A, AU50, silver, KM#527, bright, sltly baggy, lt gold hues.61.00img1, img2
3912Germany-Prussia 5 Marks 1894 A, EF40, silver, KM#523, light tone, some gold hue.160.00img1, img2
3913Germany-Prussia 5 Marks 1899 A, EF40, silver, KM#523, dark toning, luster remains in legend.135.00img1, img2
3914Germany-Reuss-Schliez 1 Pfennig 1864 A, EF40, copper, KM#69, bn,cpl minor sctchs,even tone.40.00img1, img2
3915Germany-Rostock 3 Pfennig 1843BS, F15, copper, KM#137, 192K minted, nice orig milk choc tn.50.00img1, img2
3916Germany-Saxe-Cob-Saalfeld 1 Thaler 1764 ICE, VF20, silver crown, KM#76.1, sm. planchet defect at top, a few adhustment marks on cheek, toned.850.00img1, img2
3917Germany-Saxe-Coburg 3 Pfennig 1689 HEA, AU50, billon, KM#17, slight weak at top.260.00img1, img2
3918Germany-Saxe-Hildburg 2 Groschen 1719 WF, F15, silver, KM#17, clipped edge, sm graffiti.135.00img1, img2
3919Germany-Saxe-Meissen 1 Kreuzgroschen (1436), F15, silver, Saur#4373, Friedrich II, Friedrich IV, Sigismund, vy wk ctr strike, once cleaned, slight wave, lt gold tn w/some grey.210.00img1, img2
3920Germany-Saxony 2/3 Thaler 1764 EDC, VF20, silver, KM#974, wk obv str, tiny rev ding, nice.450.00img1, img2
3921Germany-Saxony 3 Marks 1913 E, AU58, silver crown, KM#1275, slight golden tn, luster,nice.55.00img1, img2
3922Germany-Saxony 5 Marks 1903 E, EF45, silver, KM#1258, 5M Bright Golden Colorful Edge.139.95img1, img2
3923Germany-Saxony 5 Marks 1903 E, EF40, silver, KM#1258, original tone, gldn hue, very nice.175.00img1, img2
3924Germany-Schles-Holst-Gott 1 Sechsling 1712 BH, VF20, silver, KM#193, sm edge clip,gld gry.250.00img1, img2
3925Germany-Schles-Holst-Gott 1/16 Thaler 1653 (k), EF40, silver, KM#93, oriig golden grey tn.225.00img1, img2
3926Germany-Schles-Holst-Gott 1/16 Thaler 1668, AU50, NGC, silver, KM#112, Christian Albrecht, 2 Year Type.550.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3927Germany-Schles-Holstein 2 1/2 Schilling 1812 MF, EF40, silver, KM#150, pitting, porosity.580.00img1, img2
3928Germany-Solms-Roedelheim 1 Albus 1657 BM, F15, silver, KM#7, weak strike,natural fissions.310.00img1, img2
3929Germany-Strassburg 1 Kreuzer (1595)ND, VF30, billon, MB#40, some corrosion, bend, orig tn.86.00img1, img2
3930Germany-Trier 1 Pfennig (1503-07), VG10, silver, MB#11, bit wavy, original toning.58.00img1, img2
3931Germany-Trier 1 Pfennig (1511-13), VG10, silver, MB#23, jagged edge, original toning.30.00img1, img2
3932Germany-Waldeck 4 Pfennig 1730, F12, copper, KM#169, lt rev scratches, even brown tone.80.00img1, img2
3933Germany-Wied-Runkel Stuber 1758, VG8, copper, KM#3, some slight pitting, even brown.25.00img1, img2
3934Germany-Wismar 3 Pfennig 1835, F15, copper, KM#140, slight wave, red brown hue.25.00img1, img2
3935Germany-Wurttemberg Kreuzer 1868, UNC, copper, KM#611, a hint of mint red remains, nice.60.00img1, img2
3936Germany-Wurttemberg 1 Kreuzer 1867, UNC, silver, KM#612, bright, slight orig. golden tn.37.00img1, img2
3937Germany-Wurttemberg 1 Kreuzer 1873, UNC, silver, KM#612, bathed in rich colorful toning.37.00img1, img2
3938Germany-Wurzburg 1 Schilling 1690, AU58, NGC, silver, KM#198, Bishopric, Johann Gottfried II.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3939Germany 1 Pfennig 1874 B, EF40, copper, KM#1, choice orig. clay & chocolate brown color.30.00img1, img2
3940Germany 2 Pfennig 1873 D, VF20, copper, KM#2, choice even orig. chocolate brown toning.25.00img1, img2
3941Germany 5 Pfennig 1876 J, AU55, CN, KM#3, lt. orig. lustrous golden grey toning.43.00img1, img2
3942Germany 10 Pfennig 1875 B, VF30, CN, KM#4, even orig. golden grey toning, nice.26.00img1, img2
3943Germany 50 Pfennig 1919 F, AU50, alum, KM#27, bright, plenty of mint luster remains.100.00img1, img2
3944Germany 50 Rentenpfennig 1924 A, EF40, alum-bronze, KM#34, golden yellow, some toning,.25.00img1, img2
3945Germany Mark 1908 A, AU50, silver, KM#17, bright, a hint of lt. toning.64.00img1, img2
3946Germany Mark 1918 E, MS63, silver, KM#17, some attractive orig. toning, choice.40.00img1, img2
3947Germany 1 Mark 1885 G, AU58, NGC, silver, KM#7, scarce high grade; lustrous lt golden hues.375.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3948Germany 1 Mark 1905 A, AU55, silver, KM#14, beautiful lilac dark gold tones.52.00img1, img2
3949Germany 1 Mark 1906 A, EF45, silver, KM#14, light golden hues, very light scratches.53.00img1, img2
3950Germany 1 Mark 1909 G, EF40, silver, KM#14, brilliant, a hint of golden toning.36.00img1, img2
3951Germany 1 Mark 1910 J, AU50, silver, KM#14, beautiful detail, bright, lt hairlines.200.00img1, img2
3952Germany 1 Mark 1911 D, AU50, silver, KM#14, beautiful lilac gold hues, some hairlines.170.00img1, img2
3953Germany 5 Marks 1931 A, AU Details, NGC, silver crown, KM#56, Weimer Republic; Oak Tree, Ours: AU55+; lt golden grey.420.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3954Germany DDR 10 Pfennig 1950 E, EF40, alum, KM#3, lt gry, lt oxidation,orig luster remains.160.00img1, img2
3955Germany West 5 Pfennig 1949 J, AU50, brass clad-steel, KM#102, some spotty tn, sm scrtchs.25.00img1, img2
3956Germany West 50 Pfennig 1949 D, AU50, CN, KM#104, 1st year iss.25.00img1, img2
3957Germany West 1 Mark 1950 D, UNC, CN, KM#110, 2 obv. tone dots.75.00img1, img2
3958Germany West 1 Mark 1950 D, AU55, CN, KM#110, light tone, some golden hues.60.00img1, img2
3959Germany West 1 Mark 1957 D, AU50, CN, KM#110, lt. golden toning.200.00img1, img2
3960Germany West 1 Mark 1957 G, AU50, CN, KM#110, lt. golden toning.472.00img1, img2
3961Germany West 1 Mark 1963 F, AU50, CN, KM#110, lt. golden blue.75.00img1, img2
3962Germany West 1 Mark 1964 G, UNC, CN, KM#110, nice light gold hue.250.00img1, img2
3963Germany West 2 Marks 1951 D, EF40, CN, KM#111, even orig gold grey tn, 2 tiny digs.30.00img1, img2
3964Germany West 2 Marks 1951 F, EF45, CN, KM#111, orig golden grey toning, some tiny spots.48.00img1, img2
3965Germany West 2 Marks 1951 F, EF40, CN, KM#111, bright, lightly cleaned, decent.30.00img1, img2
3966Germany West 2 Marks 1951 G, EF40, CN, KM#111, bright, light orig. golden toning.75.00img1, img2
3967Germany West 2 Marks 1951 G, VF20, CN, KM#111, grey toning, several fine scratches.50.00img1, img2
3968Germany West 2 Marks 1951 J, EF45, CN, KM#111, bright, lots of mint luster remains.48.00img1, img2
3969German East Africa 10 Heller 1914 J, EF45, CN, KM#12, Wihelm II, keydate, 200k, luster toned.135.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3970Great Britain 1 Farthing 1724, F12, copper, KM#556, choc brn, a little granular,even tone.90.00img1, img2
3971Great Britain 1 Farthing 1754/0, EF40, BN, NGC, copper, KM#581.2, deep chocolate brown, scarce collected overdate.420.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3972Great Britain 1 Farthing 1806, AU50, copper, KM#661, luster remains,edge kick 9:00,brn tn.180.00img1, img2
3973Great Britain 1 Farthing 1821, AU55, BN, bronze, KM#677, unlisted obverse die, reengraved I, CH.200.00
3974Great Britain 1 Farthing 1822, MS63, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#677, some toned areas, satiny chocolate brown.400.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3975Great Britain 1 Farthing 1825, EF40, copper, KM#677, rectangluar obv. counterstamped IN.125.00img1, img2
3976Great Britain 1 Farthing 1825, VF35, copper, KM#677, scratches,pitting at bottom obv edge.100.00img1, img2
3977Great Britain 1 Farthing 1826, AU58, bronze, KM#677, George IV, R/E in GRATIA, choice brown.350.00
3978Great Britain 1 Farthing 1826, AU58, BN, bronze, KM#697, lustrous, choice sharp strike.170.00
3979Great Britain 1 Farthing 1828, EF40, copper, KM#697, rich orig choc brown, some pitting.125.00img1, img2
3980Great Britain 1 Farthing 1829, AU58, MMNS, copper, KM#697, drk brn tn, spots porosity around lettering, our grade is a EF45.250.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3981Great Britain 1 Farthing 1829, AU55, copper, KM#697, lt. obv. scr, nice.297.00img1, img2
3982Great Britain 1 Farthing 1838, AU55, BN, bronze, KM#725, unlisted REV die, colon on top of stop.225.00
3983Great Britain 1 Farthing 1853, EF40, copper, KM#725, WW Incuse, light brown, lustrous.225.00img1, img2
3984Great Britain 1 Farthing 1860, EF45, copper, KM#747.2, Beaded Border, some red hue on rev.90.00img1, img2
3985Great Britain 1 Farthing 1861, UNC, bronze, KM#747.2, chc brn, rim dings rev,overall nice.200.00img1, img2
3986Great Britain 1 Farthing 1867, AU50, BN, bronze, KM#747.2, die clash on obv & rev, micro surface pitting.135.00img1, img2
3987Great Britain 1 Farthing 1867, EF40, bronze, KM#747.2, drkr choc brn,die crack, even tone.70.00img1, img2
3988Great Britain 1 Farthing 1875, AU55, bronze, KM#753, Large Date, medium brown, attractive.230.00img1, img2
3989Great Britain 1 Farthing 1875, AU50, copper, KM#753, Large Date, 5 Berries, gently cleaned long ago, now retoning, few very lt. obv. & rev. scrs.182.00img1, img2
3990Great Britain 1 Farthing 1881 H, MS63, bronze, KM#753, some lt contact marks, red brn hue.300.00img1, img2
3991Great Britain 1 Farthing 1884, AU55, bronze, KM#753, hairlines, dark brown toning.105.00img1, img2
3992Great Britain 1 Farthing 1893, AU50, copper, KM#753, even deep toning light red striation.90.00img1, img2
3993Great Britain Penny (1413-22), VF30, ANACS, silver, S#1797, Henry V, class G, annulet reverse, impression of cross on obverse, even dark toning, nice.425.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3994Great Britain Penny 1749, VF30, copper, KM#579.2, drk brn w/pstl violet hues,cpl gouges.240.00img1, img2
3995Great Britain Penny 1773, EF45, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#601, dark chocolate brown, choice.480.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3996Great Britain Penny 1799, MS62, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#647, SOHO, very light sea green and red hues over rich mahogany brown, pretty.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3997Great Britain Penny 1807, AU58, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#662, SOHO, mahogany brown, lustrous, satiny, choice super slider.280.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3998Great Britain Penny 1853, MS63, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#726, Victoria Bun Head, satiny chocolate brown, with extremely light violet hues, choice.450.00img1, img2, img3, img4
3999Great Britain Penny 1854, MS63, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#726, Victoria Bun Head, rich chocolate brown, light red brown edges, beautiful.450.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4000Great Britain Penny 1855, EF45, bronze, KM#726, sm obv spot, nice chocolate brown.123.00img1, img2
4001Great Britain Penny 1856, EF40, copper, KM#726, chocolate brown, a solid grade, even tn.120.00img1, img2
4002Great Britain Penny 1857, EF45, bronze, KM#726, some very lt verdigris, darker edges.134.00img1, img2
4003Great Britain Penny 1858/7, AU50, bronze, KM#726, small spot on neck, nie choc brown.195.00img1, img2
4004Great Britain Penny 1865, AU50, bronze, KM#748.2, lustrous walnut brwn.505.00img1, img2
4005Great Britain Penny 1874, EF40 Details, NGC, bronze, KM#754, surface hairlines 6 Berries; Large Date, scarce variety, affordable filler, sea green and blue hues.275.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4006Great Britain Penny 1886, AU50, bronze, KM#754, slght striated tn REV, tn spot on cheek.108.00img1, img2
4007Great Britain Penny 1891, AU50, bronze, KM#754, lustrous orig. red brown color, choice.186.00img1, img2
4008Great Britain Penny 1893, MS62, bronze, KM#754, some red, lt verdigris.400.00img1, img2
4009Great Britain Penny 1902, MS64, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#793.1, Low Sea Level, 2nd Finest.799.95img1, img2, img3, img4
4010Great Britain Penny 1902, UNC Details, NGC, bronze, KM#793.1, Low Sea Level, Environmental Damage, Key Variety, 2 small rev spots, red luster throughout, choice.375.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4011Great Britain 1 Penny (1042-66), F15, silver, Spink#1182, Edward the Confessor, moneyer: Liofstan, tiny hole, orig gold grey toning.250.00img1, img2
4012Great Britain 1 Penny 1247-72, F15, silver, S#1363, Henry III, mint: York, moneyer: Tomas.110.00img1, img2
4013Great Britain 1 Penny (1247-72)ND, VF20, silver, Spink#1363, Henry III, mint: London, slightly off ctr, light scratch, nice golden grey hue.230.00img1, img2
4014Great Britain 1 Penny (1272-79)ND, VF20, silver, Spink#1377, Edward I, 'Ioh on Santed', crude issue, weak edge, very light tone.160.00img1, img2
4015Great Britain 1 Penny 1272-1307, VF20, silver, S#1415, Edward I, Berwick, Class 4, wk str.200.00img1, img2
4016Great Britain 1 Penny (1280-81)ND, VF20, silver, Spink#1427, Edward I, mint: Lincoln, small edge clip, orig dark grey toning, nicely centered.150.00img1, img2
4017Great Britain 1 Penny (1310-14)ND, VF30, silver, Spink#1456, Edward II, mint: London, some grey edge tn, nice detail.235.00img1, img2
4018Great Britain 1 Penny 1310-18, VF20, silver, S#1469, Edward II, Durham, Kellawe, prsty.130.00img1, img2
4019Great Britain 1 Penny (1351-52), F12, silver, Spink#1585, Edw III,mnt:London, gry edge tn.140.00img1, img2
4020Great Britain 1 Penny 1743, AU55, NGC, silver, KM#567, George II Maundy, Scarce early issue, med grey toning.250.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4021Great Britain 1 Penny 1784, AU58, NGC, silver, KM#594, Maundy, very colorful hues, even steel grey, choice.375.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4022Great Britain 1 Penny 1795, AU58, NGC, silver, KM#614, Maundy, very colorful hues, even steel grey, choice.360.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4023Great Britain 1 Penny 1797, EF40, copper crown, KM#618, gold obv, choc rev. PRICE SLASHED.250.00img1, img2
4024Great Britain 1 Penny 1831, EF45, MMNS, copper, KM#707, No WW, small rim bump 7:00, better date, choc brn tn, they graded AU55.800.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4025Great Britain 1 Penny 1831, VF30, bronze, KM#707, No WW, sm rim hit, nice even brown tone.368.00img1, img2
4026Great Britain 1 Penny 1853, AU58, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#739, Ornamental Trident, mahogany brown throughout.480.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4027Great Britain 1 Penny 1854, AU50, copper, KM#739, lustrous lt. chocolate brown color.425.00img1, img2
4028Great Britain 1 Penny 1856, F15, copper, KM#739, Plain Trident, small rim hits, lt hue.275.00img1, img2
4029Great Britain 1 Penny 1862, EF45, bronze, KM#749.2, no obv. sign, nice.260.00img1, img2
4030Great Britain 1 Penny 1863, AU55, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#749.2, lustrous choc brown, choice.390.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4031Great Britain 1 Penny 1865, EF45, bronze, KM#749.2, tiny rim ding,some orig red hue, nice.505.00img1, img2
4032Great Britain 1 Penny 1870, EF45, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#749.2, even dark choc brn, pretty.380.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4033Great Britain 1 Penny 1887, MS64, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#755, 90% brn; 10% rd; natural beauty.480.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4034Great Britain 1 Penny 1897, BU, bronze, KM#790, Normal Sea Level, 85% rd,gldn edges,prtty.100.00img1, img2
4035Great Britain 1 Penny 1902, EF40, bronze, KM#794.1, multiple lt scratches, lt brown hue.140.00img1, img2
4036Great Britain 1 Penny 1902, UNC, bronze, KM#794.2, mostly brown, some mint red remains.275.00img1, img2
4037Great Britain 1 Penny 1905, MS64, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#794.2, mostly red hues, satiny even toning areas.360.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4038Great Britain 1 Penny 1906, MS65, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#794.2.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4039Great Britain 1 Penny 1911, MS65, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#810, Highest Known Grade, pop 1 of 7, clash die rev, very pretty red edge luster obv & rev, choice.420.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4040Great Britain 1 Penny 1913, MS65, RB, NGC, bronze, KM#810, blazing violet blue hues; highest graded; CH.350.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4041Great Britain 1 Penny 1932, EF45, bronze, KM#838, med chocolate brown tone, very nice.60.00img1, img2
4042Great Britain 1 Penny 1932, EF40, bronze, KM#838, even brown toning.35.00img1, img2
4043Great Britain 1 Penny 1951, MS65, RD, NGC, bronze, KM#869, 120k Mintage; Key, satiny & lightly toned red beauty.275.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4044Great Britain 1 Pence 1834, EF45, silver, KM#719, William IV, Steel Blue edge over dark grey.130.00
4045Great Britain Groat (1471-83), VF20, silver, S#2106, Edward IV, Canterbury, clipped.300.00img1, img2
4046Great Britain Groat 1485-1509, VF30, ANACS, silver, S#2214, Henry VII, York mint, Archbishop Savage, double struck legend, grey toning, some hint of gold.550.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4047Great Britain Groat (1526-32), VF35, NGC, silver, S#2343, Henry VIII, mint: Canterbury, Archbishop Warham, even deep grey tone, choice.900.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4048Great Britain Groat (1526-32), VF20, silver, S#2343, Henry VIII, slt bend, weak spots.325.00img1, img2
4049Great Britain Groat (1526-44), F15, silver, S#2341, Henry VIII, wk ctr, even tn.250.00img1, img2
4050Great Britain 3 Pence 1762, VF30, silver, KM#591, medium grey, holed,even toning, details.70.00img1, img2
4051Great Britain 3 Pence 1874, AU50, silver, KM#730, med grey, cleaned/ scratchy, goldn hue.92.00img1, img2
4052Great Britain 3 Pence 1887, AU55, NGC, silver, KM#730, Young Head, colorful edge behind head, scarce high grade, pretty.140.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4053Great Britain 3 Pence 1942, MS62, silver, KM#848, lustrous golden hue, nice.56.00img1, img2
4054Great Britain 3 Pence 1943, AU55, silver, KM#848, medium gry toned, minor scratch on face.46.00img1, img2
4055Great Britain 3 Pence 1943, EF45, silver, KM#848, light grey golden toning, clash die REV.34.00img1, img2
4056Great Britain 3 Pence 1944, AU58, silver, KM#848, golden tone, bright, nice coin.94.00img1, img2
4057Great Britain 3 Pence 1944, AU50, silver, KM#848, bright, orig gold toning.70.00img1, img2
4058Great Britain 3 Pence 1946, AU50, nickel-brass, KM#849, golden/rose on,some corr spots.405.00img1, img2
4059Great Britain 3 Pence 1946, EF40, nickel-brass, KM#849, mottled tone,mainly glden/ peach,.200.00img1, img2
4060Great Britain 1 Groat (1413-22), VF30, ANACS, silver, S#1765, Henry V, class C, even dark steel grey toning, edges clipped slightly,most affordable of this king's groats.1300.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4061Great Britain 1 Groat (1445-54), VF35, ANACS, silver, S#1915, Henry VI, London mint, leaf-pellet issue, sm, orig steel grey tone, rare higher grade.900.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4062Great Britain 1 Groat (1471-83), VF20, silver, S#2096, Edward IV, mm annulet, cleaned.370.00img1, img2
4063Great Britain 6 Pence 1592, F15, silver, Spink#2578b, Elizabeth I, mm: tun, edges a bit clipped, scratches, weak center, nice orig toning.360.00img1, img2
4064Great Britain 6 Pence 1787, AU50, silver, KM#606.1, George III, few micro scrs, choice.312.00img1, img2
4065Great Britain 6 Pence 1787, EF40, silver, KM#606.1, George III, lustr remains.250.00img1, img2
4066Great Britain 6 Pence 1787, F15, silver, KM#606.2, w/Hearts, natural fission,med tn,gldn hue.65.00img1, img2
4067Great Britain 6 Pence 1834, EF40, silver, KM#712, lots of gldn luster.250.00img1, img2
4068Great Britain 6 Pence 1835, EF40, silver, KM#712, bright, lightly cleaned long ago, nice.225.00img1, img2
4069Great Britain 6 Pence 1853, VF30, silver, KM#733.1, lt gldn gun metal hue, lt scrths obv,vry minor rim nicks.120.00img1, img2
4070Great Britain 6 Pence 1866, EF40, silver, KM#733.2, die number, clash die,original toning.210.00img1, img2
4071Great Britain 6 Pence 1877, AU50, silver, KM#751.2, very light rose hues.350.00img1, img2
4072Great Britain 6 Pence 1880, EF45, silver, KM#751.2, some tiny scratches, lt tone, nice.235.00img1, img2
4073Great Britain 6 Pence 1881, AU55, NGC, silver, KM#757, extremely lt golden toning, pretty.275.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4074Great Britain 6 Pence 1882, EF45, NGC, silver, KM#757, low mintage key; medium grey, darker at edges, pretty.275.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4075Great Britain 6 Pence 1899, BU, silver, KM#779, couple red spots rev, bright and nice.200.00img1, img2
4076Great Britain 6 Pence 1904, EF45, silver, KM#799, bright, cleaned a long time ago.119.00img1, img2
4077Great Britain 25 New Pence 1977, PR69, CAM, silver, KM#920a, in cap and original box, super.85.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4078Great Britain 25 New Pence 1981, Proof, silver, KM#925a, Royal Wedding, brllnt,super.64.00img1, img2
4079Great Britain 50 Pence (1992), Proof, silver, KM#963a, official blue box w/papers, super.45.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4080Great Britain 50 Pence 1992, Piedfort Proof, silver, KM#P15, in orig. box & cert.110.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4081Great Britain 1 Shilling 1839, EF40, silver, KM#734.1, polished long ago,dull golden grey.369.00img1, img2
4082Great Britain 1 Shilling 1839, F12, silver, KM#734.1, lt orig tone, cpl tiny edge dings.75.00img1, img2
4083Great Britain 1 Shilling 1839 WW, F15, silver, KM#734.1, lt scratches, med gold grey.125.00img1, img2
4084Great Britain 1 Shilling 1864, VF30, silver, KM#734.3, pale rose gldn tn, die scrtchs rev.147.00img1, img2
4085Great Britain 1 Shilling 1884, AU55, NGC, silver, KM#734.4, frosty white w/ lt rose hues.360.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4086Great Britain 1 Shilling 1890, EF40, silver, KM#774, org gry gldn hue,luster remains,nice.95.00img1, img2
4087Great Britain 1 Shilling 1892, EF40, silver, KM#774, colorful edge toning, pretty.110.00img1, img2
4088Great Britain 1 Shilling 1910, UNC, silver, KM#800, cleaned, hairlines, light gold.150.00img1, img2
4089Great Britain 1 Shilling 1910, AU50, silver, KM#800, bright, light orig tone, pale gold.108.00img1, img2
4090Great Britain 1 Florin 1893, MS62, NGC, silver, KM#781, lustrous, very light rose hues.225.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4091Great Britain 1 Florin 1894, AU50, silver, KM#781, bright, lt gold edges, hairlines.195.00img1, img2
4092Great Britain 1 Florin 1894, EF45, silver, KM#782, gun metal grey w/lilac and orange hues.125.00img1, img2
4093Great Britain 1 Florin 1899, MS62, NGC, silver, KM#781, lustrous, blast white.280.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4094Great Britain Double Florin 1887, AU50, silver crown, KM#763, Arabic 1, polished, lt. scr.155.00img1, img2
4095Great Britain Crown 1816, VF30, silver, KM#667, light grey toning, nice detail, scarce.380.00
4096Great Britain Crown 1826, EF40, NGC, silver, KM#695, med dark grey, sparse violet hues.485.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4097Great Britain Crown 1826, VF30, silver, KM#695, even lt gldn hues, some obv field nics.312.00img1, img2
4098Great Britain Crown 1850, VF Details, NGC, silver, KM#740, scratches, Our grade VF30, rich grey toning.480.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4099Great Britain Crown 1912, MS62, NGC, silver, KM#818.1, very light golden hue choice.350.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4100Great Britain 1 Crown 1887, VF20, silver crown, KM#765, grey, very light orig toning,nice.130.00img1, img2
4101Great Britain 1 Crown 1896 LIX, VF30, silver, KM#783, rich gry, few hrlns,pale golden hue.318.00img1, img2
4102Great Britain 1 Crown 1896LX, VF30, silver crown, KM#783, prtty tn, vry sm rim bumps,nice.200.00img1, img2
4103Great Britain 1 Crown 1897LXI, AU50, silver crown, KM#783, bright, lightly cleaned, lt. tone.450.00img1, img2
4104Great Britain 1 Pound 1983, PR69, CAM, silver, KM#933a, 50K minted, in orig box and COA.50.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4105Great Britain 1 Pound 1985, Proof, silver, KM#941a, briliiant, orig. box, choice.40.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4106Great Britain 1 Pound 1986, Proof, silver, KM#P6, Piedfort, briliiant, in orig. red box.70.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4107Great Britain 1 Pound 1987, PR69, CAM, silver, KM#948a, 50K minted, in orig box and COA.50.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4108Great Britain 1 Pound 1989, PR69, silver, KM#959a, box w/COA 25K minted.50.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4109Great Britain 1 Pound 1990, Proof, silver, KM#941a, briliiant, orig blue box w/COA.45.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4110Great Britain 1 Pound 1991, Proof, silver, KM#946a, orig light blue box w/COA, super.40.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4111Great Britain 1 Pound 1994, Proof, silver, KM#P18, Piedfort, Piedfort, in orig. box.110.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4112Great Britain 2 Pounds 1986, Proof, silver, KM#947b, official blue box w/papers, super.50.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4113Great Britain 2 Pounds (1994), Proof, silver, KM#968a, official green box w/papers, super.50.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4114Great Britain 2 Pounds (1995), Proof, silver, KM#970a, official green box w/COA, super.50.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4115Great Britain 2 Pounds 1996, Proof, silver, KM#973a, official red box w/papers, super.50.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4116Great Britain 2 Pounds 1997, Proof, silver, KM#976a, official red box w/papers, super.50.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4117Great Britain 5 Pounds (1993), Proof, silver, KM#965a, official red box w/papers, super.85.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4118Great Britain 5 Pounds (1996), Proof, silver, KM#974a, official red box w/papers, super.85.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4119Great Britain 5 Pounds (1997), Proof, silver, KM#977a, official red box w/papers, super.85.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4120Great Britain 5 Pounds 1999, Proof, silver, KM#1006a, official blue box w/papers, super.85.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4121Great Britain 5 Pounds 2000, Proof, silver, KM#P112, official green box w/papers, super.175.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4122Great Britain 5 Pounds 2002, Proof, silver, KM#1024a, official blue box w/papers, super.85.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4123Greece 2 Drachmai 1957, EF40, CN, KM#82, cldy gld rust tn, rust streak OBV, great detail.36.00img1, img2
4124Greece 5 Drachmai 1930, EF45, nickel, KM#71.1, clash die, original toning, bright, nice.27.00img1, img2
4125Greece 20 Drachmai 1930, AU50, silver, KM#73, golden tone, original nice even toning.164.00img1, img2
4126Greece 100 Drachmai 1967(1970), MS66, NGC, silver, KM#94, pheonix, blast white semi PL.430.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4127Greece 1 Ecu (1992) PM, PR67, X#30, ancient Greek galley w/stars, 10k minted, super.85.00img1, img2
4128Greenland 25 Ore 1926, VF30, CN, KM#6, rim nic at 12 on rev, even grey toning.90.00img1, img2
4129Greenland 1 Krone 1960 CS, MS65, NGC, CN, KM#10a, lustrous golden grey; 108.5k mintage; scarce ultra grade.350.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4130Greenland 10 Kroner 1922, AU58, NGC, CN, KM#Tn49, Danish Colony, 10k mintage, russet toning CH.225.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4131Guatemala 1 Centavo 1871, AU50, bronze, KM#196, unknown mintage, even orig brn tn, choice.50.00img1, img2
4132Guatemala 1 Peso 1882 AE, VF20, silver crown, KM#208, lt gry tn,lt scrs rev,pale gldn hue.225.00img1, img2
4133Guinea-Bissau 1 Escudo 1973, MS64, bronze, KM#14, bright, red, a hint of brown, nice.80.00img1, img2
4134Guinea 50 Francs 1969, MS64, NGC, CN, KM#8, 4k Mintage, Highest Known Grade;golden toned.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4135Guinea 50 Francs 1969, MS63, NGC, CN, KM#8, 4,000 mntg;vry scarce issue;hghst known grade.350.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4136Guinea 100 Francs 1971, MS63, NGC, CN, KM#41, scarce highest known grade; golden.280.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4137Hong Kong 1 1863, AU55, bronze, KM#4.1, lightly cleaned, striated planchet, nice.115.00img1, img2
4138Hong Kong 1 1905 H, AU50, bronze, KM#11, medium choc brown tn, minor rim nicks/hits rev.65.00img1, img2
4139Hungary 1 Denar 15Z9 KB, AU55, silver, Ferdinand I, gold/violet/orange grey hues, nice.240.00img1, img2, img3
4140Hungary 1 Denar 1172-1270, EF40, silver, Husz#192, bracteate, Bella III or IV, rainbow tn.250.00img1, img2
4141Hungary 1 Denar (1342-82), VG8, silver, Louis I, Saracen head/cross, crude.95.00img1, img2
4142Hungary 1 Denar (1458-1490)ND KP, EF40, silver, Matthias Corvinus, rich orig. golden grey.150.00img1, img2
4143Hungary 1 Denar 1508 KH, AU50, silver, MB#27, Wladislaw II, rare in high grade, nice.250.00img1, img2
4144Hungary 3 Krajczar 1665 KB, EF45, silver, KM#163, Leopold, looped at top, full details.150.00img1, img2
4145Hungary 3 Krajczar 1666 KB, AU50, silver, KM#163, Leopold, even orig. lt. grey color.230.00img1, img2
4146India-Alwar 1 Rupee 1878, VF30, silver, KM#45, orig tn, ltly cleaned long ago,nice choice.90.00img1, img2
4147India-Baroda 4 Annas VS1952 (1895), EF45, silver, Y#34a, weak strike, scarce, choice grey.150.00img1, img2
4148India-Baroda 1 Rupee VS1952(1895), EF40, silver, Y#36a, even microporosity, grey edges.180.00img1, img2
4149India-Bombay Presidency 2 Pice 1773, VF20, copper, KM#189, 20% off ctr, weak, crude.110.00img1, img2
4150India-Delhi Sultanate 1 Tanka 1325-51, F15, billon, Muhammad b Tughluq, Caliph al-Hakim II.80.00img1, img2
4151India-Delhi Sultanate 1 Tanka 1325-51, F15, billon, Muhammad b Tughluq, Caliph al-Mustakfi.80.00img1, img2
4152India-Madras Presidency 10 Cash 1808, VF30, copper, KM#319, cleand, a little porus, RB tn.38.00img1, img2
4153India-Madras Presidency 20 Cash 1808, UNC, copper, KM#321, RB, some drkr tn spots, brght.140.00img1, img2
4154India-Magadha 1 Karshapana 5-2thC BC, VF20, silver, obv: multiple (at least 4) punchmarks including sun, rev: circule punch, some corrosion.115.00img1, img2
4155India-Mewar 1/16 Rupee VS1985(1928), AU Details, NGC, silver, Y#18, light hairlines, white scarce.75.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4156India-Mughal Empire 1 Mahmudi AH1007, VF25, silver, KM#72.1, Muhammad Akbar, Mulher mint.105.00img1, img2
4157India-Mughal Empire 1 Rupee AH1026/1x, EF40, silver, KM#145.12, Jahangir, edge punchmarks.300.00img1, img2, img3
4158India-Mughal Empire 1 Rupee AH1028/15, EF40, silver, KM#145.12, Jahangir, Patna Mint.250.00img1, img2
4159India-Mughal Empire 1 Rupee AH1149/19, EF45, silver, KM#437.4, Muhammad Shah, nice.150.00img1, img2
4160India-Satavahana Dynasty 1 Karshapana (39BC-107AD), VF30, billon, nice dtl,orig dark tone.100.00img1, img2
4161India-Sultans of Bengal 1 Tanka AH899 (1493-1519), AU50, ANACS, silver, Goron#B706, al-Din Husain Shah, Fathabad, lightly toned lustrous surfaces.700.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4162India-Sultans of Bengal 1 Tanka AH914 (1493-1519), EF45, ANACS, silver, Goron#B706, al-Din Husain Shah, Husainabad, dark toning, weak rim, superb.550.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4163India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (3rd C), EF40, copper, MACW#4711-15, obv: Kartitkeya leaning. rev: goddess left, lotus in field.60.00img1, img2
4164India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (3rd C), EF40, copper, MACW#4711-15, obv: Kartitkeya straight. rev: goddess left, lotus in field.60.00img1, img2
4165India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (3rd C), VF20, copper, MACW#4711-15, obv: Kartitkeya leaning. rev: goddess left, lotus in field.55.00img1, img2
4166India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (3rd C), VF20, copper, MACW#4711-15, obv: Kartitkeya straight. rev: goddess left, lotus in field.55.00img1, img2
4167India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (3rd C), EF40, copper, MACW#4716-18, obv: Kartitkeya w/sceptre. rev: goddess left, conch in field.60.00img1, img2
4168India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (3rd C), VF20, copper, MACW#4716-18, obv: Kartitkeya w/sceptre. rev: goddess left, conch in field.55.00img1, img2
4169India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (4th C), EF40, copper, MACW#4719-21, obv: Kartitkeya facing forward. rev: goddess left, blank fields.50.00img1, img2
4170India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (4th C), EF40, copper, MACW#4719-21, obv: Kartitkeya slightly left. rev: goddess left, blank fields.50.00img1, img2
4171India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (4th C), VF20, copper, MACW#4719-21, obv: Kartitkeya facing forward. rev: goddess left, blank fields.45.00img1, img2
4172India-Yaudheya Republic 1 Tetradrachm (4th C), VF20, copper, MACW#4719-21, obv: Kartitkeya slightly left. rev: goddess left, blank fields.45.00img1, img2
4173India Rupee 1835 (b), VF20, silver, KM#448.3, lt gold, darker grey fields, nice.80.00img1, img2
4174India 10 Rupees 1974 (B), MS64, CN, KM#189, F.A.O:Family within triangle,65Kminted.65.00img1, img2
4175India 10 Rupees 1977 (B), MS64, CN, KM#192, F.A.O: Save for development, 20K minted! Scarce.80.00img1, img2
4176India 10 Rupees 1979 (B), MS66, CN, KM#194, International Year of the Child,tons of luster.120.00img1, img2
4177India 10 Rupees 1980 (B), MS65, CN, KM#195, Rural Women's Advancement; unknown mintage.115.00img1, img2
4178India 10 Rupees 1981 (B), MS65, CN, KM#196, World Food Day, unknown mintage, scarce.115.00img1, img2
4179India 10 Rupees 1982 (B), MS65, CN, KM#198, National Integration,Asoka lion pedestal, gem.115.00img1, img2
4180India 20 Rupees 1986 (B), MS65, CN, KM#242, F.A.O:Fisheries,toning, Rare, unknown mintage.225.00img1, img2
4181India 20 Rupees 1989 (B), MS60, CN, KM#244, 100th Anniv of Nehru's Birth, unknown mntg.125.00img1, img2
4182India 50 Rupees 1979 (B), MS66, CN, KM#193, F.A.O:Food and Shelter For All, 25K minted.80.00img1, img2
4183India 50 Rupees 2000 (c), MS64, silver, KM#293, Supreme Court - 50 Years, unknown mintage.230.00img1, img2
4184India 1 Sovereign 1918 I, MS63, GOLD, KM#525A, lustrous gem, 1 year type.450.00
4185Ireland Penny 1939, EF40, bronze, KM#10, even chocolate brown.60.00img1, img2
4186Ireland 3 Pence 1939, AU55, nickel, KM#12, some tiny contact marks, bright, lt gold.410.00img1, img2
4187Ireland 3 Pence 1939, EF45, nickel, KM#12, tiny rev dig, bit rough on shoulder.148.00img1, img2
4188Ireland 6 Pence 1935, AU50, nickel, KM#5, light scratches, orig golden grey toning.160.00img1, img2
4189Ireland 6 Pence 1945, MS64, CN, KM#13a, soft pastel violet and yellow tone, cleaned.270.00img1, img2
4190Ireland 1 Shilling 1959, MS63, CN, KM#14a, trace of rainbow toning rev,bathed in luster.70.00img1, img2
4191Ireland 1 Florin 1934, VF30, silver, KM#7, light golden hue, key date.180.00img1, img2
4192Ireland 1 Florin 1959, MS63, CN, KM#14a, lustrous, golden hue.60.00img1, img2
4193Ireland Crown 1961, EF45, CN, KM#17, Mule, open d & shifted left PM, toned.140.00img1, img2
4194Islamic-Alid of Tabaristan 1 Dirham AH269, VF20, silver, Album#1523, al-Hassan b. Zayd, Jurjan mint, weak edges, flat strike, crude as issued.200.00img1, img2
4195Islamic-Artuqid Dynasty 1 Dirham AH571 (1174-85), VF30, ANACS, bronze, A#1821.1, Amid & Hisn Kayfa, Nur al-Din Muhammad, Rare (R) even chocolate brown.350.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4196Islamic-Ayyubid Dynasty 1 Dirham (1199-1210), F12, bronze, al-Awhad, lt prsty, even brown.125.00img1, img2
4197Islamic-Ayyubid Dynasty 1 Dirham (AH564-89), F12, silver, Mint: Aleppo, weak strike,lt tn.75.00img1, img2
4198Islamic-Khwarizmshahs 1 Jital AH618 (1221), VF35, ANACS, billon, A#1971, Malik of Kurzuwan, Rabi II (siege of Genghis Khan), very scarce & significant.175.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4199Islamic-Khwarizmshahs 1 Broad Dirham 1200-1220, VF20, billon, al-Din Muhammad, lt corr.145.00img1, img2
4200Islamic-Muwahhid Dynasty 1 Dirham AH524-640(1130-1250AD), VF30, silver, Hoh#20, square.50.00img1, img2, img3
4201Islamic-Umayyad Dynasty 1 Dirham AH122(744AD), AU50, silver, No KM#, Caliph Hisham, long ago cleaned, crescent edge toning.190.00img1, img2
4202Islamic 1 Dirham ?, AG3, silver, No KM#, unable to determine date, small verdigris spot.40.00img1, img2
4203Isle of Man Penny 1786, VF20, copper, KM#8, even orig brn tone,engrailed edge, vry nice.75.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4204Isle of Man 1 Penny 1758, EF45, copper, KM#7, fantastic strike,even orig brwn tn 60K mntg.280.00img1, img2
4205Isle of Man 1/4 Crown 1996, Proof, Like KM#673, Bi-Metallic GOLD & Platinum .999, 5k mintage, Camelot Castle King Arthur, platinum center and gold ring.550.00img1, img2
4206Israel 500 Pruta 1949, BU, silver, KM#16, bright, pretty, bit baggy.60.00img1, img2
4207Israel 10 Lirot JE5727-1967, MS65, silver, KM#49, Victory, official black wallet, super.65.00
4208Italy-Naples 1 Sestino (1501-03), VF20, NGC, bronze, MEC#1085, Louis XII of France, Second Italian War against Ferdinand II of Aragon, nice brown shading, rare.465.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4209Italy-Naples 1 Sestino (1504-16), VF20, BN, NGC, bronze, Mir#120, Ferdinand of Aragorn 'the Catholic', dark brown, some earthen residue and green patina, rare.495.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4210Italy-Naples 1 Sestino (1516-19), F15, BN, NGC, bronze, Mir#122, Giovanna la Pazza, regent for Carlo of Spain, dark brown tone with some green patina, bit of residue on rev, rare.475.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4211Italy-Naples 1 Gigliato (1303-9), VF35, ANACS, silver, Mec#687, Charles II of Anjou, obv: king seated facing, w/scepter & orb w/cross, rev: cross fleury, lis in each angle, rare.900.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4212Italy-Naples 1 Gigliato (1303-09), VF35, NGC, silver, Mec#687, Charles II of Anjou 'the Lame', even dark grey toning, nice detail, scarce.450.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4213Italy-Naples 1 Gigliato (1309-43), EF40, ANACS, silver, Mec#697, Robert I, obv: king seated facing, w/scepter & orb w/cross, rev: cross fleury, lis in each angle, scarce.775.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4214Italy-Naples 1 Gigliato (1309-43)ND, VF Details, NGC, silver, Mec#706, Robert of Anjou 'the Wise', postumous issue.250.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4215Italy-Naples 1 Carlino (1266-85), VF30, ANACS, silver, Mec#678, Charles I of Anjou, obv: shield of Jerusalem/Anjou, rev: the Annunciation, lt gold grey tn, well ctrd, very scarce.650.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4216Italy-Naples & Sicily 3 Cavalli (1516-56) A, EF45, BN, NGC, copper, MIR#153 / MB#71, Charles V of Spain, Holy Roman Emperor, dark brown, some lighter spots, rare.495.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4217Italy-Naples & Sicily 1 Cinquina (1534), VF35, ANACS, silver, Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, obv: golden Fleece suspended from branches, rosette? below, rev: pillars of Hercules, rare.600.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4218Italy-Naples & Sicily 120 Grana 1856, EF40, silver, KM#370, lam flaw, die crack, adj. mks.160.00img1, img2
4219Italy-Papal States-Bologna 2 Bolognini (1676-89), VF35, NGC, billon, KM#89 / berman #2144, Pope Innocent XI, Rev: Saint Petronius, original even grey toning, rare.250.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4220Italy-Papal States-Bologna 1 Bianco (1534-49), VF Details, NGC, silver, Berman#927, Pope Paul III, rev: lion w/banner, light scratches, even golden grey toning, rare.600.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4221Italy-Papal States 1 Testone (1690)MDCXC -I, VF30, silver, KM#524, light OBV scratches.648.00img1, img2
4222Italy-Tassarolo 1 Luigino 1658, VF30, NGC, silver, KM#48.1, wife of Filippo, even grey tone, choice.250.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4223Italy-Venice 1 Soldo (1700-09), VF Details, NGC, KM#443, Doge Alvise II Mocenigo, winged lion & bishop.200.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4224Italy-Venice 1/8 Scudo (1634-35)ND MAM, F12, silver, Doge Francesco Erizzo, v lt cleaned.230.00img1, img2
4225Italy 1 Centesimo 1916 R, BU, BN, bronze, KM#40, lustrous mint rd peaks remains well struck.45.00img1, img2
4226Italy 10 Centesimi 1867 OM, VF35, copper, KM#11.5, choc brn, vry little hnts red, even tn.66.00img1, img2
4227Italy 10 Centesimi 1867 T, AU55, copper, KM#11.6, RB, very nice.139.00img1, img2
4228Italy 10 Centesimi 1903 R, PR65, NGC, bronze, KM#Pn2, Pattern Vittorio Emanuele III, very old NGC holder, pink red hues over rich mahogany, spectacular and a very rare offering.750.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4229Italy 10 Centesimi 1911 R, MS63, bronze, KM#51, hints of orig mint red at peaks,beautiful.210.00img1, img2
4230Italy 50 Centesimi 1919 R, VF35, nickel, KM#61.1, light golden toning.63.00img1, img2
4231Italy 50 Centesimi 1921 R, AU55, nickel, KM#61.1, light grey,bright, golden hue, toning.33.00img1, img2
4232Italy 1 Lira 1905 R, VG8, NGC, silver, KM#32, key date for series, blue toning streak, we grade F12.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4233Italy 1 Lira 1909 R, VF30, silver, KM#45, light grey, XF details, pale golden hue.192.00img1, img2
4234Italy 1 Lira 1916 R, EF45, silver, KM#57, light grey, microscopic toning spots, gldn hue.160.00img1, img2
4235Italy 2 Lire 1926 R, F15, nickel, KM#63, I want to call it a VF!.53.00img1, img2
4236Italy 5 Lire 1963 R, BU, stainless steel, KM#95.1, brilliant, light grey, some toning.40.00img1, img2
4237Italy 20 Lire 1882 R, MS63, NGC, GOLD, KM#21, Umberto, frosty devices, satiny & semi proof like.700.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4238Italy 50 Lire 1955 R, UNC, stainless steel, KM#95.1, brilliant, light grey, tn spot 2:00.40.00img1, img2
4239Italy 50 Lire 1955 R, AU55, stainless steel, KM#95.1, lt gry,tons luster, very lt orig tn.33.00img1, img2
4240Italy 50 Lire 1955 R, AU50, stainless steel, KM#95.1, very lustrous, a slider.17.50img1, img2
4241Italy 50 Lire 1956 R, BU, stainless steel, KM#95.1, bright and lustrous, nice.60.00img1, img2
4242Italy 100 Lire 1955 R, AU50, stainless steel, KM#96.1, very light golden hues.118.00img1, img2
4243Japan 1 Sen (1877)Yr10, EF45, copper, Y#17.1, blue, red, and gold toning.52.00img1, img2
4244Japan 1 Yen (1887)Yr20, AU50, silver crown, Y#A25.3, 1 tiny chopmark.887.00img1, img2
4245Jersey 1/13 Shilling 1844, EF45, copper, KM#3, a few pale scratches, nice brown shading.130.00img1, img2
4246Latvia 5 Lati 1931, AU50, silver, KM#9, bright, pale gold hue, come contact marks, nice.60.00img1, img2
4247Latvia 5 Lati 1932, AU55, silver, KM#9, lt gry, toning, darker toning in spots, gldn hue.91.00img1, img2
4248Liberia $25 2011, PR69, silver, KM#643, John Paul II, Deel Cameo, frosty white.50.00img1, img2
4249Lithuania Grosz 1509, VG8, silver, Sigismund I of Poland, weak strike.48.00img1, img2
4250Luxembourg 100 Francs 1946, BU, silver, KM#49, slightly rough flan, bright & lustrous, nice.130.00img1, img2
4251Malta 1 Pound 1979 (u), MS65, silver, KM#51, flames & helping hands, orig case.45.00img1, img2, img3
4252Malta 5 Liri 1990, PR69, CAM, silver, KM#90, Papal Visit, 4K minted!!orig box and COA.180.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4253Malta 5 Liri 1991, PR69, CAM, silver, KM#92, in cap and beatup case, 20K minted.100.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4254Malta 5 Liri 1993, PR69, CAM, silver, KM#104, case with COA, 35K! Minted Ship at sea.120.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4255Malta 5 Liri 1993, PR69, CAM, silver, KM#107, 20K minted,orig box w/COA, soccer world cup.120.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4256Malta 5 Liri 2000, PR69, CAM, silver, KM#114, 32K, origbox and COA.350.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4257Mauritius 1 1971, UNC, RD, bronze, KM#31, ultra gem.4.00
4258Mexico-Chihuahua 2 Centavos 1913, UNC, BN, copper, KM#607, Revolutionary Coinage, scarce CH.150.00
4259Mexico-Rev-Chihuahua 1 Peso 1915, EF45, silver, KM#619, scarce, army of the north, deep grey toning.275.00img1, img2
4260Mexico-Rev-Oaxaca 5 Centavos 1915, MS64, RB, NGC, copper, KM#718, Pop 6 Finest Known! More on the red side.340.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4261Mexico-Rev-Oaxaca 20 Centavos 1915, MS64, RB, NGC, copper, KM#732, lustrous red beauty.195.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4262Mexico-Revolutionary 20 Centavos UNDATED, EF45, NGC, brass, KM#682, Mexico/Amecameca, highest known grade; scarce issue.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4263Mexico Real 1807, VF35, silver, KM#62, Charles IV, 90% bricks in castle, cleaned, scarce.90.00img1, img2
4264Mexico 2/4 Senal 1814 Mo, VF35, copper, KM#64, very scarce condition choice dark brown.160.00
4265Mexico 2/4 Senal 1816 Mo, VF25, copper, KM#64, very scarce condition choice clay brown.135.00
4266Mexico Real 1855, VF30, BN, bronze, KM#343, Chihuahua, 1 yr type, full face, EF+ rev, choice.140.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4267Mexico Real 1857, VF20, brass, KM#352a, Guanajuato, 2 yr type, scarcer type, even toning.180.00img1, img2
4268Mexico Real 1859, VF35, copper, KM#365, toned edges,lighter copper center, scarce grade.125.00img1, img2
4269Mexico Real 1866, VF30, BN, bronze, KM#349, Durango, 1 yr type, choice dark chocolate brown.190.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4270Mexico Real 1738 Mo, AU58, silver, KM#65, Philip V, blast white, cleaned, looks UNC.240.00img1, img2
4271Mexico Real 1772 MoFM, EF40, silver, KM#69.1, Charles III, bright, scarce inverted mint mark.200.00img1, img2
4272Mexico Real 1809 TH, VF30, silver, KM#73, Ferdinand VII, blast white.60.00img1, img2
4273Mexico Real 1822 MoJM, F15, silver, KM#301, Augustin I, 2 year type, scarce, choice.85.00img1, img2
4274Mexico Real 1823 MoJM, F15, silver, KM#301, Augustin I, 2 year type, scarce, choice.65.00img1, img2
4275Mexico 1 Real 1782 FF, VG8, silver, KM#78.2, light scratches, dark golden grey tn.70.00img1, img2
4276Mexico 1 Real ND(1542-55) ML, EF40, silver, MB#9, early pillar colonial issue, choice 3.2g.340.00img1, img2
4277Mexico 1 Real ND(1556-98) OM-O, VF35, silver, MB#26, Philip II, original strike striation 3.2g.220.00img1, img2
4278Mexico 2 Reales 1744 Mo, VF25, silver, KM#86.1, Philip V, very lightly toned, full ribbons.125.00img1, img2
4279Mexico 2 Reales 1746/6 Mo, EF40, silver, KM#86.1, Philip V, light tone, unlisted overdate.185.00img1, img2
4280Mexico 2 Reales 1767 Mo, EF45, silver, KM#87, Mexico City, full ribbons & crown, choice.260.00img1, img2
4281Mexico 2 Reales 1777 FM, EF40, silver, KM#88.2, Charles III, lt hrlns, flan crack/chip @ 5obv.125.00img1, img2
4282Mexico 2 Reales 1781 FF, VF30, silver, KM#88.2, even med grey gldn tn, unknown mintage.160.00img1, img2
4283Mexico 2 Reales 1783 MoFF, NGC, silver, KM#88.2, El Cazador,shipwreck unknown mntge, RARE.200.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4284Mexico 2 Reales 1815 JJ, AU Details, silver, KM#93, Ferdinand VII, sea salvage, light corrosion reverse, blast white, full ribbons & hair.185.00img1, img2
4285Mexico 2 Reales 1823 MoJM, F12, silver, KM#303, Augustin I, scarce, blast white.100.00img1, img2
4286Mexico 4 Reales 1832 ZsOM, EF45, silver, KM#375.9, Zacatecas, colorful scarcer denom & grade.180.00img1, img2
4287Mexico 8 Reales (1701-33), F12, silver, KM#47or47a, date off flan, sea salvage, prob Mex.275.00img1, img2
4288Mexico 8 Reales 1781 MoFF, F15, NGC, silver, KM#106.2, Genuine,El Cazador ship wreck.175.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4289Mexico 8 Reales 1784 FM, EF40, silver, KM#106.2, nat fissions, sm ding, lt orig tn, nice.450.00img1, img2
4290Mexico 8 Reales 1788 FM, F12, silver, KM#106.2a, lt grey, minor pinholes obv, slt gldn tn.200.00img1, img2
4291Mexico 8 Reales 1789 FM, VF30, silver, KM#106.2a, rich toning, some hairlines, pale golden hue.300.00img1, img2
4292Mexico 8 Reales 1792 FM, EF40, silver, KM#109, Charles IIII, full detail, dark grey tone.210.00img1, img2
4293Mexico 8 Reales 1792 FM, F15, silver, KM#109, cleaned, few tny chopmarks, lt toning.225.00img1, img2
4294Mexico 8 Reales 1793 FM, F12, silver, KM#109, bright, polished, lt gold hue.180.00img1, img2
4295Mexico 8 Reales 1794 FM, EF40, silver, KM#109, Charles IIII, grey gold toned luster, choice.225.00img1, img2
4296Mexico 8 Reales 1794 FM, F15, silver, KM#109, very faint scratch, lt orig golden grey hue.225.00img1, img2
4297Mexico 8 Reales 1795 FM, EF40, silver, KM#109, nat fissions, cpl sm chopmarks, grey edges.250.00img1, img2
4298Mexico 8 Reales 1796 FM, VF20, silver, KM#109, Charles IIII, golden grey toning, tougher date.165.00img1, img2
4299Mexico 8 Reales 1797 FM, EF40, silver, KM#109, Charles IIII, full strike, sharp denticles.200.00img1, img2
4300Mexico 8 Reales 1797 FM, VF35, silver, KM#109, Charles IIII, dark colorful edge, looks EF, CH.185.00img1, img2
4301Mexico 8 Reales 1799 FM, VF20, silver, KM#109, Charles IIII, dark toned edge, great detail.125.00img1, img2
4302Mexico 8 Reales 1799 FM, F12, silver, KM#109, slightly flattened edge, lt orig golden tn.180.00img1, img2
4303Mexico 8 Reales 1799 MoFM, AU50, NGC, silver, KM#109, undergraded, lustrous and toned.725.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4304Mexico 8 Reales 1801 FT, EF40, silver, KM#109, Charles IIII, golden grey, sharp strike & rims.170.00img1, img2
4305Mexico 8 Reales 1801 FT, VF20, silver, KM#109, few sm rim dings, pretty gold grey hue.130.00img1, img2
4306Mexico 8 Reales 1802 FT, EF45, silver, KM#109, polished, 'x' scratched on cheek, lt gold.200.00img1, img2
4307Mexico 8 Reales 1803 FT, VF35, silver, KM#109, Charles IIII, golden grey, looks EF, choice.170.00img1, img2
4308Mexico 8 Reales 1803 FT, VF25, silver, KM#109, small nat fissions, light gold hue, nice.140.00img1, img2
4309Mexico 8 Reales 1806 TH, EF40, silver, KM#109, Charles IIII, toned edge, some light scratches.175.00img1, img2
4310Mexico 8 Reales 1807 TH, VF30, silver, KM#109, Charles IIII, toned, golden grey, sharp choice.170.00img1, img2
4311Mexico 8 Reales 1807 TH, VF25, silver, KM#109, Charles IIII, toned, golden grey, sharp strike.150.00img1, img2
4312Mexico 8 Reales 1807 TH, F15, silver, KM#109, Charles IIII, toned, choice, possibly VF.100.00img1, img2
4313Mexico 8 Reales 1808 TH, EF40, silver, KM#109, Charles IIII, toned, golden grey, lustrous edge.210.00img1, img2
4314Mexico 8 Reales 1808 TH, EF40, silver, KM#109, bright center, darker grey edges, nice.140.00img1, img2
4315Mexico 8 Reales 1809 TH, AU Details, silver, KM#110, Ferdinand VII, blast white, very light hairlines, ULTRA sharp detail.340.00img1, img2
4316Mexico 8 Reales 1810 HJ, EF40, silver, KM#110, Ferdinand VII, lightly polished, armored bust.170.00img1, img2
4317Mexico 8 Reales 1818 JJ, AU53, silver, KM#111, Ferdinand VII, lustrous and frosty.240.00img1, img2
4318Mexico 8 Reales 1822 MoJM, EF45, silver, KM#304, Augustin I, 1 YR type, scarce, lustrous reverse edge, soft struck, ultra choice.500.00img1, img2
4319Mexico 8 Reales 1828 GoMR, VF35, silver, KM#377.8, Guanajuato, medium grey, tougher date CH.600.00img1, img2
4320Mexico 8 Reales 1830 ZsOV, AU53, silver, KM#377.13, Zacatecas, lustrous golden grey CH.325.00img1, img2
4321Mexico 8 Reales 1833 GoMJ, EF45, silver, KM#377.8, Guanajuato, light grey, full feathers CH.160.00img1, img2
4322Mexico 8 Reales 1834/3/2 DoRM/RL, EF45, silver, KM#377.4, Durango, edge flaw @12 obv, white.190.00img1, img2
4323Mexico 8 Reales 1834 ZsOM, EF45, silver, KM#377.13, Zacatecas, choice golden tone, edge flaw?.125.00img1, img2
4324Mexico 8 Reales 1835 GoPJ, EF45, silver, KM#377.8, Guanajuato, dot cap, high pressure strike.160.00img1, img2
4325Mexico 8 Reales 1835 MoML, VF25, silver, KM#377.10, Mexico City, medium golden grey, narrow date.65.00img1, img2
4326Mexico 8 Reales 1836 MoMF, EF40, silver, KM#377.10, Mexico City, sharp strike, grey beauty.240.00img1, img2
4327Mexico 8 Reales 1836 ZsOM, EF45, silver, KM#377.13, Zacatecas, choice golden toning, weak edge.125.00img1, img2
4328Mexico 8 Reales 1837 GoPJ, AU53, silver, KM#377.8, Guanajuato, bright, lustrous, full denticles.260.00img1, img2
4329Mexico 8 Reales 1837 ZsOM, EF45, silver, KM#377.13, light clip, rich golden toning & luster, weak legend.175.00img1, img2
4330Mexico 8 Reales 1838 ZsOM, EF40, silver, KM#377.13, even grey tone, very strong denticles & rims.195.00img1, img2
4331Mexico 8 Reales 1839 GaJG, EF40, silver, KM#377.6, Guadalajara, edge flaw @5 obv, choice grey.340.00img1, img2
4332Mexico 8 Reales 1839 ZsOM, AU50, silver, KM#377.13, Zacatecas, lustrous golden grey edge crimp.225.00img1, img2
4333Mexico 8 Reales 1842/1 GaJG, VF35, silver, KM#377.6, Guadalajara, strong denticles, choice grey.280.00img1, img2
4334Mexico 8 Reales 1842 GOPM, VF30, silver, KM#377.8, Guanajuato, med/dark grey, PM/PJ.120.00img1, img2
4335Mexico 8 Reales 1842 ZsOM, EF40, silver, KM#377.13, Zacatecas, reverse of 41, edge bumps.120.00img1, img2
4336Mexico 8 Reales 1845 MoMF, EF45, silver, KM#377.10, Mexico City, sharp strike, spot rev.210.00img1, img2
4337Mexico 8 Reales 1854/44 CaRG, EF40, silver, KM#377.2, Chihuahua, full doubled reverse.380.00img1, img2
4338Mexico 8 Reales 1862 PiRO, VF25, silver, KM#377.12, San Luis Potosi, Oval O; 6=invert 9; scarce.120.00img1, img2
4339Mexico 8 Reales 1863 MoTH, VF25, silver, KM#377.10, Mexico City, even grey and full strike.45.00img1, img2
4340Mexico 8 Reales 1874 GoFR, AU53, silver, KM#377.8, Guanajuato, toned golden grey, lustrous.210.00img1, img2
4341Mexico 8 Reales 1876 ZsOM, EF40, silver, KM#377.13, Zacatecas, golden grey, choice few spots.105.00img1, img2
4342Mexico 8 Reales 1877 CaEA, VF30, silver, KM#377.2, Chihuahua, 472k scarcer year, even grey.170.00img1, img2
4343Mexico 8 Reales 1877 MoMH, AU50, silver, KM#377.10, Mexico City, colorful hues, choice 898k.170.00img1, img2
4344Mexico 8 Reales 1879 GoSM, EF45, silver, KM#377.8, Guanajuato, dark edge, CH full feathers.100.00img1, img2
4345Mexico 8 Reales 1894 AsML, UNC Details, silver, KM#377, Light Surface Hairlines Choice.280.00
4346Mexico 2 Centavos 1920, EF45, bronze, KM#419, even chocolate brown.145.00img1, img2
4347Mexico 5 Centavos 1910 m, MS64, NGC, nickel, KM#421, brilliant, pale golden toned beauty.180.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4348Mexico 10 Centavos 1921, EF40, bronze, KM#430, verdigris spot obv, even choc brwn.90.00img1, img2
4349Mexico 10 Centavos 1935, AU50, bronze, KM#430, lt choc, a solid grade, attractive, luster.80.00img1, img2
4350Mexico 20 Centavos 1919 m, VF30, silver, KM#436, medium ecru olive toning, darker at edge.52.00img1, img2
4351Mexico 20 Centavos 1920, EF40, bronze, KM#437, walnut brown, very nice.155.00img1, img2
4352Mexico 20 Centavos 1935, AU55, bronze, KM#437, small scratch, even brown toning.70.00img1, img2
4353Mexico 50 Centavos 1919, AU58, NGC, silver, KM#446, full luster, premium quality, choice.150.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4354Mexico 50 Centavos 1919, AU50, silver, KM#446, some field chatter, tiny rev dig, bright.85.00img1, img2
4355Mexico 50 Centavos 1935 m, MS66, NGC, silver, KM#448, 1 Yr Type, mottled colorful spectacular toning.360.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4356Mexico 50 Centavos 1944, MS61, silver, KM#447, cpl tiny edge hits, bright, nice.95.00img1, img2
4357Mexico 1 Peso 1870 CnE, EF45, silver, KM#408.1, Culiacan, scrs eagle head, choice tone.140.00img1, img2
4358Mexico 1 Peso 1919 m, AU53, NGC, silver, KM#454, scarce high grade, light golden hues.375.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4359Mexico 1 Peso 1920, AU50, silver, KM#455, brllnt, lt orig tn,key date, lstr,pale gldn hue.115.00img1, img2
4360Mexico 1 Peso 1932, MS64, silver, KM#455, frosty blast white, open 9.70.00img1, img2
4361Mexico 2 Pesos 1921, UNC Details, silver, KM#462, Mexico City, faint hairlines, nice quality.225.00img1, img2
4362Mexico 2 Pesos 1945 Mo, MS65, GOLD, KM#461, blazing full luster specimen.160.00
4363Mexico 5 Pesos 1950, MS62, silver, KM#466, blast white, 200k mintage 100k melted.125.00img1, img2
4364Morocco Dirham AH1315, AU53, silver, Y#9.2, light orig golden grey toning, nice.95.00img1, img2
4365Netherlands 10 Gulden 1970, MS63, silver, KM#195, brilliant, few tiny spots, cartwheel.70.00img1, img2
4366Newfoundland 20 1885, silver, KM#4, light tone, gold hues.300.00img1, img2
4367Newfoundland 50 1919, AU55, silver, KM#12, solid strike, choice in everyway, light edge tone.235.00img1, img2
4368New Zealand 6 Pence 1935, VF35, silver, KM#2, grey gold hues.60.00img1, img2
4369New Zealand 6 Pence 1941, AU50, silver, KM#8, bright, tons of luster left.180.00img1, img2
4370New Zealand 6 Pence 1942, AU55, silver, KM#8, lilac toning, pretty coin.217.00img1, img2
4371New Zealand 1 Shilling 1942, UNC, silver, KM#9, bright, cleaned, decent.225.00img1, img2
4372New Zealand 1 Shilling 1942, AU55, silver, KM#9, lt gold tone.218.00img1, img2
4373New Zealand Crown 1935, AU50, silver, KM#5, dark toning, raibow hues.325.00img1, img2
4374New Zealand Crown 1942, AU58, silver, KM#11, lt orig tn, tons mint luster,great choice.115.00img1, img2
4375New Zealand $1 1981 (l), PR68, CAM, silver, KM#53a, 38K minted orig box, Royal Visit.85.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4376New Zealand $1 1982 (l), PR69, CAM, silver, KM#51a, 35K minted,orig box w/ COA.85.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4377New Zealand $1 1983, PR69, CAM, silver, KM#53a, 35K minted orig box, COA, 50th Annv.85.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4378New Zealand $1 1984 (l), PR69, CAM, silver, KM#54a, 30K minted orig box, COA, black robin.85.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4379Niue $1 2007, PR66, silver, KM#176, Van Gogh's Starry Night & Vase w/12 Sunflowers, COA.135.00img1, img2, img3
4380Norway 2 Skilling 1711, F15, silver, KM#206, some uneven darker grey toning.300.00img1, img2
4381Norway 2 Skilling 1714, F15, silver, KM#206, some uneven darker grey toning.380.00img1, img2
4382Norway 4 Skilling 1809 IGP, VF20, silver, KM#276.1, orig gold grey tn, lt scratches.80.00img1, img2
4383Norway 1 Ore 1885, MS64, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#352, 622k mintage; key date; 2nd highest known grade other MS65.825.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4384Norway 5 Ore 1913, EF40, bronze, KM#368, very pretty brn/ lt brn orig toning, nice choice.40.00img1, img2
4385Norway 50 Ore 1895, AU50, silver, KM#356, bright, lt scratch on rev, lustorus, great, nice.125.00img1, img2
4386Norway 1 Krone 1960, MS63, CN, KM#409, tons of luster, golden, great pick.45.00img1, img2
4387Norway 5 Kroner 1963, MS63, CN, KM#412, brllnt, edge toning, golden in color, great.50.00img1, img2
4388Norway 10 Kroner (1964)ND, MS64, silver, KM#413, tons of mint luster, orig lt toning, gem.50.00img1, img2
4389Palestine 1 Mil 1940, EF45, BN, bronze, KM#1, Key Date, 396k even brown, choice.115.00
4390Palestine 50 Mils 1931, AU55, NGC, silver, KM#6, light gold hues high grade KEY DATE 500k.450.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4391Panama 2 Centesimos 1907, EF45, CN, KM#7.1, dull gray with some striations.38.00img1, img2
4392Panama 5 Centesimos 1932, AU55, CN, KM#9, washed in golden lilac hues.107.00img1, img2
4393Panama 1/10 Balboa 1934, VF30, silver, KM#10.1, grey tone, goldent hue, some toning.67.00img1, img2
4394Panama Balboa 1932, EF40, silver, KM#11.1, sopt @ 10 o'clock on obverse, gold hues.90.00img1, img2
4395Panama Balboa 1947, EF40, silver, KM#12.1, med orig tn, some pastel hues,luster remains.35.00img1, img2
4396Panama 1 Balboa 1931, EF40, silver crown, KM#13, med grey, pretty golden hue, key date.100.00img1, img2
4397Panama 1 Balboa 1953, UNC, silver, KM#21, brilliant,bathed in mint luster,gorgeous choice.150.00img1, img2
4398Peru-South Peru 1 Sol 1869 YB, AU53, silver, KM#196.3, Lustrous Light Gold Tone.90.00
4399Peru-South Peru 1 Sol 1888 TF/BF, AU55, silver, KM#196.24, Luster Scarce Doubled Mint Mark.110.00
4400Peru Real 1792 LIJ, EF40, NGC, silver, KM#99, 1st year for type & all portrait 1/4R, 4 year series, PCGS/NGC Total Pop 1, perhaps once in lifetime, toned full strike.950.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4401Peru 2 Reales 1783 LIMAEMI, F12, silver, KM#76, cpl lt scratches, orig grey tone.80.00img1, img2
4402Peru 2 Reales 1794 LIMAEIJ, VG10, silver, KM#95, cpl lt scratches, even gold grey.65.00img1, img2
4403Peru 8 Reales 1831 LIMAJM, VF Details, PCGS, silver, KM#142.3, Graffiti: 2 x marks in fields, well struck, KEY DATE for series, full toes, EF reverse, RARE.750.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4404Peru 8 Reales 1849 LIMAMB, VF Details, PCGS, silver, KM#142.10, Devices Outlined, well struck, KEY DATE for series, full toes, eyes and nose, NO mouth, Choice & Very Scarce.750.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4405Peru 8 Reales 1853 LIMAEMB, VF Details, PCGS, silver, KM#142.12, Cleaning, 1 year type, RARE, lustrous edges, we grade EF40, very weak shield rev, light original toning, splendid.600.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4406Peru 1 Peseta 1880 BF., AU55, silver, KM#200.2, full detail bright white, edge luster, dot type.130.00img1, img2
4407Peru Dinero 1916/5 FG, MS66, NGC, silver, KM#206.2, PERUANA, blast white beauty.120.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4408Peru Peso 1823 Lima, F15, copper, KM#138, unknown mntg, choc brn tn, off center rev.50.00img1, img2
4409Peru Sol 1935, BU, silver, KM#216, very light golden toning full luster CH.45.00
4410Peru 1 Sol 1866/56 Y.B, AU55, silver, KM#196.1, golden, choice, one period variety.165.00img1, img2
4411Peru 1 Sol 1915 FG, AU58, silver, KM#196.26, golden throughout, super slider.115.00img1, img2
4412Peru 1 Sol 1923, AU50, silver, KM#217.1, libertad in relief,scarcer variety,lusterous edges.160.00img1, img2
4413Peru 1 Sol 1923, VF25, silver, KM#217.1, libertad in relief, scarcer variety, dark tone.110.00img1, img2
4414Peru 1 Sol 1925/823, UNC, silver, KM#218.1, uncataloged over date, lustrous white.140.00img1, img2
4415Peru 1 Sol 1926/823, AU55, silver, KM#218.1, uncataloged over date, light golden grey.130.00img1, img2
4416Peru 1 Sol 1930, AU50, silver, KM#218.2, scarce 74k mintage, lustrous edge, grey.65.00img1, img2
4417Peru 1 Sol 1934, AU58, silver, KM#218.2, colorful mottled tone rev, full sun face.65.00img1, img2
4418Peru 200 Soles 1975, MS64, silver, KM#262, blast white, Chavez & Guinones, aviation.55.00img1, img2
4419Peru 1 Escudo 1753 LMJ, AU Details, NGC, GOLD, KM#56.1, neat hole @12, extremely rare bust type.2400.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4420Philippines 20 Centavos 1916 S, AU50, silver, KM#170, yellow toning, PVC damage.85.00img1, img2
4421Philippines 1 Peso 1897, EF40, silver, KM#154, Cleaned scarce 1yr type.150.00
4422Philippines 1 Peso 1903, AU55, silver, KM#168, Lustrous lot of eye appeal lt hairlines.160.00
4423Philippines 1 Peso 1947 S, MS63, silver crown, KM#185, bright, very pale orig yellow.70.00img1, img2
4424Poland 3 Groschen 1623, VF20, KM#31, Sigismund III, slight wave, attractive golden tone.160.00img1, img2
4425Poland 1 Ort 1621, VF25, silver, KM#37, Sigismund III, weaker center, lt tone, rare.375.00img1, img2
4426Poland 100 Zlotych 1980 MW, PR68, CAM, silver, Y#120, in capsule, 10K minted,gorgeous.80.00img1, img2
4427Poland 200 Zlotych 1979 MW, PR64, silver, Y#101, 12K minted, Duke Mieszko, fantastic fields.200.00img1, img2
4428Portugal 5 Reis 1892, MS63, bronze, KM#530, 70% red, some speckled toning, lustrous, nice.55.00img1, img2
4429Portugal 20 Reis 1853, VF30, BN, bronze, KM#482, struck for Mozambique, scarce.65.00
4430Portugal 20 Centavos 1924, AU55, bronze, KM#574, very pretty org tn,brn red hues,key date.50.00img1, img2
4431Portugal 2 Escudos 1963, MS64, CN, KM#590, lustrous, slight golden hue, nice.65.00img1, img2
4432Portugal 5 Escudos 1964, MS65, CN, KM#591, bright and lustrous, attractive lt gold hue.65.00img1, img2
4433Russia 3 Kopeks 1901, UNC Details, NGC, bronze, Y#11.2, corrosion, spotty areas, very common for early copper issues, we grade MS63+, rich mahogany w/full satiny luster & sparse red mint peaks.180.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4434Russia 5 Kopeks 1729, VF20, copper, KM#165, Obv Digs Scarce Type Evn Brwn Tn.100.00
4435Russia 5 Kopeks 1763 EM, F15, copper, C#59.3, choc brn hints lt brn on edge/letters,lt por.70.00img1, img2
4436Russia 5 Kopeks 1764 EM, F15, copper, C#59.3, uneven chocolate brown, fine porosity.70.00img1, img2
4437Russia 5 Kopeks 1770 EM, F15, copper, C#59.3, choc brown, verdigris, slight porosity.70.00img1, img2
4438Russia 5 Kopeks 1772 EM, F15, copper, C#59.3, chocolate brown, minor fine porosity.70.00img1, img2
4439Russia 5 Kopeks 1776 EM, EF40, copper, C#59.3, lt obv scrape, dark brown, great detail.350.00img1, img2
4440Russia 5 Kopeks 1779 EM, EF40, copper, C#59.3, choc brn, lt verdgris spot, even toning.320.00img1, img2
4441Russia 5 Kopeks 1781 EM, VF30, copper, C#59.3, chocolate brown, minor porosity.200.00img1, img2
4442Russia 5 Kopeks 1785 EM, F15, copper, C#59.3, lt/chocolate brwn,some uneven surfaces, por.80.00img1, img2
4443Russia 5 Kopeks 1786 EM, EF40, copper, C#59.3, darker tone, scarce higher grade.320.00img1, img2, img3
4444Russia 5 Kopeks 1788 EM, F12, copper, C#59.3, drk choc brwn, lt fine porosity, VF details.70.00img1, img2
4445Russia 5 Kopeks 1791 EM, VF30, copper, C#59.3, chocolate brown, a little off center.200.00img1, img2
4446Russia 5 Kopeks 1793 EM, F12, copper, C#59.3, chocolate brown, light porosity, VF details.70.00img1, img2
4447Russia 5 Kopeks 1795 EM, EF40, copper, C#59.3, even chocolate brown tn, great condition.320.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4448Russia 15 Kopeks 1908 CNB3B, EF40, silver, KM#21a.2, even golden grey throughout.70.00img1, img2
4449Russia 50 Kopeks 1913 3B, EF40, silver, Y#58.2, dark toning, slight edge disturbance.220.00img1, img2
4450Russia 1 Rouble 1977, Proof, copper-nickel-zinc, Y#134a.2, brilliant.100.00img1, img2
4451Russia 5 Roubles 1902 AP, BU, GOLD, Y#62, blazing full luster choice example.325.00
4452Saint Helena & Ascension Penny 1821, AU50, copper, KM#A4, scarce, surface pin pricks, choice.150.00
4453Saint Helena & Ascension Penny 1821, EF40, copper, Token Solomon Dickson Taylor, scarce.85.00
4454San Marino 10 Centesimi 1893 R, MS62, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#2, 2nd highest graded; red peaks under even brown; choice.350.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4455San Marino 10 Centesimi 1936 R, MS65, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#13, 2nd highest graded; should be RB; choice.230.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4456San Marino 10 Centesimi 1937 R, MS65, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#13, 2nd highest graded; should be RB; red peaks throughout; beauty.220.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4457San Marino 10 Centesimi 1938 R, MS65, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#13, 2nd highest graded; should be RB; red peaks throughout; spectacular.220.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4458Sarawak 5 1911 H, AU55, silver, KM#8, 40k mintage, key date, scarce if not rare.340.00
4459Saudia Arabia-Hejaz&Nejd Sult. Ghirsh AH1348, EF40, CN, KM#14, some lt gold tn, scarce.110.00img1, img2
4460Scotland 1 Groat (1390-1403), EF45, ANACS, silver, S#5164, Robert III, Edinburg mint, heavy coinage, first issue, even grey tone w/hint of gold, choice, rare esp in higher grade.975.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4461Scotland 1 Bawbee (1542-58), F15, billon, S#5432, Mary, Queen of Scots, slt corr spots.250.00img1, img2
4462Southern Rhodesia 6 Pence 1945, AU50, silver, KM#17a, key date, slt orig tn,brllnt, rare!.150.00img1, img2
4463South Africa Penny 1928, MS62, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#12.2, blackened, frosty, choice.115.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4464South Africa 1 Penny 1927, EF40, bronze, KM#14.2, rich orig brn toning, key date, nice.50.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4465South Africa 1 Shilling 1940, UNC, silver, KM#28, pastel burnt orange edges, splendid.70.00img1, img2
4466South Africa 1 Shilling 1956, UNC, silver, KM#49, muted golden green grey, very nice.55.00img1, img2
4467South Africa 1 Shilling 1957, UNC, silver, KM#49, pastel violet blues w/ orange, wow.55.00img1, img2
4468South Africa 1 Florin 1928, EF45, NGC, silver, KM#18, problem free beauty,vry lt gldn hue.325.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4469South Africa 2 Shillings 1940, UNC, silver, KM#29, burnt orange, violets, reds, beautiful toning.70.00img1, img2
4470South Africa 2 Shillings 1951, BU, silver, KM#38.2, light violet hues over grey white toning.140.00img1, img2
4471South Africa 2 Shillings 1951, UNC, silver, KM#38.2, pastel ultra violet hues, spectacular.120.00img1, img2
4472South Africa 2 Shillings 1952, BU, silver, KM#38.2, burnt orange edges, golden rev, choice.70.00img1, img2
4473South Africa 2 Shillings 1954, BU, silver, KM#50, burnt orange and red hues, ultra choice toning.85.00img1, img2
4474South Africa 2 Shillings 1894, EF40, silver, KM#7, gry, lt scratches, slight orig toning.325.00img1, img2
4475South Africa 2 Shillings 1937, UNC, silver, KM#30, pastel pink violet toning, spectacular.140.00img1, img2
4476South Africa 50 1961, AU50, silver, KM#62, bright, light gold edge toning.24.00img1, img2
4477South Korea 10000 Won 1987, Proof, silver, KM#57, High diver, w/COA, brilliant.95.00img1, img2, img3
4478Spain-Castile Leon 1 Real (1368-75), VF35, silver, Enrique II, ltly clipped edges, gold grey, choice.420.00img1, img2
4479Spain 1 Cornado (1369-79), F15, billon, C&C#1387, Henry II, Seville, dk tn, lt porosity.100.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4480Spain 2 Reales 1708/7, VF25, silver, KM#PT5, Pretender, toned, crude as struck.160.00
4481Spain 2 Reales 1808 AI, VF25, silver, KM#88.2, Charles IV, unusual mint, white.110.00img1, img2
4482Spain 4 Reales ND (late 1500s, early 1600s), F12, silver, shipwreck cob, some toning.200.00img1, img2
4483Spain 12 Maravedis 1641, F12, copper, KM#10.? host, 'Pirate money', c/m on 8 Maravedis host.120.00img1, img2
4484Spain 1 Peseta 1893(93) PG-L, EF40 Details, NGC, silver, KM#702, surface hairlines, orig deep rose & grey edge tn.275.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4485Spain 5 Pesetas 1894 (94) PG-V, VF30, silver, KM#700, orig golden tn,some scuffs, even tn.95.00img1, img2
4486Spain 5 Pesetas 1870(70) SN-M, VF20, silver crown, KM#655, orig grey gldn tn.95.00img1, img2
4487Spain 5 Pesetas 1875(75) DE-M, EF45, silver crown, KM#671, pretty toning.270.00img1, img2
4488Spain 5 Pesetas 1876(76) DE-M, EF40, silver crown, KM#671, deep orig. tone.220.00img1, img2
4489Spain 5 Pesetas 1888(88) MP-M, EF40, silver crown, KM#689, lt gry,clnd long ago,scrtch obv.100.00img1, img2
4490Spain 5 Pesetas 1893(93) PG-L, EF40, silver, KM#700, very plesant gry gldn tn,fine choice.100.00img1, img2
4491Spain 5 Pesetas 1896(96) PG-V, EF45, silver, KM#707, pl surfaces under deep grey colorful toning.125.00img1, img2
4492Spain 5 Pesetas 1899(99) SG-V, EF45, silver, KM#707, muted even grey, some luster at edges.115.00img1, img2
4493Spain 5 Pesetas 1957(58), MS63, NGC, CN, KM#786, lustrous,lt gldn hues, scarce high grade.225.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4494Spain 12 Euro 2006, MS65, silver, KM#1113, 500th Anniversary of the Death of Christopher Columbus in original commemorative folder from Spain. #3821 of 20k. Bright & lustrous.42.00img1, img2, img3
4495Straits Settlements 1901, AU50, NGC, bronze, KM#14, violet blue hues throughout,scarce.375.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4496Straits Settlements 1 1872 H, VF30, copper, KM#9, baggy, some tiny scratches.112.50img1, img2
4497Straits Settlements 1 1877, EF40, copper, KM#9, a hint of red hue, tiny edge dings.250.00img1, img2
4498Straits Settlements 1 1883, VF30, copper, KM#9, obv. toning ring, some tiny digs.120.00img1, img2
4499Straits Settlements 1 1904, VF35, BN, NGC, bronze, KM#19, even chocolate brown, choice.150.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4500Straits Settlements 5 1879 H, VF20, silver, KM#10, some mottled orig. golden grey toning, a lt. long obv. scratch, very scarce coin, nice.450.00img1, img2
4501Straits Settlements 5 1896, VF30, silver, KM#10, obv. scratches and edge hit.45.00img1, img2
4502Straits Settlements 5 1899, AU55, NGC, silver, KM#10, 78k mintage, key date, violet hues & semi PL surfaces, choice.380.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4503Straits Settlements 5 1900, EF40, silver, KM#10, cleaned, golden edge toning.70.00img1, img2
4504Straits Settlements 10 1888, EF45, silver, KM#11, tiny obv. scrs, dull grey tone.163.00img1, img2
4505Straits Settlements 10 1918, AU55, NGC, silver, KM#29a, blast white lustrous beauty.180.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4506Sweden 1 Skilling 1820, VF30, BN, copper, KM#597, oblique, edge bump, choice for type.65.00
4507Sweden 1 Daler 1718, VF20, copper, KM#A356, Carl XII & lion, emergency coinage, vscarce.75.00
4508Sweden Ore 1633, VG10, copper, KM#152.1, light verdigris, even brown.95.00img1, img2
4509Sweden 1 Ore 1758, VF30, copper, KM#460, brown, minute porosity, even tone, nice.81.00img1, img2
4510Sweden 1 Ore 1763, VF20, copper, KM#460, lt porosity, cpl scrts, mint clip, low mintage.60.00img1, img2
4511Sweden 1 Ore 1763, VF20, copper, KM#460, some porosity, dark toning, cud, low mintage.60.00img1, img2
4512Sweden 1 Ore 1892, F15, bronze, KM#750, lt orig even brown.62.00img1, img2
4513Sweden 2 Ore 1763, VF20, copper, KM#461, even lt brn tn,crack OBV 11:00, dmpl rim @2-3:00.81.00img1, img2
4514Sweden 5 Ore 1877, F15, bronze, KM#736, 3rd key date, small rim bump, great surfaces.45.00img1, img2
4515Sweden 5 Ore 1881, EF40, bronze, KM#736, chocolate brown toning, nice surfaces.66.00img1, img2
4516Sweden 5 Ore 1889, EF40, bronze, KM#736, even rich orig. chocolate brown.104.00img1, img2
4517Sweden 5 Ore 1913, EF40, bronze, KM#779.2, rich orig. chocolate brown tone.25.00img1, img2
4518Sweden 50 Ore 1877 EB, F15, silver, KM#740, lilac rose hues throughout, light tone.115.00img1, img2
4519Sweden 50 Ore 1883 EB, EF40, silver, KM#740, light toning, some gold hues.110.00img1, img2
4520Sweden 1 Krona 1906 EB, AU55, silver, KM#772, bright gold hue, some grey tn, bit scratchy.224.00img1, img2
4521Sweden 5 Kronor 1935, BU, silver, KM#806, Riksdag 500th Anniversary, bright, lustrous.55.00img1, img2
4522Switzerland-Basel Double Vierer (1500s)ND, G6, billon, Saurm#1754/812, even orig gold gry.90.00img1, img2
4523Switzerland-Bern 1 Kreuzer 1793, AU55, billon, KM#115, toned& lstrs,hair on bear is clear.160.00img1, img2
4524Switzerland-Bern 4 Kreuzer 1798, EF45, billon, KM#87, brassy toning, nice.75.00img1, img2
4525Switzerland-Chur 3 Kreuzer 1627, F12, silver, KM#74, Bishopric, lt/med gry/red hues, rare.260.00img1, img2
4526Switzerland-Chur 1 Batzen 15Z1, VG8, billon, Saur#1661, scrtchs, wk strk, stronger legend.145.00img1, img2
4527Switzerland-Freiburg 7 Kreuzer 1788, F15, silver, KM#58, flat strike, gold grey tn, rare.85.00img1, img2
4528Switzerland-Geneva 10 Centimes 1939, AU55, billon, KM#128, orange & violet hues, choice.75.00img1, img2
4529Switzerland-St. Gall 2 Kreuzer 1766, F15, billon, KM#93, wk strk, slt wave, lt gold.140.00img1, img2
4530Switzerland-Sitten 1 Batzen 1710, F15, billon, KM#27, obv verdigris, grey tone.95.00img1, img2
4531Switzerland-Sitten 1 Batzen 1776, VF30, billon, KM#35, even medium golden grey hue, nice.250.00img1, img2
4532Switzerland-Zurich 10 Shilling 1751, F15, silver, KM#136, tnd,smll edge clip,violet pstls.110.00img1, img2
4533Switzerland 2 Rappen 1927 B, AU50, bronze, KM#4.2, even brn tn,mint luster remains,great.65.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4534Switzerland 5 Rappen 1890 B, MS64, CN, KM#26, gldn hue, some spots,bright, nice strike.165.00img1, img2
4535Switzerland 20 Rappen 1858 B, F15, billon, KM#7, rich orig grey brown.60.00img1, img2
4536Switzerland 20 Rappen 1927 B, AU50, nickel, KM#29, bright, lt golden gry toning, choice.61.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4537Switzerland Franc 1851 A, VF35, silver, KM#8, dark original lilac toning.253.00img1, img2
4538Switzerland Franc 1882 B, VF30, silver, KM#23, medium/dark grey.122.00img1, img2
4539Switzerland 2 Francs 1878 B, EF40, silver, KM#21, grey washed in gold hues.270.00img1, img2
4540Switzerland 5 Francs 1922 B, EF45, silver, KM#37, rich org tn,vry prtty/attractiv, choice.160.00img1, img2
4541Switzerland 5 Francs 1934 B, MS63, silver, X#S18, 40k minted, bright, lt gold hue, super.125.00img1, img2
4542Switzerland 5 Francs 1944 B, MS66, NGC, silver, KM#45, Battle of St Jakob Ann.280.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4543Thailand 1 Baht (1851-68), EF40, silver, C#137.1, Chakri dynasty, Rama IV, bullet money stamped with mongkut and chakra, same ruler as in 'The King and I'.135.00img1, img2, img3
4544Thailand 1 Baht (1876-1900), EF45, silver, Y#34, sm rim damage, med gold grey tn, scarce.195.00img1, img2
4545Thailand 20 Baht ND (1963), MS63, NGC, silver, Y#86, blast white beauty, unusual grade.140.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4546Togo 50 Centimes 1925 (a), EF40, alum-bronze, KM#1, golden in color,lt orig tn,nice choice.55.00img1, img2
4547Togo 1 Franc 1924 (a), VF30, alum-bronze, KM#2, dark brown gold color, toned.46.50img1, img2
4548Togo 2 Francs 1924 (a), EF45, alum-bronze, KM#2, lt golden color, orig tn, luster remains.80.00img1, img2
4549Togo 5 Francs 1957, BU, alum-bronze, KM#6, fantastic,lustrous, rare to be in this grade.75.00img1, img2
4550Tonga 2 Pa_anga 1968, MS61, copper-nickel gilt, KM#38, brilliant, 5,039 minted,oil search.45.00img1, img2
4551Tonga 2 Pa_anga 1968, BU, copper-nickel gilt, KM#39, brllnt,3,006 minted,common wealth.50.00img1, img2
4552Ukraine 2 Hryvni 2000, MS64, PL, copper-nickel-zinc, KM#99, bright, minor dings, 50k mntg.75.00img1, img2
4553Uruguay 40 Centesimos 1857 D, EF40, copper, KM#10, lt brown, couple rims hits,even toning.65.00img1, img2
4554Uruguay 50 Centesimos 1877, AU50, silver, KM#16, keydate, toned edges, choice for type.225.00img1, img2
4555Uruguay 1 Peso 1893, AU Details, silver, KM#17a, typical light polishing, flat top 3, bright.340.00img1, img2
4556Uruguay 1 Peso 1893, AU Details, silver, KM#17a, violet edge toning, higher grade, round 3.310.00img1, img2
4557Vatican City 500 Lire 1958, MS66, silver, KM#57, orig booklet, edge tone, fantastic choice.185.00img1, img2, img3
4558Vatican City 500 Lire 1963, MS64, silver, KM#75, orig booklet, light tone, great pick.120.00img1, img2, img3
4559Vatican City 500 Lire 1978, MS65, silver, KM#140, orig booklet, light tone, great pick.95.00img1, img2, img3
4560Vatican City 500 Lire 1978, MS64, silver, KM#141, orig booklet, light tone, great pick.80.00img1, img2, img3
4561Vatican City 1000 Lire 1978, MS65, silver, KM#142, orig booklet, light tone, fantastic.95.00img1, img2, img3
4562Venezuela 5 Bolivares 1919, F12, silver, Y#24.2, scarcer early year, cheek hit, year filler.65.00img1, img2
4567Australia Mint Set 1983, KM#MS16, 6 coins in original red plastic wallet with inserts.50.00
4568Australia Mint Set 1984, KM#MS17, 6 coins in original blue folder, bright, high grade.65.00
4569Australia Mint Set 1985, KM#MS18, 7 cns in official folder and sleeve, lustrous.95.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4570Australia Mint Set 1986, KM#MS19, 7 cns in official folder and sleeve, lustrous.80.00img1, img2, img3, img4
4571Australia Mint Set 1987, KM#MS20, 7 coins in orignal folder, all high grade and PL.80.00
4572Australia Mint Set 1988, KM#MS21, 8 cns in official folder and sleeve, lustrous.82.50img1, img2, img3, img4
4573Australia Mint Set 1989, KM#MS22, 8 coins in orignal folder, all high grade and PL.100.00
4574Barbados Proof Set 1976, KM#PS2, 8 coins in original card board holder.130.00